Let all drink of the eternal fount of the Mother-Flame and live

Do not submit to darkness but submit in humility to the light of God that affords every trial, every tribulation. Be the obedient servant of the Law but not of the demons who would mock your humility and call you servile in that fear which is only the fear of the demons because they have not the salvation of God. I tell you, the only fear there is is to know that you in your soul–in your soul potential to be God—have never taken a moment in this life to ratify your oneness, have never gone to the Holy of Holies to submit your case to Almighty God, have never said “Lord, I would be washed by the waters of the Word; I would come into alignment. Show me what I must do to inherit eternal Life.”…
Therefore affirm the unreality of sin, disease and death even while you invoke the violet flame to transmute the effect of a condition of consciousness whereby in former times and spaces you accepted and qualified the “reality’ of that sin, disease and death. Thus molecules of light are stripped of false belief and systems of error by this ritual of transmutation….Do you understand that this is the science of the immaculate concept whereby you behold the true geometry of life–and that that life beholding itself in you is the quickening power of the true scientist of Christ? And that in that quickening power you invoke the Holy Spirit–and the cause, effect, record and memory of illusion must also submit?
Therefore in each chakra there is a practice of the sacred law and the science of being. In some of your chakras you may decree, in others you meditate, in others you visualize wholeness, in others the science of the Word is the confirmation of health. Then realize, beloved ones, that every path of every religion is intended to supply the Body of God upon earth with a component of this cosmic science–of this way–and that so that when you play the seven notes of your chakras and the five notes of the secret rays you begin to have the full expression of the divine complement of harmony whereby you are the instrument of the total consciousness of God on earth as in heaven. When you find the thread–the precious thread of contact which connects each one of these levels of mastery–you will enter into the great synthesis of the Mother-Flame….
I am Lanto; I seal you now in the fires of understanding. Let all drink of the eternal fount of the Mother-Flame and live. -Lanto: 11-13-1977 at San Francisco via Messenger E C Prophet



I come scaling the summits of life.


I come scaling the summits of life. I work with elemental life and with God Tabor, spanning the mountain ranges of North America. I am in search of a chela even as I was once in search of a Guru, even as I met my master in the mountain.
I am a devotee of freedom even as I am proud to be called a patriot of life! For I release the fervor of my heart, and that fervor is a sphere of pink light around every star aborning–the star of your soul, the stars of the flag that blows in the wind, the stars of the nations, the stars of the planetary bodies. And I walk with Godfre, I walk with Saint Germain–ever kindling with the fervor of my heart the precious concepts of freedom which they hold for mankind. And as I walk many times in silence meditation upon the words of God Obedience and of the Master of freedom’s flame I hear them also in search of a chela–not one but many….
Now rejoice, for I am close at hand, and I take my walking stick and I hike into the mountains and I anchor my flame in a physical tangible body. And by and by one of these days when you are hiking in the mountains you may see afar off a form of one–perhaps an old man, perhaps a young man, perhaps the flame of Orion! From my heart to your heart the flame of the mountain glows.
-Mighty Orion (Elohim Heros): 7-5-1975 at Lake Siskiyou near Mt. Shasta via Messenger E C Prophet IMG_4789.JPG

For millions of years nature has been in balance–but now

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 3.55.00 PM.jpg http://www.beyondtoxics.org/wp-content/uploads/AgentOrange-OregonForest_HipFishMonthly_ALL_FINAL.pdf
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt went against his agency’s own research and rejected a ban on chlorpyrifos, a commonly used pesticide that has been shown to damage children’s brain development. The chemical is linked to ADHD, lower IQs and autism.

Certainly some of the most dangerous pesticides like this one should be banned altogether. Another commonly used pesticide in Kern is cancer-causing fumigant 1,3-dichloropropene or Telone. It is banned in the European Union and should be banned here in the United States. Currently, California is the only state that has any limits whatsoever on its use.

