so that the clarity of the will of God can come through

There are so many forms of subtlety in use upon earth today that the process of knowing the will of God is at tines difficult.  For example some conceive of poverty as being the will of God; these make their lives an example of total simplicity.  Others see opulence and abundant supply as the will of God.  In reality neither state can guarantee victory to the soul but rather the gift of nonattachment which can either use the empire of the universe in all its fullness or be content in any environment.  The truly illumined are able to rise above states of mind or expression to the place where they identify with the allness of God….

To his own master each one stands or falls.  The enemy in  the guise of good in a subtle form of criticism purports to describe just what qualities and conditions will prove the existence of a so-called master.  This may lead those who follow such an outline of what masters supposedly do and don’t into the banal pathway of criticism.  Those who go about examining “masters” to see if they are following “the rules” may enter the same spirit of condemnation which is apparent in those well-meaning teachings that appear benign but are based upon false standards of condemnation and judgment….yet to the spiritually rich and to the spiritually poor I say, your life is not in the material but in the spiritual.  However when total surrender to God is made, all things can be safely added unto you.  It is more blessed to give than to receive, but if you do not first receive, may I ask, how can you give?

Therefore it is the Father’s good pleasure to endow you with His Spirit and also with material substance whenever the Lords of Karma see that benefits to humanity can be released through your blessed lifestream.  The will of God is everything, for it provides the spark that pushes back the darkness of sense consciousness, of ignorance and despair while holding forth the torch of true illumination to the seeking soul, enabling each individual to find himself, lost in the passion of God’s will!  Can you now understand how I when embodied as Thomas More did see beyond the tower cell and loss of life and did reach outward to uphold principle for that age, fully confident of my identity in God?

Yet those who betrayed me within a few short years did leave the old familiar scenes for regions of nether nonsense.  Truly men who build in the holy will do build for eternity!  Be wise then in the simplicity of God; be content not to judge men but rather to inspire them to that coagency of marvelous reality–the will of God.  Blest be the tie that firmly binds that holy link, for when men do otherwise, seeking in their own way to express the vagaries of the human will, a vain expression of whimsy and discontent is always the outcome.  The will of God is not so, for it represents the original archetypal thought of God that identifies uniquely with the soul of the individual.  Holding ties with universal man it maintains its own personal vital unity….

In heaven’s name, men of Earth, do you think the Most High God created life to manifest as history shows it?…The fiat “Not my will but Thine be done” (Luke 22:42) was not intended as a statement of sacrifice but one of heavenly inspired wisdom.  In the higher schools this mantram  of the Spirit is intoned invocatively so as to create the needed liaison between man and God.  Whereas it is God’s will that man intune with Him it is incumbent upon man to recognize that his responsibility demands search, willingness and an understanding of the self-created barriers that must be taken down so that the clarity of the will of God can come through.           -M:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:12nicholas-roerich-saint-sergius-the-builder-1925.jpg -N. Roerich:  Saint Sergius the Builder, 1924

IMG_4741.JPGIMG_4742.JPGIMG_4743.JPG-Shasta in evening light


Why should darkness impel the mind and heart to distrust themselves?


The Ownership of God’s Will

Create unto yourself the new sense of the ownership of God’s will!  You have long thought of God’s will as a thing apart from yourself; now new longs and a fresh perspective can recreate the best gift you have ever had.  The memory of His grace can come alive within you as you accept the infinite care of the Eternal One for you….For far too long man has yielded his birthright unto the false, the insecure and the transitory….Why do men set up a counterfeit will and call it their own?  Why do they engage in a continual struggle between the will of God and “their own” will?  In the answers to these questions is to be found the key to happiness for every part of life.  When man understands that there is no need to struggle for a personal existence outside of God and that in actuality there are not two wills…but only the will of truth and freedom inherent within the very spirit of life which is the Spirit of God, then he will enter into the new sense of harmony and grace.

Every man should realize his essential individuality, his privilege God-given of expressing unique qualities of life that he can use to endow the universe from the fountain of his own life and love.  But there are lessons to be learned, understandings to be sought and found and old senses to be cast aside, transmuted and in some cases recreated.

