let no man rend the veil of the oneness of thy life with the living Christ

You are valiant souls who have chosen and elected to pursue this course toward righteousness. Then in heaven’s name pursue it.  And I say to all:  let men view it; let men understand it.  They may call you frantic fanatics; it does not matter.  For you know in your own hearts that the beauty and joy that you seek stems from those cosmic God-ideological formations in the universe itself which are the very basis and foundation of all freedom expressed through Nature….

We have sponsored thousands from among mankind in the course of our spiritual evolution; do you think then that you could sponsor a few?  Do you think then that you can undertake to influence a few seeing we have influenced the many and seeing the ascended host and the angelic hosts are all on your side?     -Divine Director:  1-2-1971 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Mark Prophet


Let not lesser considerations take the place of this path, this understanding, this vigil.  For you see just as quickly as you gain this Mother-awareness, this Mother-Presence, you will find yourself feeding the multitudes, tending the millions.  For the Mother-flame of cosmos will flow through you as those rivers of living water (John 7:38) and many, many will gain that same inner strength by your presence in thee earth.

These days are not far from you!  Do not compare the path of the ascended masters and the Great White Brotherhood to any other path, East or West.  Let no man take thy crown in this hour–let no man rend the veil of the oneness of thy life with the living Christ.

Understand, beloved hearts, that this is the new dispensation of Aquarius.  It does not require centuries, as in the past, to come into this union.  Nor should the process be taken lightly.  Nor should you so easily forgive yourself your discords as if it were nothing.    -Archeia Mary:  12-24-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles


You have heard the “Victory Symphony” and I tell you that victory, beloved, is the fanfare of our presence.  And this music has been given to Beethoven by ourselves that you might have the Spirit of Victory in sound….

The Sun does consume all unlike itself.  The Sun-Presence is the very Presence of the Cosmic Christ….For you see it is not according to your say or your words and works that death and hell have remained on this planet but it is because it is the kingdom of the fallen ones….Do not allow it (their moving against the lightbearers) for I, Helios and Vesta, place in the hand of your Holy Christ Self a mighty scepter.  You may call to your Christ Self to use that scepter in the name of the Son of God–in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Maitreya, Gautama, Sanat Kumara.  You may call to him to use that scepter!…It is the power of the Trinity to put down the fallen ones, to put them down, beloved, and to seize from them all of the supply that they have stolen from you and from your causal body often in [your] moments of ignorance and folly and of trusting those whom you should not trust.     -Helios:  7-4-1991 at RTR, Montana


Jesus asked the Presence (his Father) with whom he lived in consciousness that if he should take his ascension would a Spirit of Comfort be sent to the disciples that would animate within themselves those powers that they let lie dormant, resting upon the accomplishment of Jesus. The answer was that a Comforter, a Paraclete, would be sent.  That is how I came on WhitSunday after the ascent (resurrection) of Jesus to men and women who had witnessed every miracle including the resurrection of so-called dead bodies who had dormant Christus within themselves, who had the proximity of the Master and yet could not even through that proximity release through themselves those powers which Jesus showed them again and again.

So on that first Whitsuntide as those who had followed him were gathered together in the upper room I, answering the promise to Jesus, sent those tongues of flame as described in the Bible which were really magnetic currents of energy which expanded the Christ-power within them. Their inner eyes were opened and they saw the manifestation of that flame and, as they had been promised by their Master of the coming of this Holy Comforter, they accepted in full power that grace given.  So they went forth then, those who had been unable to speak freely, spoke with the most magnificent persuasion; others healed.  All were filled with what they thought was Jesus’ consciousness, but it was merely expansion of their own Christ-flame into which I had breathed my breath as the Comforter and also as the mighty fire of creation.    -Maha Chohan:  5-25-1958 via Messenger Geraldine Innocente, in Law of Life and Teaching 3, Luk Publication, Pueblo, CO, 1978, pp. 559-560   mahachohan


Yes, the crisis is the opportunity….We will not eliminate those rocks from your path; we will not eliminate the tests; we will not eliminate the temptations.  We will give you the equipment by wisdom to discern, to meet every experience, to make the right decision.

