That there are two types of evolution upon the planet is becoming evident everyday

That there are two types of evolution upon the planet is becoming evident everyday as we look around and try to understand what kind of people would do the things in society that are being perpetrated against innocent people by governments and nations, banking houses and multinational corporations….

What the Nephilim did was to take a primitve man, Homo erectus, and drastically alter his capabilities by implanting in him their own image and likeness.    -Messengers Mark and E C Prophet, see



3-28-15   Earlier this week an all-party committee of  UK Members of Parliament released a scathing report on the trade agreement. The Business, Innovation and Skills committee said the government needed “stronger evidence” to back up its claim that TTIP would bring a boost of £100bn a year to the UK.

The report also warned that the case had yet to be made for the highly controversial investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS), a provision that elevates individual foreign corporations and investors to equal (or arguably superior) status with a sovereign nation’s government. If signed, it would allow companies to skirt domestic courts and directly “sue” signatory governments for compensation in foreign extrajudicial tribunals.

As I reported in “The Global Corporatocracy is Just a Pen Stroke Away From Completion,” the ISDS provision is what gives the new generation of trade treaties such as TTIP their sharp claws and canine teeth. If allowed to take universal effect, the system will impose above our governments a rigid framework of international corporate law designed to exclusively protect the interests of corporations, relieving them of all financial risk and social and environmental responsibility.

For US trade representatives, ISDS remains a non-negotiable element of both TTIP and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).


10-3-14    ZEESE: Under the TPP, money can go into and out of countries without much control by the government. So the corporations, the big banks, will have much more control over the capital controls of a country than the country will. And if a country takes a step to try to regulate the financial industry or set up a public bank to represent public interests, they could be sued.

JAY: By individual corporations.

ZEESE: By individual corporations in a trade tribunal, which is a three-person tribunal. Most of the judges will be corporate lawyers on leave from their corporate job, putting on their robe and being a judge, deciding in favor of the corporation, no doubt, and then going back to their corporate job. And what they’re suing for is the potential loss damages, not actual damages. But we planned on making money here. Here’s how we were going to do it. We were going to–now you–we’re going to lose $10 million because of you. The country then has to pay $10 million in damages for a labor agreement, a finance agreement, consumer protection, environmental protection. Whatever it is the country wants to do, it can be stopped by a corporation suing a trade tribunal.

FLOWERS: I think an excellent example of that is what’s happening with Canada. Right now there’s a company in the U.S. called Lone Pine Industries that wants to frack in an area of Canada that’s banned fracking.

ZEESE: Under the Saint Lawrence River.

FLOWERS: So they’re suing the Canadian government for $250 million for loss of expected profit….

ZEESE: Well, the Obama administration’s very serious about it. They are not playing along. They’re not just mouthing words. They’re not [incompr.] They want this to pass. This is a major gift to the transnational corporations from President Obama, his outgoing gift to them. I’m sure it’ll be great for his fundraising for the Obama library and presidential center.But this agreement can be stopped. I think that’s the most important thing.People did not like NAFTA, and this is NAFTA on steroids. People do not like the WTO, and this is WTO on steroids. This is a global corporate coup no matter what issue you care about, whether it’s wages, jobs, protecting the environment, stopping the use of coal, stopping fracking. You pick the issue. This issue is going to adversely affect it. So every activist in this country should be working right now helping to stop the TPP.


a moment in the life of the devotee of the World Mother when the initiation of the solar energies

The one who realizes the Mother within, who determines to be that Mother on behalf of all life discovers that the energies of being and the flow of the tide of identity flow irresistibly as if magnetized by the sun into the fiery core that is the Holy Spirit.  Hence in all ages those who have known the reality of the Mother and who have identified as the Mother have become the bride of the Holy Spirit, for their consciousness has fused with the very living presence of the Paraclete.

And there is a moment in the life of the devotee of the World Mother when the initiation of the solar energies with the Holy Spirit takes place….When you in the flame of the Mother flow with the fire of the Holy Spirit you begin to understand the nature of the true Aquarian–the man or woman of the new age who bears the water of the Mother and pours that water into the vessels of manifold identity.  The fluid nature of the Mother is such that She is always adaptable to the needs of Her children.      -Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 17:52, see

106.  Verily the era of the Mother of the World is based upon realization of the heart….Let us not forget that for each important achievement the feminine principle is essential as a foundation and essence.