Morya thunders!  Why should we put off the hour of the emptying of the mind of its delusions?  Why should darkness impel the mind and heart to distrust themselves?  Let us infire men with a gnosis of possibilities….Sultry spirits infest the gullible and the complacent!  We speak to those who are willing to be God-willed!  The very idea of “me” and “mine” often leads to separation.  The strange consciousness of schism finds welcome wherever men love darkness; they ply the boat of consciousness into watery caves of intricate folly….Now the Word long ago went forth, but the common man skulks in fear lest someone should find out that he is in league with God or the holy will!…

Walk ye in the dominant way of the sacred stranger who respects no man’s illegitimate thoughts but every man’s person….Yet for thine own sake let us make clear that only the turning to the awful noontide of truth will show the scorpion on the ground.  Alertness spares man the spawn of infectious evil and hallows the blessedness of Christ expansion….

The wayfarer lingers too long at the stagnant pool when the glories of the fragrant moment are near.  Every moment spent in learning to live in the will of God is a blessed one….The will of God is the sole source of man’s freedom.

For many, unlearning is more vital than learning….The will of God is known only by the very few, for many who think they have this precious commodity are clinging to the vine of mortal reason, opinion and a whinnying whimsy!  I think then that reappraisals must be made and that they should be based on the vein of God’s mind and not upon sense criteria.  Why should men not ask that they may receive, seek to find and expect the descent of radiant grace?  The world is often fooled by those who claim longevity on the path; little do they know the compounds of the Eternal Chemist who in the laboratory of nature has also created subtleties to satisfy the natives of aeons!…

But peripatetic (roving) visions must be eschewed.  Men must ask of God grace to discern the higher will as the bright threads of hope, implemented by practical action and endowing the heart with the leap of boundlessness….And I must satisfy myself to look downwards from these glorious realms of light in the hope that men and women taught the three r’s (reading, writing, ‘rithmetic) and the sweet homilies of human life will–as many of us have done–espouse these eternal causes.  May they do so diligently in order that the Great Magnet will be successful in drawing the flame within the heart into magnificent attainment, raising the whole body of mankind’s consciousness into the blessed light of the holy will!

Victoriously I AM,       IMG_1819.JPGM:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:11

A higher purpose and a holier will are born


“How Can I Know the Will of God?”

The will of God is inherent within life and merely awaits the signal of release from man’s will in order to ray forth the power of dominion to the world of the individual….Release then your feeling of possessiveness over your own life!  Surrender the mean sense of sin and rebellion, the pitiful will to self-privilege which engenders bondage.  See the will of God as omnipresent and complete, the holy beat of the sacred heart throbbing within your own.  Know and understand that surrender is not oblivion but a point of beginning and greater joy….

Through surrender/ The molding process can begin./  Waves of cosmic energy/ With or without conscious awareness/ Literally flood body, mind and soul/ With strength of purpose, defying inertia./  We live because Thou livest in us,/ We are in a state of consonance with Thy purposes,/ And oh how glorious are those concepts/ Of givingness to life!

The Great Giver is perceived/ As the only true friend to us all–/ Our common bond of brotherhood and strength./  Allied with invisible legions,/ The weld of strength and purpose/ Becomes increasingly persistent.

Shelter me from delusion, O God!/  To whom shall I fly?/  For Thy way is the best way./…

The sheltering arms of Thy will come again/ And I am known of Thee/ Even as I increase my knowledge of Thy will./  Down through the ages I have known many names,/ Thou hast known but one name.…

By doing, by identifying,/ By just becoming aware of Thee/ I automatically know Thy will./  Increment by increment/ I am adding to the perfect knowledge/ That casts out the fear of oblivion/ And gives my soul the peace Thou hast/ Because my mind is stayed on Thee….

Yet the finite span,/ The temporal shafts of darkness/ Remain a blight and pit to snare the soul./  Can my resolve to be Thy will in action/ Be a shield so strong/ That never again shall submit to carnal will/ And the pitfalls of the senses?

The body cries out in pain,/ The mind does reel in anguish/ Of human condemnation./  These are not Thy will/ But only that the soul should gain in light/ And bask in the willing of Thy love.