If you don’t study the Law how can you be expected to outsmart the fallen ones who come with all of their many schemes and temptations to take from you the abundance of the Divine Mother?  Consider then what is it worth to continue in the schools of the Brotherhood….

I am the one who has stuck out the neck for the chela.  I am the one most likely to lose that head by sticking out that neck.  There are not many masters who will trifle with human creation…There is no way to get wisdom or love without the blueprint of Life….

You must rise.  We have descended as law as we can go and that is the level of your Christ Self. Unless you rise to that level you will have the responsibility of having broken the tie to Hierarchy.     -El Morya:  11-16-1975 at Colorado Springs via Messenger ECP


Alpha and Omega are very much practical and that also means down-to-earth….We are wholly God-identified beings, beloved, certainly not discarnates, certainly not spirits that mutter and peep.  We are in the Mind of God; we are in that Mind fully and totally and can access any information about anyone anywhere in cosmos.  This is our service.  This is why there is the necessity [for mortals such as you to congregate] among Immortals [such as we]….

So realize, beloved, that precipitation is based upon exactness.  Exactness is the call of the hour, the sharpening of the mind.  You can have all things from God from the Great Central Sun if you will crack the formula.  You will never crack it without love and without forgiveness and without the joy of the Lord in doing a service that will render benefits to life rather than glory to the human ego.  You can rest assured that when you truly serve to set life free, beloved, God will give you many means to accomplish that end.

I ask you to understand as never before that each one of you is an instrument in the process of turning this world around and bring in that golden age.  Comparatively few individuals upon this planet will accept and hear the Word spoken through this Messenger….Blessed ones, you are a key, you are an absolute key to that balancing of the light upon Earth, to increasing the light whereby the light swallows up the darkness itself….

A few saints in past ages have made the difference and you can make the difference [today]. The only problem is that you do not consider yourself worthy of sainthood.  I say you are fully worthy because God is in you!….

Now you may become the master [of yourself], and you may come to many others who need you, who need you, who need you in this hour, beloved!  I am Leto, your teacher of light and your sister on the path.  I too am a representative of the Divine Mother and I bid you adieu.        -Leto:  10-28-1990 at New York City via Messenger ECP


 -Freddie Gray of Baltimore, Maryland

When there is no rain it is a sign that there is not a chalice to receive the drops of the Holy Spirit


You will notice then that souls who think that they have the quality of God and of the Spirit are in fact psychic, possessing psychic frequencies and phenomena, and they move in spiritual circles but they are not representative of the Holy Spirit.  And so there always have been–on Lemuria and Atlantis and through the centuries–those who have walked a pseudo-path of religion and a pseudo-path of the science of religion.  And with their free-love philosophy and their freedom to be anything come what may they have led astray the sheep of the fold….

When there is no rain it is a sign that there is not a chalice to receive the drops of the Holy Spirit….when there is the unbalance, the absence of the Holy Spirit across the land then there is no magnet for the balance of the forces in Nature and of fire, air, water and earth….

According to your vision so will the action of your love-spiral be.        -Elohim Amora:  7-4-1977 at Pasadena, see at nature:  balance p. 192, 196 for this and the following dictation from Lord Shiva in the following link     https://books.google.com/books?id=_trI7hom-1EC&pg=PA490&dq=clare+prophet+nature%27s+balance&hl=en&sa=X&ei=Nck-VYq9FoX3oAT7y4HoBQ&ved=0CCwQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20nature’s%20balance&f=false


Beloved ones, were it not for the presence in embodiment of the Messengers and the chelas (to hold the balance on Earth and to keep at bay in some ways the dark ones and their energies) I tell you the economy of this nation would have already collapsed….Beloved ones, civilization itself is held upon the tenuous thread of the ability to the individual to sustain the contact with the inner light, for those in embodiment who hold the reins of power in these areas of service do not have the actual attainment to meet the opposition that is leveled against those strongholds that are the service of the people….

