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IMG_1782Vogelherd cave horse of ivory, ~28,000 B.C.

IMG_1783Ram offering stand from Ur of gold and wood, ~26,000 B.C.

IMG_1784ruler from Nineveh of bronze, ~2250 B.C.

IMG_1786stele of Hammurabi Code, Hammarabi meeting Sun-God, ~1760 B.C.

IMG_1787Charioteer from Apollo sanctuary at Delphi, bronze, ~470 B.C.

S. Apollinare in Classe, Ravenna, Italy, ~540 A,D.

IMG_1789Archangel Michael, early 6th cent., ivory, Italy

IMG_1790Adam and Eve Reproached, bronze Doors of Bishop Bernard at Hildesheim, Germany, 1015 A.D.

IMG_1791Antelami:  King David, Fidenza Cathedral, ~1185

IMG_1792-St. Mark in Gospel book at Corbie Monastery, France, ~1050

IMG_1793Andrea da Pisano:  Baptism of Christ, in S. Giovanni, Florence, ~1333

IMG_1804Master Francke, from the Englandfahrer altarpiece at Hamburg, 1424

IMG_1794-Ghiberti:  Jacob and Esau, at S. Giovanni, Florence,  1435




Where that freedom is denied those who deny it must be challenged.

Every soul on earth is intended to be free to attain reunion with God.  Where that freedom is denied those who deny it must be challenged.  Saint Germain is fervent about this because the people of the world today are in embodiment ti inaugurate a new age–2000 years when the flame of freedom in science, education, art and culture must be extolled.

So we as a people and as a government cannot compromise.  We cannot sit at the table with the enemies of freedom and proceed to give away entire territories and nations and actually seal the fate of millions of souls into the hands of those who are the tyrants.

Those tyrants exist in both the East and the West.  Saint Germain says that we need to watch our representatives in government, we ned to watch those who are not actually continuing the purposes for which America was founded, and that we realize it is more than material freedom that must be guarded:  it is spiritual freedom.    -Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet: Inner Perspectives, chapter 31, 2001


7-26-2006    The delivery of at least 100 GBU 28 bunker busters bombs containing depleted uranium warheads by the United States to Israel for use against targets in Lebanon will result in additional radioactive and chemical toxic contamination with consequent adverse health and environmental effects throughout the Middle East.


Developing Mega Depleted Uranium Bomb

Reversing the Bush Administration policy, the Obama administration provided Israel with a limited number of GBU-28 bunker buster bombs. During the November 2009 Executive Session of the 40th Joint Political Military Group (JPMG), US and Israeli counterparts discussed the upcoming delivery of GBU-28 bunker busting bombs to Israel, noting that the transfer should be handled quietly to avoid any allegations that the USG is helping Israel prepare for a strike against Iran. 

On 06 December 2011 it was reported that the United States had authorized the export of 150 GBU-28 bunker-buster bombs to South Korea that could be dropped from F-15K fighter planes to destroy North Korean missiles and other weapons kept in subterranean facilities. The $71 million arms deal was finalized in November, and all of the laser-guided bombs are to be provided in 2013. 

The Bipartisan Policy Center 01 February 2012 said that Washington should supply Israel with 200 more advanced all-weather precise GBU-31 bunker busters which utilizes a GPS tailkit. GBU-31 “bunker buster” bombs to add to its existing stockpile of about 100 bunker-buster GBU-28 munitions. “…

Texas Instruments and Lockheed combined their efforts to build the 18 ft long bomb. TI adapted the seeker from the GBU-24 and Lockheed built the bomb body from discarded eight inch howitzer barrels. The Air Force initially contracted for 30 bombs but the cease fire started after only two were employed. Two more of the bombs were used in testing before the bombs were dropped in combat and the Air Force expended two or three more in additional tests after the war. The Air Force ordered an additional 100 GBU-28s with the BLU-113 (8 inch gun barrel) bomb body and stocks remained low due to the limited number of targets and the only fighter capable of employing it initially was the F-111F.