What peace is mine that dares not be afraid/ To seek the depths, the heights,/ The riches of Thy Soul?/  The Soul of God is one great Sea of Promise,/ Interconnecting all with all that lives/ Yea, saint and sinner of all ages past/ Do rise or fall in Him….

A higher purpose and a holier will are born,/ We seek and find new light with coming morn./  O, not my will, my will be done but Thine./  Great drops of blood betray my anguish–/ Thine the glory and the power, LORD,/ Thine the kingdom shining/ O’er the hills of time/ Revealing as we upward climb/ The starry ladder of Thy grace/ As angels to and fro do go/ Our souls do know Thy purpose dear,/ And in communion strength appears/ As triumph over death.

…So many tempt God one more time, fearing they may miss some passing earthly joy,  The will of God is an interpenetrating essence that flows through substance, mind and motion, conveying new images and changing old ones into transcendence.  To die to all this marvelous flow of living light by closeting the soul in vain desire is an abomination beyond terror.  Come out now then and see the sole goal of eternity shining through the strands of time….Only by union with God’s will can the world one and all come to peace and perfection in a relative sense, stretching toward the good things to come that spring forth in eternal Life….

The will of God is the will of change for man that feeds the flame of life within and changes mortality into immortality.  It would seem that what the sense cannot report is unbelievable to many, and yet the Life that beats the heart of man is not seen or known by any save the few.

Many wonder how man, made in the image of God, could have fallen so low.  Let them realize the deteriorations occur first in consciousness, hence when men indulge in simple flights of imagery that are not in keeping with divine ideals they take the first steps in departing from the will of God.  A downhill course is more difficult of reversal than an ascendant one.

We evoke the consciousness of God in our disciples, for in God’s own thoughts the alchemy of change is wrought….

Now we call for the clear seeing of the God consciousness in all life as the first step toward immaculate victory which all must take if they are to be reborn in the divine image and likeness.

The quality of thoroughness in all things men do weds them to a sense of the immaculate and the perfect, but herein men must exercise care lest false pride in accomplishment give rise to a spirit of criticism of others whose outer care for perfectionment remains yet undeveloped.  The Father’s attitude of reflecting only pure love and communion with all who desire to manifest this love is the exemplary mode which all should follow.  This satsanga or fellowship with truth is the invisible coming together of the body of God upon earth in one real cosmic brotherhood that can never deny its likeness to the heavenly will….

The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen must be held as potential for all.  In the fullness of faith in the divine creation men must identify with the hidden man of the heart, and out of this oneness they will roll up victory after victory right in the teeth of seeming defeat….

We urge that faith be implemented by right action and that the confidence of each student in his personal relationship with the God Presence as the repository of God’s will be upheld.  Then shall the finite line be extended and the eternal try-angle be perceived as the setting for the calm Eye of cosmic vision to survey all things and direct all things by the plumb line of everlasting justice and mercy.

I AM the Master Mason directing the pyramid of lives to the summit of attainment.    01ad5-morya.jpg -M:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:10

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 4.14.48 PM.pngUnknown.jpeg -the Messengers; Krishna and Arjuna

Cherish: word-symbol of arms clasped to the heart


The Gift of His Will

Cherish:  word-symbol of arms clasped to the heart–the closeness of reality, the beginning and the end of a search….The journey of life, the long flow of identity, is a flurry of beginnings so separated from The Beginning that at the farthest turn of the wheel the beginning of the cycle is forgotten.  We raise the curtain of solar identity.

We raise the cosmic curtain upon the mystery of life.  What is this ray flashing forth?…And with the Plan was given the means for the creation to keep pace with His own transcendent nature.  God sought to bestow, and the best gift that He could give was the gift of His will, for by His will He framed the far-off worlds and by His will He sustained the momentum of life within each cell….Some call it the music of the spheres, others perceive it in the faces of humanity, some cognize it in the revelations of science, others in the kingdoms of nature, while still others realize it in cloister….

All have heard it, but all have not recognized it.  Only the few are able to see that which glistens like whitecaps upon the waves.  The tormenting substance of human drivel has opaqued the magnificent face of God that man can look upon but once and ne’er live as man again….