We are not concerned with those who love the path of compromise; they are neither hot nor cold; they are spewed out of the mouth of God and out of our presence.  We march forward with those who have the zeal of the sacred fire     -Lord Shiva:  3-23-2978 at Miami Beach via Messenger ECP


And scientists tell us there are no beings of Nature, no elementals, that all things run by themselves in this cosmos–fantastically, that all things run by themselves!   -Messenger ECP:   7-3-1975 at Mt. Shasta, see https://books.google.com/books?id=IzbeJFiICMcC&pg=PA89&dq=clare+prophet+nature%27s+balance&hl=en&sa=X&ei=b80-Vb3eMc-vogTsz4DQAw&ved=0CDsQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20nature’s%20balance&f=false


Through inward delight in the law of God man can reach the point where he is able to withstand the onslaughts of excessive emotionalism and hold himself in the balance of the universal light even when his sensitive nature causes him to feel the pain of anger or regret concerning the conduct of another.

Ascended master Image

-Lanto:  Understanding Yourself, #5, see https://books.google.com/books?id=w78b-hUNvA4C&pg=PA65&dq=clare+prophet+nature%27s+balance&hl=en&sa=X&ei=b80-Vb3eMc-vogTsz4DQAw&ved=0CGgQ6AEwCQ#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20nature’s%20balance&f=false


Love, wisdom and power constitute the trinity of the divine nature manifest in man.  A man or woman who possesses these qualities in perfect balance is known as a Christed one.                      -Messengers M and E Prophet, see https://books.google.com/books?id=8qRe0W40-o0C&pg=PA73&dq=clare+prophet+nature%27s+balance&hl=en&sa=X&ei=b80-Vb3eMc-vogTsz4DQAw&ved=0CEgQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20nature’s%20balance&f=false

There is no need for incompleteness

I tell you truly that the intricate ideas piled up in the memory body of humanity often become an oppressive weight which does not give wings to the hungry spirit yearning to soar.  By a like token the dire threats that seem in the hands of impersonal Nature to bode ill to humanity are only the accretion of man’s personal inhumanity….I do not say that men and women are not accountable for their actions and that they may not merit destruction if their deeds be weighed.  I do say that this mercy that endureth forever yearns to make man free from the weight even of his own karma.  The acceptance of the Christ-identity of every man by every man is the means whereby the forces of freedom can sever the cords that bind the souls of men.    -Helios:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:29IMG_0176IMG_0172 IMG_0179

Wesak is next Sunday 3 May at 8:42 p.m. PDT


My responsibility is to release through the fiery core of my heart energies for healing, for science, for truth, for the enlightenment of souls by the law of mathematics of the energy flow, the energy systems that can and will contribute to wholeness and the integration of souls with the life that is God here on the planet Earth….

His (the Maha Chohan before the Karmic Board) statement was that at the very foundation of the problem of disease, of sickness of every type was the estrangement of the soul from the Spirit Most Holy.  In the light of this assessment he pointed out how troubling world conditions, manufactured to a large extent by the fallen ones, were specifically calculated to separate the soul from the serenity of the Divine Mother and from the energy flow of the Holy Spirit….

(Hilarion continued at another time:)  There is no need for incompleteness, There is no need for a lack, for an incomplete manifestation in the four lower bodies when life is understood.  Life with all the fullness of God Himself comes to all each day in every breath, and the secrets of healing are themselves lodged within this divine pneuma….For there is no limit to that which you can outpicture by the power of love if you will hold intact within you the perfect design.        -Hilarion, in M & E Prophet:  Lords of the Seven Rays, 1, 1986, pp. 210-6


I commend you to her (Pallas Athena) and to the dispensation that she holds in hand for truth to be disseminated among the nations.  The messenger of the Great Central Sun has stood before the Lords of Karma this day that Keepers of the Flame might know in writing petitions this year that the dispensation that is forthcoming that may be applied for–that special bank of energy set aside and reserved for lightbearers–is a dispensation of truth and of the carrying of the message of truth and of the Word and the implementation of the ray of truth in the building of the City–the City Foursquare within and the citadel of righteousness where the right use of the Law may be taught and won in the community teaching centers.  They are indeed citadels of righteousness for there is the way of the threefold flame unfolding as the open door–open from within, open from without that the children of truth may come and go in the Master’s house.    -Hilarion:  12-29-1976 at Pasadena via Messenger ECP