It’s clear we won’t be able to rely on federal regulators like the EPA to keep us safe from pesticides – that’s why we must continue to take action at the local level. First on our Kern County to-do list: the buffer zones around schools need to be bigger, as pesticides can drift much farther than a quarter mile.

Second, advanced notification for pesticide application must be longer than 48 hours to give schools, sports teams, and childcare facilities more time to prepare. Some school districts in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties receive five days warning for fumigant applications within their buffer zones – Kern should follow their lead.

As the late Cesar Chavez said more than 25 years ago, “The misery that pesticides bring farm workers, and the dangers they pose to all consumers, will not be ended with more hearings or studies…the answer lies with you and me. It is with all men and women who share the suffering and yearn with us for a better world.” http://www.southkernsol.org/2017/04/07/op-ed-lets-keep-up-the-momentum-on-pesticide-safety-wins/
Thus confronted by powerful corporate opposition, the environmental movement has split in two. The older national environmental organizations, in their Washington offices, have taken the soft path of negotiation, compromising with the corporations about how much pollution is acceptable … The people living in the polluted communities have taken the hard path of confrontation … The national organizations deal with the environmental disease by negotiating about the kind of ‘Band-Aid’ to apply to it; the community groups deal with the disease by trying to prevent it. -Barry Commoner: Making Peace With the Planet, 1990
2-28-1989 At stake are an estimated 300 million to 400 million board-feet of timber–enough to rebuild Burbank–that the Forest Service says it would permit to be cut down in weed-infested areas each year. Herbicides are used in such areas to control weeds that otherwise overrun the tree seedlings that replace felled timber.

At issue is the wisdom and safety of spraying 50 to 75 tons a year of toxic chemicals and suspected carcinogens on the forests–and, critics complain, on the people and wildlife there, as well as on the source of drinking water that eventually pours out of city taps.

“It surprises me some that they want to continue using herbicides in light of what’s come out in the four years they haven’t been spraying,” Glass said. “There have been all these studies documenting links between cancer and 2,4-D and a bunch of the rest of them.” He said spraying hurts not only people and wildlife in Northern California but the water in the area. Nearly 85% of the state’s runoff comes from conifer forests. http://articles.latimes.com/1989-02-28/news/mn-544_1_forest-service

10-4-16 When planting after harvesting forest, Weyerhaeuser may use herbicides to control weeds, brush and invasive species that compete with tree seedlings for sunlight, nutrients and water, Weyerhaeuser Public Affairs Manager Greg Miller said in an email. http://www.dailyastorian.com/Local_News/20161004/aerial-spraying-rattles-coastal-residents For millions of years nature has been in balance–now many corporations think it is their call as to define how life works, but it is money that motivates them. -r, mt. shasta
5-31-10 http://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/cnns-look-at-toxic-america/25401
4-20-12 Loudoun County, VA has announced dates it plans to apply insecticides to local parks to control the tick population. The spraying at the following locations will be on weekdays and end no late than 2:30 p.m.

April 24 – Franklin Park
April 25 – Woodgrove Park, Nell Boone Park
April 26 – Mickie Gordon Park
April 27 – Lucketts Park
April 30 – Claude Moore Park
May 1 – Phil Bolen Park
May 2 – Ashburn Park and Conklin Park

The product being used, Talstar, is Bifenthrin-based and will be delivered using a variety of spray methods depending on the park. The county’s contractor for the project, Blake Landscaping, will post signs at the parks prior to the spraying. Signs also will be posted afterwards stating that the area has just been sprayed.

Lyme disease is caused by bacteria that some people get after being bitten by ticks infected with an organism named Borrelia burgdorferi. The organism that causes Lyme disease is maintained in wild rodents, deer, other mammals and certain ticks. It is transferred to people by the bite of an infected tick.

More information about Lyme disease awareness and prevention is online at http://www.loudoun.gov/lyme.