119.   It is not without cause that the gift of discovering clairvoyance and clair-understanding belongs to the Mother of the World.       -Morya:  Heart 1932

224.  Indeed creativeness is diffused throughout all labor, and sparks of great aum direct the current of life.  That manifestation of creative power forms the nodes of evolution, and through it is fastened the thread of the Mother of the World, fastened in a labor of eternal action.             -Morya:  Community 1926

The Maltese cross, symbol of the perfect balance of the God-flame “as in heaven, so on earth,”

When misused the power of the emotional body becomes the most violent and volatile of the four lower bodies.  When agitated by undisciplined feelings these emotional energies have a tendency to lead men astray in their thinking and their actions….

The Maltese cross, symbol of the perfect balance of the God-flame “as in heaven, so on earth,” provides a thought and energy matrix whereby the ill effects of personal and planetary karma can be brought under control and the power of virtue released in their place that mankind’s use of power might no longer corrupt life on earth.

It has been said that “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (-Acton, 1887).  Power can be used as the bow of the Infinite Archer to release an arrow of perfection into the heart of man’s goal of happiness….

Looking at the Maltese cross placed upright before us we see that the four symmetrical arms extending from the center are triangular in shape, wide at the outside, giving the appearance of a fanning action.       -Saint Germain:  A Trilogy on the Threefold Flame of LIfe, #1, in Saint Germain on Alchemy, 1985, pp. 270-1, see

When men are boxed in from beneath, to the right, to the left, before and behind there is only one way to go and that is up–or remain boxed in below.  Man’s freewill has not been interfered with by God for He has generously given unto the hand of man the right to both progress and self-direction.  But mankind’s misappropriation of energy, his misuse of power, his greed-motivated acts have denied to him his victory.

Now cometh salvation and strength and the glory of God into manifestation as the hearts of men, failing them for fear (Luke 21:26), seek to consult with one another and with heavenly emissaries concerning the reality of God….The victory of God declares that the soul hunger of man–the yearning, gnawing, burning search within his heart for reality–shall, when men more fully recognize this need for fulfillment, bring the many upon the planet to a breathing awareness of the need to seek for a reality beyond dogma, form, creed or exclusive organization….

We but wait for the true devotees of spiritual law to honorably uphold hands, hearts and heads of virtue as chalices of purity, free from a motivated calumny and unbridled by overly cautious mortal restrain in the great cosmic search for the manifest yet hidden wonders of universal Love.      -Mighty Victory:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:4 (1-23-1966)

man is a channel through which love is intended to flow from the heart of God

But for the time being the presence of many more black magicians who by freewill have chosen the left-handed path is apparent in the outplaying of atrocities on a world scale alongside of pleasure cults and rituals of darkness tempting psychic suicide.  All this in fast motion as you read my words.  So goes the world a la 1984.       -Saint Germain on Alchemy, (Trilogy on the Threefold Flame of Life, #2), 1985, pp. 296-7


The buildup of human oppression, stemming from the fear of one man and the apprehensions of another man for fear of what the first may do are very great upon earth; and the family of nations is no different for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God….

I know that the world at large, even the great orthodox religious world, has in the security of its own doctrine continued to feel that the earth abideth forever, that all things continue as they are from the first.  Yet they reckon not with the fashion of karma or with the scale of cosmic realization.  Therefore they know not the great planetary need for a continual renewing of the body of the earth and of all elements with the great flame of resurrection and the great flame of the ascension.

Progress is needed in nature as it is required in man, and man is a channel through which love is intended to flow from the heart of God to the natural elements themselves…..all must behold the cosmic possibility that the little child of his Christ identity may become the Manchild to rule the nations with the rod of the Law of Love:  “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you do ye even so to them” (Rev. 12:5; Matt. 7:12)….behold the tranquilizing effects of spirituality not as an enervating force to rob them (men) of vitality but as a force of quiet victory surging ever upward.        -Jesus:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:51

620.   It is incredible that men who consider themselves to be in the religion of Good perpetuate the most dreadful sorcery.  I would not mention this black peril if it had not reached such terrific proportions at present.  The most intolerable rituals have been re-instituted in order to harm people. In their ignorance the crowds have been inveigled into mass magic.  It is impermissible to allow such disintegration of the planet!  It is impermissible to allow the dark forces to succeed in annihilating all evolution.     -Morya:  Fiery World 1933