Stop your wishing and your willing, my children.  Cease your murmuring and your struggling against the flame of Life.  And when the day is over and you have fought the good fight of keeping the flame of harmony–let go!  Oh, let go, my children!  Let all that you have held dear go into the flame.  Fear not for I am near and our God is also here–a consuming fire of immortal desire desiring to be free.  Let God’s energy and all of the patterns you have superimposed thereon flow into the central sun of your own divine reality.  Let go of your worldly accomplishments and of your spiritual accomplishments.  Let go of your name and your fame and the coordinates of your awareness in matter.  Give all to God and let Him give back to you that which He desires you to keep….And while you sleep at night let the Holy Spirit cleanse and purify every cell and atom, your innermost thoughts and feelings and every shadowed shaft that hides in the folds of your garments….Let go of the things that you think you must have.  Let go of the things that you think in your pride you will never do or the things you think you will always do.  Let go of all human attachments.  Let go of every ambition except God’s desiring within you to be God.     -Archeia Mary, in M and E Prophet:  The Age of the Divine Mother, 2006, pp. 136-7


Precious ones, the way of the White Tara is the way of those who see the ultimate need of humanity and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.  Because of their sense of timing they read the timing of the Lord.  They are mathematicians with me; they are architects of a vast destiny.  They see the timing of the enemy and they know that for the game of point/counterpoint they must be as a shaft of sacred fire, as the point of diamond, as the discipline of energy.    -Serapis Bey, with White Tara:  12-30-1977 via Messenger ECP



the role of protecting the Woman and Her seed; psychic world described by Astrea

Come closer now into my heart as I impart to you the fragrance of Motherhood, the aura of Motherhood, and as I crown those who would be protector of the Divine Mother with the crown of Joseph, of Saint Germain, of the masculine ray that you might enter into the majesty of being a knight of the Table Round as you, sons of flame, accept the role of protecting the Woman and Her seed…..

So then the flame goes forth for the divine family.  So you carry that flame and you are well qualified now….And do you know that each one of you can become the center of another hallowed circle of enlightenment?  You can give forth the Teaching; you can magnetize light….Let the children come nigh; let the souls of those yearning to give birth to a higher way of life come forth.  Let them be released by the Lords of Karma.  Let them be received by all who wait upon the Lord as brides of the Holy Spirit, as the husband of the Cosmic Virgin.                  -Archeia Mary: 6-16-1974 at Burbank via Messenger E C Prophet

AmitabhaMother Mary by Ruth Hawkins

The psychic world is the world of images.  It is a hall of mirrored forms, but these are not necessarily arranged in any form of order.  The modes of the inhabitants of the psychic world resemble almost the sea itself in depth.  A seemingly weightless condition persists there and forms may be tipped at any angle and piled up haphazardly as the substance of which dreams are made.  A sense of timelessness is also apparent–with the past, present and future all blending into a montage of incongruent ideas.

There are segments of the psychic world where a greater degree of order pervades, and this is in complete contradistinction to the disorder that pervades others.  This is because the psychic world is a cross-section of humanity….

The ascended masters’ octave is the quintessence of beauty because it is the realm of communication with the Mos High God.  There is no struggle there between egos seeking to exhibit control over those on earth who cannot see their flimsy, ghost-like forms.  There is no power madness, no power complex, no power politics but only the gentle childlike expression of the Christ…..we see also by contrast the midnight hours surfeited with orgies of sex, of witchcraft and of the spirits that partook of the Tree of Good and Evil and the knowledge thereof–seen as bonewhite trees stripped of reality extending their barren and unfragrant branches upon the black canopy of the night.  This is the midnight hour of the psychic.  It is always the realm of death and decay struggling to preserve some remnant of itself alive….

The psychic world is well organized and complete with its own hierarchies.  The False Hierarchy that dwells there utilizing the interplay of forces between man and God continues to reach out into the world of form as the roaring lion seeking whom they may devour.  Their manifestations are legion, and all of the warfare upon Earth and the misunderstandings between people are the result of their intransigent energies.