The Guided Bomb Unit-28 (GBU-28) bomb is designed to penetrate hardened targets before exploding, capable of penetrating 100 feet of earth or 20 feet of concrete. The GBU-28 was initially developed in 1991 for penetrating hardened Iraqi command centers located deep underground. This “bunker buster” was required for special targets during the Desert Storm conflict and was designed, fabricated and loaded in record time….The official go-ahead for the project was issued on 14 February 1991, and explosives for the initial units were hand-loaded by laboratory personnel into a bomb body that was partially buried upright in the ground outside the laboratory in New York.


GBU-28 was developed at the Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida and the Watervliet Armory located in New York. Manufacture of the prototype of the device was undertaken on February 1, and the official approval of the project came on February 14th of that year. The bombs consisted of sturdy eight-inch artillery tube bomb castings and weighed just over 4,400 pounds. The original development of the bomb proved to be very dangerous as the explosive component of the prototype bombs were loaded individually by lab personnel while keeping the bomb partially buried.



d. u. bunker buster astrologic birthchart–for 2-14-1991 at, say, 2 p.m. EST:

Sun and Moon at 25.5 Aquarius square to Pluto at 20 Scorpio, Sun at one-ninth of circle to Neptune at 16 Cap.  The time of day for the chart is not known, though.  -R, Mt. Shasta


Dr. Mae-Wan Ho writes:

“Most AIDS vaccines are based on the HIV glycoprotein gp120, that a number of virologists have warned, not only undermines the immune system of individuals but is also likely to create deadly viruses and bacteria that can spread through entire populations.

“ It turns out that the envelop glycoprotein, gp120, of HIV-1 is similar to the region of human immunoglobulins involved in antigen-binding, a crucial step in the immune response. Thus, any AIDS vaccine containing the glycoprotein or the gene could strongly interfere with the immune system and make it more vulnerable to the virus. And in the long term, it could accelerate disease progression in HIV patients that do not yet have symptoms. Recombinant viruses expressing gp120 could also be a source of potential new pathogens.”

But a company in Texas, ProdiGene, is now putting gp120 into GM maize as a ‘cheap, edible oral vaccine’ against HIV. This will surely lead to widespread contamination of our food crops with disastrous consequences, as Vejkovic and I have written in a correspondence now published in the journal. Not only is this extremely hazardous for human beings. It will affect all organisms in the food chain and multiply the opportunities for this gene to recombine with bacteria and viruses in the environment, of which 99% cannot be cultured and are hence completely unknown.”
source :


As Dr. Veljko Veljkovic explains:

“The envelope glycoprotein, gp120 of HIV-1, is similar to the region of human immunoglobulins that binds antigen, a crucial feature of the immune response. Thus, any AIDS vaccine containing the gp120 could interfere with the immune system and make people more vulnerable to the virus. There is evidence suggesting that gp120 can interfere with and undermine the immune system and can readily recombine with viruses and bacteria (used as vectors) to generate new pathogens. In the longer term, this could accelerate disease progression in HIV patients that do not yet have symptoms.”


4-30-2002nnnThe basic materials and tools for genetic engineering are the same disease-causing agents employed in developing bio-weapons – deadly viruses and bacteria – plus enzymes and genetic material isolated from them.

The inherent dangers of genetic engineering hit home when researchers in Australia inadvertently transformed the relatively harmless mouse-pox virus into a lethal pathogen that killed all its victims. They also showed one of the ways this could be done: by incorporating a gene that undermines the immune system.

Many ‘legitimate’ uses of GM have been raising serious safety concerns.

There have been numerous breaches of safety regulations in university laboratories researching dangerous pathogens in Britain, such as dengue fever virus, AIDS virus, TB bacteria, and lethal encephalitis virus.