What is this courtesy of the givingness of God, of the holy will and the fire of the Divine Mother’s heart?…

What shall we say then to the careless ones who demand their own definitions and their definitions of definitions?  We will say with God, “I AM Agam the Unknowable.  I AM the Infinite within who in all your winnings can never be contained within the consciousness of sense or of perception.”…In kindred minds He will impart/ The holy will of God to start/ The process (of awakening) over once again.        ElMorya22.jpg     -M:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:8


The Inviolate Will of God

One can control only the mind and the feelings of self, but one should ever remember that in a universe throbbing with the pulsations of the will of God the victors are many and their vibratory actions should be recognized….The manvantaras and pralayas* may go forth, but those who cognize the will of God as the first vibration of HIs magnificent love will not be moved by the chirping of crickets, the boom of cannon or the threatening ones….They steal light and energy, for they have lost their own.  The children of the Sun are their innocent victims, but not for aye.  Now come the wise ones….

In the Great Forever, in the beginnings of all things God saw light and He was light.  Out of His light went forth the beauty of loving purpose….The tenets of brotherhood were clearly stated in the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  But each violation produced its corresponding blot, its stain upon the page, and the Lords of Karma spoke:  “This departure from the Law of Good is but a repetition of the voices sent forth unto discord.”…

”Let them at least,” said the Great Ones, “understand that God chastens those whom He loves and that He continues to love out of the bounty of His forgivingness.”…The children of the Sun who came forth bearing the white stones from the Temple of the Sun evoked the mightiest response possible from the hearts of men, for in the hearts of men there was a residual memory of the olden days when the elder race communed with the living God.  Forgiveness, they saw, was eternal grace and the fire of purpose….

It is necessary that we establish in consciousness the concept of origins, for the majority of men’s thought processes are patterned after the swing of the mind–to and fro….Let men who would discover the will of God realize that it is already a part of the universe, that the universe in the macrocosmic sense is already the perfection of God, and that each star, each cell and each atom were stamped with the divine image.  The words “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me” show the necessity for the Godhead to counteract the travesty of man’s acceptance of fiats of imperfection.  These have been issued by lesser minds and by the deceitful ones who are self-deceived….

The desire for perfection is a natural manifestation of a perfect God shining behind His perfect manifestation, but all that which proceeds out of imperfection is against the divine nature….It is fear–fear of death and fear of illusion–that has caused some men to fail to hold themselves in that state of consciousness wherein the will of God could manifest through them.  They need to understand the very naturalness of cosmic purpose:  God is Life.  They are manifesting temporal life but they also possess here and now the seeds of eternal Life in the very essence of the soul which God has given to them.

The flaming Presence that directs them from above, their beloved God Presence, I AM, represents the fire of the will of God; and the will of God includes within itself the all-chemistry of cosmic purpose.  Therefore each department of life is brought under the direction of the central purpose of the will of God.  What folly it is that individuals feel separated from the will of God, as if they could not know it!                    ElMorya22.jpg -M:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:9         *manvantaras and pralaya.  Ages of Manus and the dissolution after 14 manvantaras.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 12.38.19 PM.jpg -Divine Director, by C. Sindelar


the hour has come when the signs of the wearing out of the world order do appear


Yet the hour has come when the signs of the wearing out of the world order do appear….The dire forebodings and ominous rumblings in nature and in man and the vicious openings into the astral currents that have been invoked by dabblers in black magic and dangerous drugs have brought about new maladies of the spirit, syndromes of praetorian decay producing lese majesty and permeating the world.  The legions of men are becoming neither more Godlike nor more manlike; they are simply dissolving their resemblance to reality in a chaotic nihilism.  We draw these analogies momentarily as we prepare to plunge into the fountain of reality in order that, by the startling power of contrast, we may show the world the true appearance of cosmic regeneration, of cosmic wholeness, of the washing of our garments white in streams of Cosmic Christ energy….