You cannot possibly know as we do how frightful these forces are.  Yet I say to you that the battle of Armageddon is the tremendous focalization of astral energies and moon substance that acts upon the water body of man–the astral body–and influences it as the tides are influenced by the moon.  This is the veritable enemy of every man.  Yet men love the darkness of the moon and of the mortal drama more than they love the light of God which has not yet breathed its tangible reality into their manifest minds–that is to say, they have no memory of it–the doorway to that beauty of divine perfection having been lost, which they once knew when they were in the bosom of God.

I urge upon all a shunning of the vicious astral forces and a searching as never before for the wonders of the divine Mind.  You must learn to commune with the realities of God of which you have not yet dreamt, for “eye hat not seen nor ear heard [the mysteries of God], neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.”         -Elohim Astrea:  Keepers of the Flame Lesson #23


Heart, Head and Hand Decrees    by El Morya

(heart chakra)  Violet fire thou love divine,/ Blaze within this heart of mine!                            Thou art mercy forever true,/ Keep me always in tune with you;                                                 I AM light, thou Christ in me,/ Set my mind forever free,                                                           Violet fire forever shine/ Deep within this mind of mine;                                                             God who gives my daily bread/ With violet fire fill my head/                                                      Till Thy radiance heavenlike/ Makes my mind a mind of light;                                                    I AM the hand of God in action/ Gaining victory every day,                                                       My pure soul’s great satisfaction/ Is to walk the middle way

(secret chamber of heart)  Beloved I AM Presence bright,/ Round me seal your tube of light  From ascended master flame/ Called forth now in God’s own name–                                        Let it keep my temple free/ From all discord sent to me;                                                             I AM calling forth violet fire/ To blaze and transmute all desire,                                                  Keeping on in freedom’s name/ Till I am one with the violet flame

(seat of soul chakra)  I AM forgiveness acting here,/ Casting out all doubt and fear,                 Setting men forever free/ With wings of cosmic victory;                                                                I AM calling in full power/ For forgiveness every hour–                                                             To all life in every place/ I flood forth forgiving grace

(eye chakra)  I AM free from fear and doubt/ Casting want and misery out,                             Knowing now all good supply/ Ever comes from realms on high;                                               I AM the hand of God’s own fortune/ Flooding forth the treasures of light,                             Now receiving full abundance/ To supply each need of life!

(throat chakra)  I AM Life of God-direction,/ Blaze Thy light of truth in me!                           Focus here all God’s perfection,/ From all discord set me free;                                                     Make and keep me anchored ever/ In the justice of Thy plan–                                                   I AM the presence of perfection/ Living the life of God in man

(crown chakra)  I AM changing all my garments,/ Old ones for the bright new day,                 With the sun of understanding/ I AM shining all the way;                                                            I AM light within, without,/ I AM light is all about:                                                                       Fill me, free me, glorify me!/  Seal me, heal me, purify me!                                                          Until transfigured they describe me,                                                                                                 I AM shining like the Son,/ I AM shining like the sun!

(solar plexus chakra)  I AM the flame of resurrection/ Blazing God’s pure light through me,  Now I AM raising every atom,/ From every shadow I AM free;                                                     I AM the light of God’s full Presence,/ I AM living ever free,                                                        Now the flame of Life eternal/ Rises up to victory

(base of spine chakra)  I AM ascension light,/ Victory flowing free,                                             All of good won at last/ For all eternity;                                                                                       I AM light, all weights are gone,/ Into the air I raise,                                                                   To all I pour with full God-power/ My wondrous song of praise:                                                  All hail!  I AM the living Christ,/ The ever-loving one,                                                                     Ascended now with full God-power,/ I AM a blazing sun!

Calbuco; secure a place where they could dwell in the lusts of the flesh for all eternity

Ashfall Reports

This view from Puerto Varas, southern Chile, shows a high column of ash and lava spewing from the Calbuco volcano, on April 23, 2015. (David Cortes Serey/AFP/Getty Images)



Coming into embodiment through members of the fourth root race [under Manu Lord Himalaya], these (laggard) lifestreams did not respond to the ministrations of the angelic hosts and the counsels of their elders.  Instead they continued in their rebellious ways.  They were determined to reverse the upward course of golden age civilizations and to deprive mankind of the teachings of higher law and the mysteries of the Christ, thereby attempting to ensure as centuries passed and the dust covered the records of man’s devotion to God that no one would be able to ascend.  Thus the laggards have sought to maintain a status quo of imperfection on Earth to secure a place where they could dwell in the lusts of the flesh for all eternity, keeping the children of the light bound by their economic schemes and thus vamparizing the light of God to prolong their decadent consciousness.