Many dangerous research projects are being carried out in genetic engineering laboratories around the world. The lethal mousepox created was just the tip of a large iceberg. Genetic engineers are creating new viruses in the laboratory in the process of cloning them, or just to show it could be done. A more deadly mutant Ebola virus was created. Hybrids of the human and monkey AIDS viruses, called SHIVs, that can infect both species are being generated in large numbers, one of these – so lethal that it kills monkeys in weeks – is being routinely used as a ‘challenge virus’ to test AIDS vaccines in all US NIH-funded research.


an invisible radioactive uranium oxide gas cloud swept through

11-13-2002   The widely-used Lockheed Martin GBU-28 5,000 lb. ‘bunker-buster’ bomb with a BLU-109 penetrator head carried only by the Air Force’s F-15E’s and B-2s, contains 1.5 metric tons of depleted uranium, compared to only five kilograms in the 120 mm shell. According to the GBU-28 Bunker Buster animation on USA Todaythe warhead is “classified”.6

An “improved” version of this bomb – the GBU-37B, made by Northrop Grumman – with a BLU-113 warhead also contains DU. Another bunker-penetrating munition dropped on caves and tunnels in Afghanistan is the AGM-130 – widely used in the Tora Bora campaign – which is a 2,900 pound, rocket-propelled bomb fired by helicopters and F-15E’s up to 40 miles away from its target.8 


autumn 2002  So-called bunker busters, which are known as GBU 28s and GBU 37s, weigh about 1.5 tons and between 50 and 70% of the warhead weight has to be this high-density metal, says Britisher Dai Williams.


3-26-2012  “Nine days after the start of the American president’s 2003 ‘shock and awe’ uranium bombing campaign in Baghdad, an invisible radioactive uranium oxide gas cloud swept through Britain’s towns and countryside and throughout Europe.” Scientists like Dr. Chris Busby and Saoirse Morgan, shocked Europe in a Sunday Times of London article on Feb. 19, 2006 that Aldermaston radiation monitoring centre which Dr. Busby oversaw, had shown high level of radiation. By tracking airflow pattern from West Asia to Europe during the time period, they came to a conclusion that the radiation level was high from the bombing raids over Iraq. [6]
Bob Nichols says, “The deadly uranium oxide gas measured about 48,000 radioactive particles per square meter. The average radioactive dose, according to official government index based calculations, was about 23 million radioactive particles for the average adult male in Britain and Europe.” That is sufficient dosing to turn the entire population sterile. [7] Just one nice and juicy ‘government defined depleted uranium’ is lethal enough.

In so far as India, South Asia, and the Himalayas are concerned, the airflow patterns from West Asia are regularly reported in major national dailies. What they don’t report is that these air currents carry depleted uranium particles at low, medium, and high altitude, from West Asia, North Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan across India, the Himalayas into China.

In the heart of every keeper of the flame I place a replica of the amethyst crystal of our retreat

The road of return has two aspects–the sorrowful way and the glorious way.  It all depends upon your perspective, for the bliss of the divine reunion is experienced within–even in the moment of agony, through the dark night of the soul and on the cross….
In the heart of every keeper of the flame I place a replica of the amethyst crystal of our retreat that you might generate the joy of living and the joy of giving on Terra….It is time to light the torch of the age of freedom.  The taper is in my hand–will you light a taper of your own and ignite the hearts of mankind to the victory of the throne–the 3-in-1–the grace of faith and hope and charity in the balance of life’s energy?

The threefold flame is calling, calling mankind home!  To the victory of freedom in Terra I dedicate my flame and the release of the judgment at the hand of the seven archangels.    -Holy Amethyst:  Pearls of Wisdom 18:48 (11-30-1975)

Portia by J. W. Wright, 1846
Portia by J. W. Wright, 1846






ISDS          11-6-2015

Investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS of TPP) places investment tribunals above states, above democracies. This places the development of law beyond democratic scrutiny. At a national level, parliaments can change laws that do not work out well. This is not possible at the supranational level. The transfer of power is as good as definitive: it is practically impossible to withdraw from (deep integration) trade agreements.

TPP’s investment chapter, which includes investor-to-state dispute settlement, contains
– perverse incentives,
– unfair procedural advantages for the US,
– a most favoured nation (MFN) loophole,
– limited, broken safeguards regarding intellectual property (IP) rights.

Perverse incentives

The arbitrators will be paid for each day worked (under ICSID rules at least 3000 US dollars a day). This creates perverse incentives to accept frivolous cases, let cases drag on, let the only party that can initiate cases (foreign investors) win to stimulate more cases, and to please the officials who can appoint arbitrators.