Wed, Apr 25 at 10:40 AM by Idiots Buying The Hype | Report this comment

This is not reasonable, will not do anything substantive against ticks and Lyme, and is a complete waste of $20,000 that will kill tons of beneficial bees and other insects. That’s why people are upset.

Wed, Apr 25 at 09:39 AM by leesburgne | Report this comment

Here’s a positive, proactive step by government to protect the public’s health … and people still complain. Why not hold a public protest? Go form an encampment and Occupy Loudoun!! The same crowd complaining about reasonable mitigation efforts for ticks is the same crowd that wants to eliminate mandatory vaccinations for children.

Tue, Apr 24 at 10:13 AM by Very Sad Day | Report this comment

Talstar will kill just about every insect it contacts, bad and good, and is very toxic to aquatic life and not good for anything else. This is like using a nuclear weapon to drive in a nail. A horrible horrible idea. I can’t believe they are going through with this and more people aren’t complaining. Keep your kids and pets out of these parks if you care about their health. This is truly a very sad day in Loudoun County.

Tue, Apr 24 at 09:24 AM by tcb_va | Report this comment

Blake CEO states that there was a bid process (apparently for a retention contract, not specific to this application of Talstar). Nevertheless, Blake is the beneficiary of this direction by the BOS; this smacks of payola.

The BOS should not be telling the PRCS how to manage the parks and this decision should not be made without proper due diligence. The Health Department should be involved in this and they are not.

Tue, Apr 24 at 09:06 AM by Eric the 1/2 troll | Report this comment

I be sure to keep the honeybees at home today. Are we ready for the fishkill in the pond at Franklin Park?

Mon, Apr 23 at 08:52 PM by Politics As Usual | Report this comment

Nobody cares about those questions, just scoring some political points, making Mike Farris happy, and handing out big contracts to campaign donors.

Mon, Apr 23 at 06:45 PM by Does anyone know what’s going on? | Report this comment

How long is this stuff going to be around? How many times are they going to do this, every year, multiple times a year? What percentage of the ticks in Loudoun are they going to kill? Will it even have an impact? How many people have gotten Lymes from one of these parks? Has anyone answered these questions?

Mon, Apr 23 at 04:11 PM by What A Deal | Report this comment

What a deal for the Blake Landscapes CEO – give Scott York and Janet Clarke $319 and get a $20,000 no-bid contract and free advertising in an official Loudoun County new release.


Mon, Apr 23 at 01:08 PM by Recall Clarke | Report this comment

Clarke seems to be involved in every controversy this board is ever involved in.

Mon, Apr 23 at 12:40 PM by beekeeper | Report this comment

Not good. Highly toxic to all of our beneficial insects as well. The honeybees are in enough trouble without this.

Mon, Apr 23 at 11:01 AM by tcb_va | Report this comment

So the BOS capriciously decided to tell the PRCS to spray at a cost of $20,000? No public discussion, no scientific evidence, much less debate, regarding the merits of insecticide application versus the actual potential for contraction of Lyme disease.

Where is the due diligence? Where is the careful and deliberative process of thought before government action? Why wasn’t the Health Department involved?

Now it seems that the sole financial beneficiary of this arbitrary action, Blake Landscaping, was a donor to the the Clarke and York campaigns.

This does not pass the smell test.

Sat, Apr 21 at 09:58 AM by Pandering Politicians | Report this comment

Anything to make Mike Farris happy.

Sat, Apr 21 at 09:37 AM by justsayin | Report this comment

@ Old Patowmac Paddler it is Bles park and how on earth has anyone come up with the “facts” that 2 people have died from tick bites that occurred there?? And this is another reason that actual Lyme sufferers are poo-pooed when people try to spout off information like that!!!

Sat, Apr 21 at 08:54 AM by Elle McGee | Report this comment

HMMMM – in the near past the BOS was so concerned about the affects of chemicals on our water supply that they were going to make it an expensive and difficult process for homeowners to install decks and play equipment in their yards (along with other restrictions).

