It is not fitting for man to doom himself to calamities.

Fear comes from an absence of self-confidence, a lack of self-worth.  The way to displacing it is to develop confidence in our self-worth.  When we are not in balance physically we are not at our strongest.  The same principle applies to our inner world.  If we are not in balance in our inner being we ill not be as confident as we can be and a lack of self-worth provides a breedingground for fear.  We fear because we feel weak or unclear about what to do.  To remedy this, to gain more balance we will need to strengthen the weaker elements in our system, improve outlook and attitude to life.  When we face our fear by looking inside with courage to discover what it is that we are afraid of we will also discover what steps we can take to alleviate the source of fear.             -Messenger ECP:  Odyssey of Your Soul, “2:00 Line:  Mastering the Dream World”, 2011

Taj Mahal.jpg              -Taj Mahal

392.  The man who feels himself unlucky has been called an obscurer of the heavens.  He has collected gloom around himself and has infected the distant space.  He has harmed himself but still more all that exists.  He has proved himself to be an egoist, forgetting about his surroundings.  Depriving himself of good fortune he has become a breedingground of afflictions.  As the self-satisfied one loses the thread of advance so does he who is filled with self-pity cut away his own success.  It is not fitting for man to doom himself to calamities.  Long-sown wails and groans turn into a ruinous vortex.  The itch of envy changes into leprosy; from malice the tongue grows numb.  A whole hotbed of disasters is built by the man who gives himself over to the illusion of bad luck.  Such poisoners are intolerable in the Brotherhood.  Yet many dream about Brotherhood without thinking what a burden they bear!  How strong is the man who realizes the good fortune of being a man!          -Morya:  Brotherhood 1937


The world situation today is a breedingground for violence.  And it is to elucidate the law of cause and effect that we would point out to all that the effect of war cannot be mitigated in the realm of effects but only in the realm of causes….Now the solution to all conflict both inner and outer, personal and planetary, can be found in the magnification of the ancient desire of the soul to become a son of God, a ray of the eternal Sun, a fragment of the coals of the altar of heaven, a manifestation of the law in mortal form, an indissoluble link with the eternal nature.  In fact the pursuit of the divine sonship is the only means of establishing permanent ties between the domain of the world’s consciousness and the domain of God’s consciousness.

The tranquility of heaven is to be found in the peaceful coolness of the Garden of Eden, a place in consciousness where thought can stand still and see the salvation of God, a place where thought can reproduce in the mind the creative energies that originally brought it forth.             -Archeia Mary:  3-3-1968 at Colorado Springs via Messenger M or E ProphetIMG_1830.JPG      in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

Resurrection-flame-thoughtform.jpg-resurrection flame around physical heart


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