Having already evolved for millions of years before coming to Earth the laggard are older souls than those who have recently come forth from the heart of God….they always feel that they are a superior race and a chosen people–a people chosen to rule those who are “inferior” to them….

Alpha announced the final judgment and second death of Lucifer on July 5, 1975; Jesus Christ announced the final judgment and second death of Satan on February 1, 1982.  Who is now left on Earth that has enough attainment on the left-handed path (unbalanced power) to conduct galactic warfare?  Enter Serpent the mastermind, the usurper–subtle, sleek, sophisticated and sly….

Serpent wanted to blend his seed of rebellion (on the second ray) with the seed of light.  His synthesis was the demon, the de-mon, deified man, the man who makes himself god without being the servant of God because he doesn’t have to serve God….Renowned psychologist Erich Fromm comments that those who are the “necrophiles (have) precisely the reverse of the values we connect with normal life:  not life but death excites and satisfies them” (E. Fromm:  War within Man, 1963, p. 9).    -Messengers Mark and E C Prophet:  Paths of Light and Darkness, 2005, pp. 241-58.


Beloved ones, I assure you that the Mind of Elohim of the Second Ray is the chalice of the Mind of God!  Fear not therefore.  O daughter of Zion, soul of Jerusalem, fear not!  For the eye of Elohim is on every detail of the saving of the planet.  And therefore open thy heart and chalice and being and hold it steady, hold it steadfast and carry our light.  And our angels are ready to take the very words that tumble from your mouths by the power of the fiery prophets and to implement these for the saving of nations.  We will turn back!…

This golden fire of the mind, this illumination will literally take the whole world out of the socket of darkness, ignorance, susceptibility–susceptibility by greed to Serpent’s philosophy of World Communism.

I tell you, these serpents are like the best of computers.  They still cannot rise so high as the Mind of God in his true sons.  Therefore realize the absolute limitations upon these fallen ones, beloved hearts of living flame!  Understand the power of the miracle light of joy that is the combination of the will of God with wisdom’s flame!…

Thus understand [that this greater release of light through the upraised chalice of the many] is not only [by] the geometrization [of the Word and the] multiplication of [the God-]power [of Elohim] by the spoken Word [of the devotees on earth], but [it is also] by the combination of many individuals providing their body temples [in living service and sacrifice who are also] moving to the point of sensing their true oneness in the Great White Brotherhood.                        -Elohim Apollo:  5-13-1984 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see http://www.summitlighthouse.org/pearls/1989pows/890305A_.html


carry men forward

Through a heart born of perfect love from which has been cast out all fear and torment the soul will be raised inch by inch toward the cosmic goal that in one cosmic sweep engrossing lightyears of perfection will carry men forward into the arms of God.

Toward His holy will we move/ By the power of His own love;

Through the grace of worlds unknown/ Heavenly radiance doth atone,

Purifying heart and mind,/ Teaching each one to be kind

For where I AM there ye are.          -Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:5


I am the Angel Mother who mothers your soul.  Each one of you can be a portion of myself. Mother Mary by Ruth HawkinsThe intercession of the Divine Mother in the earth is the great need of the hour.  The Divine Mother is universal and universally present with you through my ministering angels.  Millions of legions of my angels respond to the prayers of all peoples to the Divine Mother, She the Great Goddess.  Call Her what you will, configure Her according to any of your religious paths–the Mother is the Word, the Great Shakti of Brahman, and the Mother in Her various garments does go forth to rescue Her own.    -Archeia Mary:  2-27-1993 at Chicago via Messenger E C Prophet    IMG_0282IMG_0294

IMG_9946   Kuan Yin by Ruth Hawkins   IMG_0277

Men’s motives and acts bear testimony to the fact that in all times that have passed that which has endured is the paltry manifestation of commercialization….Even the physical senses can be vehicles of the Divine; and therefore the keen and observant mind should never repudiate the existence of the Deity, of the soul, of the invisible Brotherhood or of divine opportunity on the basis of either the reasoning intellect or the testimony of the senses.  For it is all here; it surrounds the world; it is a swaddling garment of great light.  The unperceptive see that which they wish to see while seeking to disprove by hasty decisions the glory of the ages that they do not yet dimly perceive…..