Now they are going to spray this highly toxic chemical in our parks, close to wetlands,other sensitive areas, and children? It’s very concerning.

Sat, Apr 21 at 06:41 AM by tech9 | Report this comment

Although bifenthrin is the active ingredient in Talstar, it isn’t the only dangerous chemical in the product. The propylene glycol in Talstar has been known to cause kidney and liver damage if ingested repeatedly. It is also known to irritate the eyes and skin as well as kill rainbow trout.

Read more: Dangers of Talstar

Fri, Apr 20 at 09:40 PM by Old Patowmac Paddler | Report this comment

What about Bless Park where two people have died from deer ticks?

Fri, Apr 20 at 06:31 PM by Really? | Report this comment

I’m far more concerned about exposure to excess chemicals that kill things than I am of ticks or lymes disease.

bifenthrin is a terrible chemical! just sprayed at the mt. shasta public library, again! right next to the public school and wetlands! no warning, no notification, and no need to spray toxins as carpenter ants can be counteracted well by borax. -r

Roundup and similar products are used around the world on everything from row crops to home gardens. It is Monsanto’s flagship product, and industry-funded research has long found it to be relatively safe. A case in federal court in San Francisco has challenged that conclusion, building on the findings of an international panel that claimed Roundup’s main ingredient might cause cancer.

The court documents included Monsanto’s internal emails and email traffic between the company and federal regulators. The records suggested that Monsanto had ghostwritten research that was later attributed to academics and indicated that a senior official at the Environmental Protection Agency had worked to quash a review of Roundup’s main ingredient, glyphosate, that was to have been conducted by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/14/business/monsanto-roundup-safety-lawsuit.html?_r=1toxic-chemical-sign.jpg

the masses of the world then would soon degenerate into a chaotic protoplasmic mass of purposeless substance

“Yet if the masses continue to compress themselves downward toward their lowest common denominator (of delusion) as the current trend would indicate, the individual will fade into insignificance and his departure from creative purpose will be the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place where it ought not (Mark 13:14). If this trend were to continue, the masses of the world then would soon degenerate into a chaotic protoplasmic mass of purposeless substance. All hope is in The Summit concept–all hope is in the resurrection of universal purpose for every man. All hope looks toward the Master’s configuration: the star of the advent of Reality that manifests in the Divine Ego. Let men look up and live,” (stated Morya.)…
What is needed is neither total self-sacrificing service nor total sacrificing to self, but a balance of universal love that perceives that the individual’s mission is enhanced by reasonable service to others, to God and to cosmos. I come therefore to remind each one that he serves others best who serves Self wisely. And thus the purification of motive is called to your attention. I recommend that before the close of the year you write down the goals you have…for the balance of your life. Examine your motives for having these goals, then see if you can draw a line through those that are vain and foolish, through those which will consume your time and energy without helping your family, your group or your society to evolve….
As you examine all of these things try to find out the “why” of the motivation behind each goal….Remember that God helps those who help themselves (Aesop: “Hercules and the Wagoner”)….Be aware then of His mercy for you, and as it infuses your soul realize that to you it is also given to express genuine compassion and mercy for others….How gentle is the ascended master consciousness, yet how firm!, how tender, yet how highly resolved! -Kuan Yin: Pearls of Wisdom 12:52 0000165_kuan-yin-by-ruth-hawkins~2108AX_600.jpeg IMG_4785.JPGIMG_4783.JPG

Wutangshan, China

5-12-17 Comey apparently planned to save Clinton from charges even before she was interviewed, which would explain why he didn’t personally interview her and why the interview was never recorded and why she wasn’t forced to answer questions under oath. That is not how someone who is dedicated to upholding the law should operate. http://www.dailywire.com/news/16388/report-comey-plotted-not-recommend-charges-against-aaron-bandler
Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 2.44.26 PM.jpg -Josie Grant: SF Chinatown 8 Immortals murals, originally in 1979
Wutangshan, 350 miles northwest of Wuhan in Hubei Province, China-a Taoist center from Tang Dynasty



