A higher purpose and a holier will are born


“How Can I Know the Will of God?”

The will of God is inherent within life and merely awaits the signal of release from man’s will in order to ray forth the power of dominion to the world of the individual….Release then your feeling of possessiveness over your own life!  Surrender the mean sense of sin and rebellion, the pitiful will to self-privilege which engenders bondage.  See the will of God as omnipresent and complete, the holy beat of the sacred heart throbbing within your own.  Know and understand that surrender is not oblivion but a point of beginning and greater joy….

Through surrender/ The molding process can begin./  Waves of cosmic energy/ With or without conscious awareness/ Literally flood body, mind and soul/ With strength of purpose, defying inertia./  We live because Thou livest in us,/ We are in a state of consonance with Thy purposes,/ And oh how glorious are those concepts/ Of givingness to life!

The Great Giver is perceived/ As the only true friend to us all–/ Our common bond of brotherhood and strength./  Allied with invisible legions,/ The weld of strength and purpose/ Becomes increasingly persistent.

Shelter me from delusion, O God!/  To whom shall I fly?/  For Thy way is the best way./…

The sheltering arms of Thy will come again/ And I am known of Thee/ Even as I increase my knowledge of Thy will./  Down through the ages I have known many names,/ Thou hast known but one name.…

By doing, by identifying,/ By just becoming aware of Thee/ I automatically know Thy will./  Increment by increment/ I am adding to the perfect knowledge/ That casts out the fear of oblivion/ And gives my soul the peace Thou hast/ Because my mind is stayed on Thee….

Yet the finite span,/ The temporal shafts of darkness/ Remain a blight and pit to snare the soul./  Can my resolve to be Thy will in action/ Be a shield so strong/ That never again shall submit to carnal will/ And the pitfalls of the senses?

The body cries out in pain,/ The mind does reel in anguish/ Of human condemnation./  These are not Thy will/ But only that the soul should gain in light/ And bask in the willing of Thy love.

What peace is mine that dares not be afraid/ To seek the depths, the heights,/ The riches of Thy Soul?/  The Soul of God is one great Sea of Promise,/ Interconnecting all with all that lives/ Yea, saint and sinner of all ages past/ Do rise or fall in Him….

A higher purpose and a holier will are born,/ We seek and find new light with coming morn./  O, not my will, my will be done but Thine./  Great drops of blood betray my anguish–/ Thine the glory and the power, LORD,/ Thine the kingdom shining/ O’er the hills of time/ Revealing as we upward climb/ The starry ladder of Thy grace/ As angels to and fro do go/ Our souls do know Thy purpose dear,/ And in communion strength appears/ As triumph over death.

…So many tempt God one more time, fearing they may miss some passing earthly joy,  The will of God is an interpenetrating essence that flows through substance, mind and motion, conveying new images and changing old ones into transcendence.  To die to all this marvelous flow of living light by closeting the soul in vain desire is an abomination beyond terror.  Come out now then and see the sole goal of eternity shining through the strands of time….Only by union with God’s will can the world one and all come to peace and perfection in a relative sense, stretching toward the good things to come that spring forth in eternal Life….

The will of God is the will of change for man that feeds the flame of life within and changes mortality into immortality.  It would seem that what the sense cannot report is unbelievable to many, and yet the Life that beats the heart of man is not seen or known by any save the few.

Many wonder how man, made in the image of God, could have fallen so low.  Let them realize the deteriorations occur first in consciousness, hence when men indulge in simple flights of imagery that are not in keeping with divine ideals they take the first steps in departing from the will of God.  A downhill course is more difficult of reversal than an ascendant one.

We evoke the consciousness of God in our disciples, for in God’s own thoughts the alchemy of change is wrought….

Now we call for the clear seeing of the God consciousness in all life as the first step toward immaculate victory which all must take if they are to be reborn in the divine image and likeness.

The quality of thoroughness in all things men do weds them to a sense of the immaculate and the perfect, but herein men must exercise care lest false pride in accomplishment give rise to a spirit of criticism of others whose outer care for perfectionment remains yet undeveloped.  The Father’s attitude of reflecting only pure love and communion with all who desire to manifest this love is the exemplary mode which all should follow.  This satsanga or fellowship with truth is the invisible coming together of the body of God upon earth in one real cosmic brotherhood that can never deny its likeness to the heavenly will….

The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen must be held as potential for all.  In the fullness of faith in the divine creation men must identify with the hidden man of the heart, and out of this oneness they will roll up victory after victory right in the teeth of seeming defeat….

We urge that faith be implemented by right action and that the confidence of each student in his personal relationship with the God Presence as the repository of God’s will be upheld.  Then shall the finite line be extended and the eternal try-angle be perceived as the setting for the calm Eye of cosmic vision to survey all things and direct all things by the plumb line of everlasting justice and mercy.

I AM the Master Mason directing the pyramid of lives to the summit of attainment.    01ad5-morya.jpg -M:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:10

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 4.14.48 PM.pngUnknown.jpeg -the Messengers; Krishna and Arjuna


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