they cannot sow seeds of pain and discord in the lives of others and escape themselves

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The angelic hosts will come in with great tides of spiritual feeling, the tangible power of God, to produce the golden-age miracles that are forthcoming.  And men today who are without faith who have been shuttled across the border into the realm of darkness, hatred and mistrust will be caught up in the joy and glory of that faith which is the goodness of God in every man….

The skyey message of the Christ–“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men of goodwill”–goes forth as an activity of divine faith, and the body of God is summoned to the coming of the King.          -Archangel Michael:  Pearls of Wisdom  11:47

IMG_0163.JPGIMG_1831.JPGin Prayer & Meditation, 1978


Life has challenged many, and many of the blessed children of God upon earth are confused and wounded.  The effects of life’s chastening that has come to them–the trauma and the confusion, the pain and the discord–are all tangled up in the snarls of consciousness below the threshold of daily awareness.  If the blessed people of the planet Earth would only understand that they cannot sow seeds of pain and discord in the lives of others and escape themselves, the golden rule would ring forth the joy of peace to the whole Earth.

What is it that men and women are really struggling for?  If it is recognition, then let them recognize the truth and the reality of universal purpose.  Let them understand cosmic ethic and the meaning of true love, and they will no longer do harm to any….Wherever discord is expressed it is the either the result of misunderstanding through ignorance or happenstance or it is the result of a struggle in the life of the individual to control his own pattern of recognition in the world.            -Archangel Chamuel:  Pearls of Wisdom  11:48



27.  You yourselves see how the best hearts suffer from the dark schemes of peoples.  For evil creatures, pure earthly thoughts are but the targets for mockery.  It is impossible to express that which saturates the atmosphere around Earth–the thoughtforms of the minions of darkness are as countless claws!  The symbol of life–the cross–is sundered by them as an inadmissible means of ascent.  Even if this sign forewarns of danger, the servants of darkness direct their efforts toward shattering it.  One should not ignore the machinations of evil.  One must be wisely aware of reality, the better to value the power of grace bestowed for salvation.        -Morya:  Aum 1936

II, iv, 8.  An apparatus is a primary step.  The true conquest will have been made when the spirit will have replaced all apparatus.  For man to be fully equipped without a single machine – is it not a conquest!     -Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925 

108.  The school will teach respect for useful inventions but will warn against a machine slavery.  All forms of slavery  will be destroyed as signs of darkness.  The teacher will be a guiding tutor–a friend who points out a shorter and better path.      -M:  Community 1926


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