To you it is given to know the mysteries of God

…my thoughts are made practical at this time in order that I amy call to your earnest attention the fact that no threatening sense of loss has any reality to the soul. Outer conditions may change–but how do you know that they will not change for the better?…Realize that the Infinite One is ever accurate in all of its judgments and manifestations. Be unconcerned with mortal considerations except to see to it that you yourselves are not guilty of the karma of placing oppressive obstacles in the pathway of your brother….
Will you therefore call with me to the powers of heaven and to the unfailing light of God for dispensations from the Solar Lords for the staying of the hand of the destructive forces that use the psychology of darkness against unsuspecting souls? Will you ask that these forces be exposed and that the work of the powers of darkness who would divide men’s hearts be brought to naught? The light we dispense from The Summit gleams upon the mountain of truth, of faith and of hope. It is a staunch light that will stand for truth and know that error will never be vindicated but only truth….
You can call to me and to my sword of blue flame which is a tangible manifestation of the sacred fire from God’s own heart to comfort you and to cut you free from all negation—even from those whom you may love dearly but who do not reciprocate your love….Because you have taken a stand, because you have put yourself out of the way, the justice of the Law can and will act impartially in the interest of the good of all concerned and you will have your freedom here and now. Thus the energy you have deposited in matrices of great hope for others will be used on behalf of those whom you may not even know as yet–as assistance, love and light to further their spiritual evolution.
There are upon the planetary body old records of karmic hurts, personal vendettas and hatreds of long standing,for these are carried over from one embodiment to the next until they are transmuted. These records are constantly being revolved in the minds of those who should know better and those who do know better–even in the minds of those who have been lovingly taught how to invoke the forgiveness flame. All should recognize that each time they revolve these records they strengthen the bond of inequity and darkness upon the planet.
We who serve the great light and know the power of freedom to elevate the race insist that humanity shall now understand and understand clearly that there is only one reason for man’s life upon earth and that is in order that he might find an unyielding uncompromising faith in the destiny of his life under the hand of infinite grace….
My point is that all friendships should be made divine, and then they will no longer be subject to the whimsies of mortal thought and feeling. So many times the substance of the soul is torn literally in half as man’s loyalty is divided between two friends who may not themselves agree.
The solution to the problem is that one’s loyalties should be to God and to Him alone. This loyalty should be guarded with one’s life and it must never be compromised through associations with those who by their actions have proven they are loyal neither to God nor to their “friends” but only to themselves. Let men be la friend to the God who lives in all….
May we ask then that you will continue to pray for this activity of light through which I am speaking and for its preservation against all obstacles? I say this because the closer it draws to the fulfillment of its mission the more disturbed the dark forces of the world become and the more frantically they work to tear it down….
To you it is given to know the mysteries of God. IMG_1831.JPG -Archangel Michael: Pearls of Wisdom 12 :47
Just as divine qualities are the source of man’s freedom so human qualities are the source of his bondage. The two streams flow side by side in the human consciousness—from which shall man drink? -Meru: Pearls of Wisdom 12 :48 Bolivia-Lake-Titicaca-5.jpg

Long ago it was told about the two fires: the creative fire and the destructive one.

401. Soulless repetition destroys the Teaching; also the quality of rhythm must be understood. Of course every crystal functions according to the principles of attraction and pulsation. But pulsation – or rhythm – is characteristic of the living principle. However any given rhythm may be more or less alive or dead. Living rhythms, spiritualized by the power of consciousness, will produce varying combinations of subtle energies. But the rhythm of the lips’ soulless repetitions results only in a dead beat that violates the wisdom of silence and brings only harm. Beware of repetitions devoid of spirit! Truly they dissolve the most precious gems of the Spirit. If one’s action is based only on fear or greed, then even a skeleton or a military drummer could rap out a more useful rhythm…. When I taught you the rhythms of the fire of space I of course had in mind the application of a spiritual consciousness and a striving without base motives. Long ago it was told about the two fires: the creative fire and the destructive one. While the first shines and warms and exalts, the second sears and reduces to ashes. But I directed you only to the creative fire. -M: Agni Yoga 1929

