I come scaling the summits of life.


I come scaling the summits of life. I work with elemental life and with God Tabor, spanning the mountain ranges of North America. I am in search of a chela even as I was once in search of a Guru, even as I met my master in the mountain.
I am a devotee of freedom even as I am proud to be called a patriot of life! For I release the fervor of my heart, and that fervor is a sphere of pink light around every star aborning–the star of your soul, the stars of the flag that blows in the wind, the stars of the nations, the stars of the planetary bodies. And I walk with Godfre, I walk with Saint Germain–ever kindling with the fervor of my heart the precious concepts of freedom which they hold for mankind. And as I walk many times in silence meditation upon the words of God Obedience and of the Master of freedom’s flame I hear them also in search of a chela–not one but many….
Now rejoice, for I am close at hand, and I take my walking stick and I hike into the mountains and I anchor my flame in a physical tangible body. And by and by one of these days when you are hiking in the mountains you may see afar off a form of one–perhaps an old man, perhaps a young man, perhaps the flame of Orion! From my heart to your heart the flame of the mountain glows.
-Mighty Orion (Elohim Heros): 7-5-1975 at Lake Siskiyou near Mt. Shasta via Messenger E C Prophet IMG_4789.JPG


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