Let all drink of the eternal fount of the Mother-Flame and live

Do not submit to darkness but submit in humility to the light of God that affords every trial, every tribulation. Be the obedient servant of the Law but not of the demons who would mock your humility and call you servile in that fear which is only the fear of the demons because they have not the salvation of God. I tell you, the only fear there is is to know that you in your soul–in your soul potential to be God—have never taken a moment in this life to ratify your oneness, have never gone to the Holy of Holies to submit your case to Almighty God, have never said “Lord, I would be washed by the waters of the Word; I would come into alignment. Show me what I must do to inherit eternal Life.”…
Therefore affirm the unreality of sin, disease and death even while you invoke the violet flame to transmute the effect of a condition of consciousness whereby in former times and spaces you accepted and qualified the “reality’ of that sin, disease and death. Thus molecules of light are stripped of false belief and systems of error by this ritual of transmutation….Do you understand that this is the science of the immaculate concept whereby you behold the true geometry of life–and that that life beholding itself in you is the quickening power of the true scientist of Christ? And that in that quickening power you invoke the Holy Spirit–and the cause, effect, record and memory of illusion must also submit?
Therefore in each chakra there is a practice of the sacred law and the science of being. In some of your chakras you may decree, in others you meditate, in others you visualize wholeness, in others the science of the Word is the confirmation of health. Then realize, beloved ones, that every path of every religion is intended to supply the Body of God upon earth with a component of this cosmic science–of this way–and that so that when you play the seven notes of your chakras and the five notes of the secret rays you begin to have the full expression of the divine complement of harmony whereby you are the instrument of the total consciousness of God on earth as in heaven. When you find the thread–the precious thread of contact which connects each one of these levels of mastery–you will enter into the great synthesis of the Mother-Flame….
I am Lanto; I seal you now in the fires of understanding. Let all drink of the eternal fount of the Mother-Flame and live. -Lanto: 11-13-1977 at San Francisco via Messenger E C Prophet


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