571.  The black lodge has the sole aim of harming our works and disrupting the planet.  People are usually enticed into the black lodge by promises of long life, for great is the fear of death, and also by promises of riches and of great power.      -M:  Fiery World 1935


After the activities of the White Order had been duplicated by the Black Order on Atlantis it was vital that a Temple of Purification be established in the physical realm.  This was done and from it Archangel Zadkiel himself chose to invoke and radiate the violet fire of transmutation and mercy into the atmosphere of Earth….This flame was attended by the priests and priestesses of Lord Zadkiel who continued to invoke, sustain and project this purifying essence of violet fire into the atmosphere of Earth.  If it had not been for this focus the flames (virtues) held on other portions of the Atlantean continent by other members of the White Order could not and would not have been sustained nor would they have been allowed later to be carried by the priests and priestesses to other parts of the landed surface of the Earth at the time when the Atlantean continent sank beneath the waves.    -Morya:  October 1957 via Messenger Geraldine Innocente, in Law of Life and Teachings 3, Luk Pub., Pueblo, CO, pp. 596-7


U.S. now willing to let Iran keep many of its most controversial military sites closed to inspectors until international sanctions pressure has been lifted

3-26-15   The United States is now willing to let Iran keep many of its most controversial military sites closed to inspectors until international sanctions pressure has been lifted, according to sources.

This scenario has been criticized by nuclear experts, including David Albright, founder and president of the Institute for Science and International Security.


265.  A song frightens wolves.  It is well for the travelers to sing.  Intone thy secret song and yield not to slumber.   –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924

225.  One can see keen observation and precision in every act of a yogi.  In his actions no prejudice, no useless habit is permitted.  He walks like a lion.  He strikes unhesitatingly but does not crush what is unworthy of notice or too weak to threaten.  Thus one must evaluate the true meaning of one’s every action.

421.  The music of the spheres consists not of melodies but of rhythms.  When the developed spirit knows the sounds of the spheres it will understand the power of rhythm.   -M:  Agni Yoga 1929

267.   why is a multitude of people satisfied with false intonation, absolutely refusing to realize the nuances of sound?    -Morya:  Heart 1932

660.  Let one begin to judge according to the eyes, another by the intonation of voice, a third according to the bodily movements.  It is immaterial where one begins because the inner fire is reflected on all the nerve centers.  And it is instructive to observe how words often fail to reflect the inner condition.  With patience one can attain great results and disclose signs of fiery understanding.    -M:  Fiery World 1933

The delicate thread of contact is strengthened by the communication of the Word

Let us show forth to Hierarchy and to all who have gone before that there is a body upon earth of those who will not compromise the flame of freedom, who will not surrender that flame, who will give the precision of the intonation of the Word, who will prove that flame by the science of the Word and who will prove it not for self alone or for selfish purpose but for all mankind!

Enter then into the fraternity of the Great White Brotherhood!  For many here who have not heard our Word before yet have been called and have been already initiated by masters of the Great White Brotherhood in preparation for a cosmic mission upon Terra I say, Welcome! Welcome to the forcefield of Saint Germain!  Welcome to the battlefield!  This is where the line is drawn!       -Godfre:  7-3-1975 at Mt. Shasta Freedom Conference, see

-Guy Ballard/Godfre


We expect rebellion from mankind, O sons of light.  For we recognize that rebellion is the result of mankind’s ignorance…All works as do your clocks and watches when they work with precision.  All is the result of precision and perfection.     -Archeia Mary, see


The delicate thread of contact [between the unascended chela and Hierarchy] is strengthened by the communication of the Word….And understand by a deep understanding that all of these things must come together in a vibrant chord of harmony that we call “One Place” [intonation by the Messenger}.       –Maha Chohan:  11-29-1981, see


The entire world momentum against freedom is a momentum that is calculated by the fallen ones, by the mass consciousness to put down this energy of the Mother in you….The devaluation of our money, the manipulation of our currency, the national debt–all of this because the Mother is the energy of abundance.  This is opposition to the rise of the feminine ray.                  -Messenger E C Prophet:  10-11-1975 at San Francisco