As you know, down through the centuries men have discussed the will of God as though it were a thing apart from the will of man, bearing no resemblance to an offering that affords the best gifts to man.  Contrary to human opinion, the will of God seeks to vest man with his immortal birthright and never to deprive him of his freedom.  The enigma of life is hidden within the will of God. …

I am impelled by the Great Divine Director himself–by the Prince of the House of Rakoczy–to seek to steal from the folds of the world those who have ears to hear…There is no other course to be run, but if there were we should it. …

It will enhance my service to all men and to yourselves immeasurably if you will pray for me as I begin to intone those holy mantras that will invoke in the sacred temples of the world, of the Great white Brotherhood, a retiring of the flame of God as we seek to reflect it not only in words but in Spirit.     Adoring Him I remain,     El Morya

ElMorya22.jpg      Pearls of Wisdom  12:7


We advocate the amplification of the will of God, for “the will of God is good.”  The amplification of this childlike statement over and over again is the means whereby the mind can be stilled and the mounting crescendo of human emotions diminished.

The will of God is the thunder of universal love; it is the strength of the right arm of the almighty; it is the fire of His devotion and the best gift to His children….Fear assaults the will of God but the calm knowing of infinite love shatters the opaquing conditions that scream from the minds of the depraved….

Does man seek to know in part and sense in part the holy will of God?  If so, what derision is it that seeks to mock the will?  It is the witless sophistry of sense meandering; it is the desire to rebel against the fashion of real beauty; it is the sense of separation and shame.  The will of God is the flawless diamond, it is the shining of the divine Mind, it is the rushing of the wind of the Spirit, and it is the strength and laughter of real Identity.  The will of God that seems so simple a thing is the most complex organism in the universe….

And when the mind has grasped the principle of kindness and compassion this tiny facet of the divine will can turn the lever of nations and cause them to respond….And so this will is right within/ His Presence where you are./  And when you see it/ Its fiery light will be a star/ To open wide the chamber/ Where the real You lives.         Gratefully I AM   Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom  12:8


FDR’s 1933 Gold Confiscation–Bailout of Federal Reserve Bank

FDR’s 1933 Gold Confiscation was a Bailout of the Federal Reserve Bank    -D. Carr

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 1933 executive order outlawing the private ownership of gold in the United States was arguably unconstitutional.  But why did he do it?  Many historians and economists point to efforts to get the economy moving again as the reason, the theory being that people were hoarding gold and the velocity of money in circulation needed to be sped up.

But the real reason for the gold confiscation was a bailout of the privately-controlled Federal Reserve Bank.  And the evidence has been printed right in front of our faces.

PAPER REPLACES SPECIE (precious metals)

During the 1800s, paper money was suspect in the eyes of many.  Nobody would ever choose a government-issue $20 note over a $20 gold coin.  Gradually during the late 1800s and early 1900s, confidence in government paper money increased to the point where it was widely accepted.  People accepted the money because they felt confident they could exchange it at the US Treasury or any Federal Reserve Bank for gold at any time–it even said so on the notes.  Without the gold exchange clauses printed directly on the notes, the public would have been much less likely to accept them.  Silver Certificates and United States Notes circulated alongside Gold Certificates, which were legally interchangeable dollar-for-dollar.

In 1913 the Federal Reserve Bank was established and it began issuing Federal Reserve Notes the following year.  Once free of the restrictions imposed by the limitations of available physical gold for coinage, the quantity of (paper) Dollars in circulation increased dramatically.            -Daniel Carr


(Can that go on forever?  Of course not, but greed–by big government, central banker, corporate–an and does grow dramatically as long as the people don’t mind being beggared and ripped to bits in many other non-economic ways as well, including via the media’s endless lies/rationalizations of paper money, all due at root to money’s influence on people’s psyches.  The love of money being the root, says the proverb.          -r, mt. shasta)    Since 1975 gold can be publicly owned, but it does not circulate nor do silver or even copper.  Know why?


