Why should darkness impel the mind and heart to distrust themselves?


The Ownership of God’s Will

Create unto yourself the new sense of the ownership of God’s will!  You have long thought of God’s will as a thing apart from yourself; now new longs and a fresh perspective can recreate the best gift you have ever had.  The memory of His grace can come alive within you as you accept the infinite care of the Eternal One for you….For far too long man has yielded his birthright unto the false, the insecure and the transitory….Why do men set up a counterfeit will and call it their own?  Why do they engage in a continual struggle between the will of God and “their own” will?  In the answers to these questions is to be found the key to happiness for every part of life.  When man understands that there is no need to struggle for a personal existence outside of God and that in actuality there are not two wills…but only the will of truth and freedom inherent within the very spirit of life which is the Spirit of God, then he will enter into the new sense of harmony and grace.

Every man should realize his essential individuality, his privilege God-given of expressing unique qualities of life that he can use to endow the universe from the fountain of his own life and love.  But there are lessons to be learned, understandings to be sought and found and old senses to be cast aside, transmuted and in some cases recreated.

Morya thunders!  Why should we put off the hour of the emptying of the mind of its delusions?  Why should darkness impel the mind and heart to distrust themselves?  Let us infire men with a gnosis of possibilities….Sultry spirits infest the gullible and the complacent!  We speak to those who are willing to be God-willed!  The very idea of “me” and “mine” often leads to separation.  The strange consciousness of schism finds welcome wherever men love darkness; they ply the boat of consciousness into watery caves of intricate folly….Now the Word long ago went forth, but the common man skulks in fear lest someone should find out that he is in league with God or the holy will!…

Walk ye in the dominant way of the sacred stranger who respects no man’s illegitimate thoughts but every man’s person….Yet for thine own sake let us make clear that only the turning to the awful noontide of truth will show the scorpion on the ground.  Alertness spares man the spawn of infectious evil and hallows the blessedness of Christ expansion….

The wayfarer lingers too long at the stagnant pool when the glories of the fragrant moment are near.  Every moment spent in learning to live in the will of God is a blessed one….The will of God is the sole source of man’s freedom.

For many, unlearning is more vital than learning….The will of God is known only by the very few, for many who think they have this precious commodity are clinging to the vine of mortal reason, opinion and a whinnying whimsy!  I think then that reappraisals must be made and that they should be based on the vein of God’s mind and not upon sense criteria.  Why should men not ask that they may receive, seek to find and expect the descent of radiant grace?  The world is often fooled by those who claim longevity on the path; little do they know the compounds of the Eternal Chemist who in the laboratory of nature has also created subtleties to satisfy the natives of aeons!…

But peripatetic (roving) visions must be eschewed.  Men must ask of God grace to discern the higher will as the bright threads of hope, implemented by practical action and endowing the heart with the leap of boundlessness….And I must satisfy myself to look downwards from these glorious realms of light in the hope that men and women taught the three r’s (reading, writing, ‘rithmetic) and the sweet homilies of human life will–as many of us have done–espouse these eternal causes.  May they do so diligently in order that the Great Magnet will be successful in drawing the flame within the heart into magnificent attainment, raising the whole body of mankind’s consciousness into the blessed light of the holy will!

Victoriously I AM,       IMG_1819.JPGM:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:11


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