the simple truth that maya originates in their own consciousness

When I say that it is a great misfortune that individuals seem willing to allow the cutting-up of the Whole into separate manifestations pitted against one another it is to show that the way of the spoiler is a snare to the soul.     -Jesus Christ:  Pearls of Wisdom 16:8


III, v, 17; IV, v, 19.   Verily, the chalice of the common weal is not weighty to the toiler….Rejection of the common good casts even a giant into a pit.      –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925

427.  It is no exaggeration to say that society does not tolerate any growth of consciousness. Families are destroyed and kingdoms perish when consciousnesses expand and manifest themselves.  The Teaching of Life like an orphan seeks shelter in some out-of-the-way place, while the parades of death thunder in the public squares.      -Morya:  Agni Yoga 1929

6.   But first comes the direction, then the connection and then the means.  One must not spoil this sacred recourse by doubt.      -M:  Heart 1932

307.   Every object is perceived by people in accordance with their inner state.  People cannot accept the simple truth that maya originates in their own consciousness, and that it is necessary to escape from the snare of self-hypnosis.      -Morya:  Supermundane 2, 1938

Krishna-Lel - Nicholas Roerich  -N. Roerich:  Krishna-Lel, 1935

But oil and water do not mix, nor bond and free, nor the ways of heaven and hell.

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But oil and water do not mix, nor bond and free, nor the ways of heaven and hell.  There is no human solution or dissolution to the divine Thesis.  The cosmic honor flame stands alone, all-one, as the flaming two-edged sword to keep the way of every man’s Tree of Life.  Its purity all-consuming is its only response to every synthetic, antithetical assailant of its divinity untouchable.     –Saint Germain on Alchemy, book 3, 1985, p. 321

September 29–feastday of Archangel Michael

174.  Only the gem that radiates all hues of truth can reflect the full splendor of the future.  Yet we must also appreciate the pure stone of one color.   –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924

55.  Truly do not divide the world into north and south, or east and west . But everywhere distinguish between the old world and the New.  The old world finds shelter in all parts of Earth.  The New World also is born everywhere but beyond boundaries and conditions.                -Morya:  Agni Yoga 1929

27.  The Philosophers’ Stone is something real.  It must be understood spiritually and physically. The spiritual condition that is called “Stone” corresponds to the consonance of all the precipitates of psychic energy.       -Morya:  Heart 1932

-Sergius of Radonezh by V. Vasnetsov, 1882

I also told him that the wood enjoyed being shapened by his hands and that the only difference between the soft and the hard wood would be that of a greater use of patience on his part.         -Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom of 3-3-1968