Much internal training is given to smoothen the ruffles in one’s own nature

1)  Much internal training is given to smoothen the ruffles in one’s own nature in order that he may, in the eyes of the Heavenly Father, do one thing and one thing alone and that is–reflect God.  That which is required of one may not be required of another, for as long as there are disturbances in his receptor mechanism or scratches on the mirrorlike surface of his mind and heart every anomaly, every wrinkle will make an imperfect picture.   -Kuthumi:  “Plunging into the Ocean of God,” in Prayer and Meditation, 1968, dictated to Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

2)  Looking back through the evolution of Christian theology it should be noted that it was the Emperor Constantine who did more than almost anyone else to introduce the subtleties of pernicious precepts into Christianity.  “If you can’t lick ’em, join ’em,” he said.  Why, he was Machaivellian before Machiavelli was ever born!  Let the ends of world domination justify the means of a quasi-religious freedom.    -Messenger ECP, see

3)  How determinedly the dark forces have sponsored the Machiavellian ideas that men must control other men and their outward destinies.      -Mother Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:18, 5-3-1970, see
4)  Blessed hearts, when you expand the fire of God that is already within you, when you have the restoration of your divine inheritance you will know that not the human but I with you and in you, God in you and with you is the deliverer of nations.  Thus it is to become a transparency for the One who sends you that is the goal of this path rather than to make the fatal error of believing that one’s human self is the anointed one.  The souls is anointed and you therefore become instruments of God.    -Jesus Christ:  2-28-1988 at Lisbon via Messenger ECP
5)   264.  And said the Blessed One, “Distinguish between those who understand and those who agree….Do not waste much time with the agreeing ones.  Let them first demonstrate the application of the first call.”  He who agrees will readily accept the benefits but will be horrified by the first obstance.  Therefore test through obstacles.
265.  The touch of the fine energies is like the most delicate texture.  But only he may wear the finest fabrics who knows their value.  So discern the spirit ready and flaming.
268.  One does not always have to run.  But one also cannot always see before him an iron bolt (barring one’s way).
411.  Find the wisdom to strive courageously.
413.  The Teaching grows spirally as does all that exists….The general work for humanity requires first of all the protection of individuality.
414.  Remember that the decline of the most significant mysteries began when rites became complicated and dead.  The Teaching should live as freely as the fire of space.    -Morya:  Agni Yoga 1929