The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) is part of the World Bank; it is the most used ISDS forum. Under TPP, investors can choose this forum (article 9.18 (4)).       -A. Wessels


Guiding Principles of the Summit Lighthouse (Nov. 16, 2015)

1)  You see, whenever error is accepted as though it were real it becomes by the pressure of its acceptance a flaw in the foundation of the temple which each one is building; such a flaw can throw the entire structure off-plumb for a lifetime (and succeeding lifetimes) unless and until it is corrected.     -Jesus the Christ:  Corona Class Lessons, 1963, see 
2)  We will warn when the engineering is not perfect and show how the plumbline of truth and justice must be drawn that it become not hooked in any angle but must always rise straight–a vertical ascent towards the heights of heaven’s purity.     -Morya:  6-5-1963 at Fairfax, VA via Mark Prophet, see

3)  Behold, the domain of the ascended masters is revealed whereby former lives and consciousness are brought into the domain of the present and old powers are restored, and behold! the old boundaries of the ancient temples are drawn out and the plumbline of perfection that leads to your God Presence is beheld.     -Elohim Cyclopea:  7-1-1966 via Messenger Mark Prophet


4)  The seven founding fathers of the Summit Lighthouse comprise its Board of Spiritual Directors.  Non-meat eating, no sexual relations outside of the marriage bond (-Maitreya).  Due protection of the Law (-Saint Germain); no new holy orders (-Guru Ma); self-correction and self-monitoring (-Saint Germain).


5)  The exactness of the secret rays as they are released from the centers placed within your form for this purpose goes forth into the world to draw all into the plumbline of divinity.  I say then this is no time for dalliance, for sloppiness, for lack of cleanliness in your person.  For this is the hour when God demands the allness of man.  And perfection is the great standard.              -Mighty Cosmos:  11-11-1973 via Messenger ECP


6)  Now we come to the building (of the Inner Retreat).  And the four sides must obey the plumbline of truth as they come from the north, the south, the east and the west         -Morya:  9-27-1981 at Camelot, see



Man should understand that his consciousness is his point of contact with the Real Self.

The panaceas that have accompanied the age have had one purpose:  to divert the consciousness of the sons and daughters of God from the track of spiritual discovery.  Man should understand that his consciousness is his point of contact with the Real Self.  Therefore those who interfere with the orderly unfoldment of the precious flower of identity and its innate beauty are literally defrauding man of his birthright and his noble inheritance–the mind of Christ.  They and their methods should be exposed as the archenemies of righteousness and of every man’s freedom….

As a matter of fact ugliness came about as a result of a contest to see who could create the most novel forms in contrast to what seemed to them to be the sterile environment of the Presence.  Beloved ones, sterility never has been and never could be a part of reality….

It is enough then for the individual to understand that he has the choice either of creating according to the divine plan in the perfection and limitless beauty of God or creating according to the darkened concepts that lead from life unto death….Viewed through a finite lens change may not be significant, but through the divine lens the finest aspects of change come into focus.  Truly beauty is in the eye of the beholder; but the transcendent nature of consciousness is the highest gift.     portrait-of-a-man-paolo-veronese-paolo-caliari-italian-1528-1588-about-DE55KT -Paul the Venetian:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:43

Man should first of all develop the habit of infiring himself with determination, becoming thereby a literal spark-plug of cosmic identification….Is God able?  Then man is able….Beloved ones, do not allow yourselves to be seized with the mass consciousness of self-deprecation and fear, for these energy patterns are the result of the returning cycle of man’s inhumanity to man, the result of his failure to recognize the plan.       IMG_1123 2-Saint Germain:  Pearl 13:44



The clear and present danger to our American way of life isn’t ISIS, though it’s truly evil.

No, It’s ISDS — much more insidious.  It’s the enemy within, brought to us not by fanatics who behead their enemies, but by our own head of state and the millionaires’ club in Congress who would disembowel what little is left of our democracy.  Beware monsters of the id — and the monstrosity known as ISDS.