Ponder whatever God has given to you of glimpses of the Divine.  Realize that something cannot come forth from nothing and that Infinite Mind has created man in order that he should expand his consciousness toward the mark of the Infinite.  The finite is but a leap across the chasm of a blind reality to the security of the domain of actualized proof.  Men prove the Law by doing the Law; they see truth by becoming truth; they ascend by faith and not by doubt.    -Serapis Bey:   Dossier on the Ascension, #11

 Amenhotep III, an embodiment of Serapis

arc of attention twixt your soul and your blessed I AM Presence is accelerated infinitely

Let your dynamic decrees to the will of God be the very determination of my heart for the will that Jesus bore to the end–the end of death, the beginning of Life.  Let them be directed specifically point by point, line upon line, by the sacred lance of your heart, by the penetration of the all-seeing Eye of God….

Keep it (the image by Sindelar of the all-seeing Eye) 

in your home; keep it close to your heart that wherever you are the all-seeing Eye may be upon you–God upon you and upon the evildoers, and your eye upon the Eye of God.  Thus the blessed arc of attention twixt your soul and your blessed I AM Presence is accelerated infinitely by the Elohim Cyclopea.  When you look into the Eye of God you are looking into the mighty current of His own immaculate image that is intensely projected into the Earth in this hour, and by receiving the image you are made whole.  Fear not to gaze upon the Eye of God; it is the orifice of your own immaculate vision.  Thus it is the key as you wander nation to nation bearing witness as Parsifal who, having won the spear–emblem of understanding, emblem of an energy promised to come–went forth to meet every battle of the carnal mind.

You will go forth; you will carry the understanding of a spear whose power shall one day be your own.  Let God’s all-seeing vision be the key to your safe return, for by the very nature of the initiation I must stand back and allow you to prove your strength, your worth, your ability to sustain light and hope and faith and charity.  Thus build upon this foundation and keep the force of light in your heart and in the crown and the third eye and see how the mighty light-rays of the ruby ray will go forth from your heart and will be the judgment, will therefore be the annihilation of absolute Evil and its effects in the Earth….And remember this:  the LORD, He is judge, and you may not discern except by vibration as God discerns vibration….

And I remind you, beloved ones, of the prophecy of your own Messenger Mark who said, “One day all must make the choice between the way of the spacecraft and mechanization man and the way of the Divine Mother.”  Remember this–that the way of the Divine Mother is the fullness of Her fire within your members.     -Maitreya:  7-14-1985 at Camelot, Los Angeles


Pearls of Wisdom, v. 12


The greater the attainment the greater the self-discipline, the greater the self-discipline the greater the freedom, the greater the freedom the greater the responsibility, the greater the responsibility the greater the self-restraint….

In the course of the manipulation of mankind the Illuminists (who now stand in the place of Guru) have imposed their tyrannies of pride and arrogance on top of the self-imposed tyrannies of fallen man and woman.   -Messenger ECP:  Path of Self-Transformation, 2000, pp. 76-7


How gentle is the Presence of our God!  How the stream of life does rise within as the inner fount of being!  And how that fount does nourish the soul, the soul who would be immersed in God!  How the fount does ignite the spark of Spirit manifest!    -Archeia Mary:  8-25-1991 at RTR, Montana


Well, beloved ones, the jealousy of the fallen ones for the love of twinflames is well known, and out of that jealousy there has evolved the pleasure cult    -Lady Venus:  3-12-1978 at Miami Beach, see https://books.google.com/books?id=_trI7hom-1EC&pg=PA181&dq=clare+prophet+sensual+thralldom+venus&hl=en&sa=X&ei=PFE5VfyFKcLioATFgYHwDw&ved=0CCcQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20sensual%20thralldom%20venus&f=false