415. The element of fire—its very nature requires vigilance—fire is like a scherzo, a fugue. But glowing embers are like an andante. Of course the many kinds of flame all have different rhythms, but an agni (creative fire) yogi will never be an unresponsive sluggard. -M: Agni Yoga 1929

161. The rhythm of The Wheel of Life is so powerful that resistance to it cannot be asserted. The cosmic whirl intensifies all oppositions but the power of Reason engulfs the forces generated by opposition. Thus the obstacles are swept away by the rhythm of cosmic whirls. -M: Infinity 2, 1930

145. We do not like bigotry because it constitutes a lie, in other words, it comprises neither intensity nor quality. Thus in everything let us remember cooperation with cosmos. -M: Heart 1932

11, 243. Fire seemingly transforms all fiery substances and reveals the luminous matter lying in the foundation of everything that exists. The same can be said about the magnet of a fiery heart; in its own way it discloses the fiery nature of everything that draws near it. Thus through the fiery heart one can observe fiery qualities. It is only necessary to discover such a heart and with great caution utilize it in this experiment…. a simple truthful attitude assists in cognizing the actual rhythms of the cosmos. It is easy to substitute greed for cosmic rhythm, but the bond with Hierarchy leads to realization of truth. Experience in the beautiful keeps one within the bounds of authenticity. When the earthly world is so rich, when the subtle world is still richer, when the fiery realm is so majestic then experience in the beautiful is needed. Only acuteness of observation helps to affirm beauty. -M: Fiery World 1933

216, 332. It was affirmed many times by the philosophers that a gathering of people is permissible only when it has a high moral consequence. Obviously this saying is a strange one for our time. A gathering of people now usually ends in distortion of the simplest precepts. Let us look upon the subtle and fiery surroundings of such populous assemblies. Let us look and be horrified— discordant rhythms admit only the lower entities and transform the fiery sendings into searing fire. If it is difficult for an earthly benevolent visitor to make his way through a beastly crowd, then subtle beings will be flung away like dry leaves in a whirlwind…. Compare the fire of a smelting furnace with the flame of a raging conflagration; compare harmonious action with the elements of chaos. All salutary rhythms are invoked in order to manifest concordance of action. Therefore schools must develop the rhythm of harmoniousness…. Precisely the fiery principle exists by a special rhythm. -M: Fiery World 1934

236. Especially at present during the epidemic of obsession people must seek heart communion. -M: Fiery World 1934

118. But we say achievement of Spirit is needed, and this fiery quality is attained only through the inner fire of the heart. Rightly has it been said that the deeds of the heart are the foundation. Knowledge of the heart affirms the great essence. Therefore the heart as a magnet is powerful; of course a being lives in all potentiality. -M: Fiery World 1935

53, 209. But thought produces the most powerful rhythms, and with such vibrations one can create….Ancient man was much coarser, and mechanical rhythms and rituals were necessary for the awakening of subtle energies. But now that the nervous system is considerably finer, mankind can see that will and thought are natural attributes and therefore must be utilized in natural ways. -M: Supermundane 1, 1938

333, 411. It would be unwise to put stress upon only one group of nerve centers. The foundations of life are manifold and its refinement should have no limitations….Constant aspiration is harmonious and generates beautiful rhythms, while impatience is discordant and acts fitfully, disturbing the rhythm. Impatience demonstrates ignorance of the basic law that the essence of Being is in a state of constant motion. Only patient, alert, ardent observation can reveal the power of energy. -Morya: Supermundane 2, 1938
ElMorya22.jpg by H. Schmiechen, 1884