31.  Our appearances are prompted by particular circumstances and are not of long duration. Places can be found in nature where the currents of decay are not as strong (as in cities).  In France and in England there are forests near the cities in which there is enough of the pure air that is indispensable to us.  You must not be surprised that even our concentrated energy needs pure air.  However you must not think that we are not strong enough to withstand the emanations of crowds.  Truly we can concentrate our energy to a tremendous degree, but co-measurement and caution must be maintained in everything.    -M:  Supermundane 1, 1938


possibly Paul the Venetian’s Chateau de Liberte in southern France–this called Chateau d’Aubenas (below that is College of Siskiyous and a rock outcropping in N. California):




We have programmed an understanding of His purposes in order than man be without fear

The nonsense in which so many engage speaks of their own decrepitude….But people still act as though our words were a function of the human ego.  They fail to understand that nothing cannot give rise to something and that something does not give rise to no thing.  They do not recognize that without dividing love you cannot shape a universe of wonder and beauty.  He who created the stars has also created the magnitude of the mind, and when we speak of magnitude it is to coerce destiny….

Therefore we urge upon humanity a hastening of the way, the unraveling of the skeins of destiny, the fragmentation of the Teaching.  And let man assimilate what he can….

We have demanded of life that through our words man’s attention should go upon the goodness of God, upon the eternality of His Presence and upon the wisdom of His domain.  We have programmed an understanding of His purposes in order than man be without fear, that the perfect love of being be understood by him, that he perceive reality.  Becoming thus a part of it he transfer the quality of himself to nature, and nature herself sings a new song:  it is the song of the Lord, it is the song of the Spirit, it is the song of attainment.        -Morya:  Pearl 13:41cremellohorsey

Now the identity of the alchemist is to be found in the mandate “create!”  And in order that he might obey, the fiery energies of creation are dispensed to him each moment–like crystal beads descending upon a crystal thread the energies of the creative essence of Life descend into the chalice of consciousness….

The fiat reflects the will of the individual monad.  When the fiat is withheld there is an idling of the great cosmic furnace as the talent of the descending chaliced moment is rejected by the consciousness and becomes an opportunity lost….

The creative process then is of little significance to the individual who does not recognize the mandate to create, for by his nonrecognition he forfeits his God-given prerogative….The fiat to create must be heeded, but let us pray God that men heed well the sovereign responsibility that Life has given them to create after the pattern of the divine seed.  Well might they emulate the elder gods of the race and the royal priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek in their creative endeavors that they might convey upon the energy-chain of life that peculiar and fascinating aspect of cosmic genius that is the nature of the eternal God….

To belittle the soul of man, to cast it down into a sense of sin, frustration and self-condemnation is the work of the princes of darkness…Man must enter into a pact of universal trust based on his own inner commitment to the grace of God that will not prohibit him from exercising the power of the living Word to emulate the masters, to emulate the Only Begotten of the Father, to emulate the Spirit of comfort and truth….Human might and power can never change man’s darkness into light nor can they deliver humanity from the sense of struggle that bans from their lives the acknowledgment of the God-given potential that lies within the domain of the self….

God is a Spirit and as the Supreme Alchemist who has the power to work changes in the universe He is able to convey His passion for freedom to the soul of any man who will accept it.    -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:6


(Man) does not know–for he has not been told–that in his silent eternal union with the mind of God he is tied to a giant computer.  Through this computer all knowledge is immediately available by spiritual transmission to those who will use it to do the will of God.  But the bounds of man’s habitation–including the bounds of his mental probings which are prescribed by cosmic law–cause this wisdom to be withheld from that part of the universe which is not yet ready to assume its role in taking dominion over the earth and in making itself functional with the powers of the Universal Christ.       IMG_1123 2-Saint Germain:  Pearl 13:7


How do you measure the levels of achievement in the classroom of school?  By the testing of that which the individual is capable of demonstrating physically, on paper.  What are you capable of precipitating?  The harvest then is the coming home of the results of the tests given in the spring.          -Jesus Christ:  11-26-1981, Thanksgiving, at Camelot, Los Angeles

Archangel Gabriel, Mohammed and chela, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978
in Prayer and Meditation, 1978