  1.   “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks…will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”   – Thomas Jefferson in the debate over the Re-charter of the Bank Bill (1809)  thomas


2)   “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.”   –Thomas Jefferson


3)     “The modern theory of the perpetuation of debt has drenched the earth with blood and crushed its inhabitants under burdens ever accumulating.”     -Thomas Jefferson


4)       “If Congress has the right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it was given them to use themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or corporations.”     -Andrew Jackson


Abraham Lincoln

5)  “The Government should create, issue and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers.  By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest.  Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity.”     -Abraham Lincoln


6)    “The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing (or out of monopolization of finance!  -r).”         -William Paterson, founder of the Bank of England in 1694, then a privately owned bank, but soon becoming England’s central bank (monopoly)


7)   “Money is a new form of slavery, and distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal–that there is no human relation between master and slave.”                -Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer


the defense and the bastion of the nations as well as the connecting point of all teaching centers and study groups and hearths dedicated as outposts

III, v, 15.  Each epoch has its own plague.  At present it is the epidemic of speculation. It must not be thought that humanity has always been plagued with this disease.  But this disease brings promise of a radical change, because it cannot pass gradually and a paroxysm of evolution is needed in order to root out this infection.      –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925               Taj Mahal.jpg-Taj


Unknown-1.jpeg  images.jpeg  -Rachmaninov


So it was on the occasion of the first pilgrimage to India by our Messengers and devotees (spring 1970) that I sought to expand the flame of the heart.  Thus the dispensation went forth, and now we look upon those who received it at that conference in Santa Barbara and we see a pathway of light, a pathway of acceleration that has been assumed by some….Now ten years hence, by dispensation of your own dynamic decrees I am able to implant a greater light, a threefold light accentuating and accelerating the flame of the Holy Spirit because the chelas of the light have accelerated that flame and some have been willing to pay the price, the full price for truth to be manifest.  Thus a new dispensation is given–whereas this increase may not be given to humanity in general or even to the students in general–but it may be given to those whose hearts are a pure stream whose pure stream has blended with the stream of the Mother and whose souls are swimming upstream to the Source.

Thus in these heart chalices, crystal whitefire light, I may implant a flame that will count for and be the taper to light humanity, to light souls as they arise then from the torrents of the rushing rivers of the human consciousness and enter the mainstream of the river of Life.  Thus in my chosen ones who have diligently pursued the teachings of the Holy Spirit delivered by the Messengers I place a kindling light, a threefold light, a light of the Holy Spirit.  It shall increase; it shall open doors of the enlightenment and comfort of the eternal Comforter whose representative in the earth I AM….

Thus I counsel the chelas on the path who would embody the extraordinary light, the threefold light of the threefold flame and the accent of the Holy Spirit, to call now in the hour of your receipt of my message for the transmutation by the love-fires of my heart of all residue of hardness of heart and harboring within the consciousness of hatred of the Father and of the Mother and of the Son, of the Holy Spirit and of the little child.

My beloved, you do not even know the past records of the hatred of the light until the flame of the Holy Spirit descends to consume those records and that emotional substance–and suddenly it appears as a flash on the screen of consciousness as it passes into the flame never to appear again.  So I AM that one….We are determined that wherever the true chela is, there the Holy Spirit will be….

And hope, sweet hope as legions of Hope gather round, is kindled in all hosts of the LORD and in all sentient beings as the Lord Padma Sambhava invokes the flame of the blue lotus and once again the Lotus-Born by the action of the Mother-flame and the devotees of that flame goes forth to capture living souls for the path of reunion with God.  Now then let the attention to the threefold flame of Life by all those who have accepted that greater increment of sacred fire be the means whereby the magnet of the Great White Brotherhood is established here in the etheric forcefield in New Delhi….

Let love increase and abound and this people will magnificently magnify the LORD through the love of Mighty Victory….

I consecrate this forcefield and these hearts to the victory of the every child of God in India, across the continents and the nations.  Thus by the flame in the candle in the tower* there is extended the connection to the flame in the tower of Camelot.  May it be built swiftly, for the tower of Michael is truly the defense and the bastion of the nations as well as the connecting point of all teaching centers and study groups and hearths dedicated as outposts of the Great White Brotherhood….

As the legions of Mighty Victory are invincible so is the light invincible–but it must press on.  Press on, I say, and press back and out the darkness….I AM in the Amen     -The Maha Chohan:  4-17-1980 at New Delhi via Messenger E C Prophet

*a 234 foot tower built in the 13th century, the Seventh Wonder of Hindustan, Qutb Minar–shown:site_0233_0001-750-0-20151104153142.jpg

Maha_Chohan.jpg    Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 5.23.37 PM.png -Maha Chohan and Shiva