mastery is confirmed by realization of victory over self

437.  mastery is confirmed by realization of victory over self.  Conquering self, the victor will rise.       –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924

III, vi, 21.  He who performs the most wearisome labor most joyously will be the resolute victor, for he overcomes the burden of boredom.  Of course every path, even the path to our community, has difficult crossings.      –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925

543.  Evil emerges together with imperil (irritation) but can at first produce only a strong flash, afterwards it begins to deteriorate and gradually destroys its own progenitor. This means that if agni (ethereal fire) is even partially manifested it will not cease to increase.   -M:  Fiery World 1933

200.  Who can point out the yogi’s victories when their fires are glowing within him?          -M:  Agni Yoga 1929

69-71. The life-creating force of the heart is most powerful, and it may be said that it is a magnet.  Thus creativeness of the heart is the propellant to consummation….The shell of the cosmic seed in its transmutations is subject to the law of time, but the spirit of the seed endures beyond time….These battles and victories are most vividly brought out by transmutation.  Only when the spirit strives to the pure fire can the shells be transmuted.          -M:  Infinity 2, 1930

198.  the feeling of containment can only be affirmed when the sense of responsibility impels the spirit to the fulfillment of the will of Hierarchy.  Hence cosmic daring suffuses the carrier of Fire.  Therefore the affirmation of the higher will can be realized when the spirit is truly filled with responsibility.  Thus victories are achieved.  Thus those are invincible who fulfill the will of Hierarchy.       -M:  Hierarchy 1931

209.  When you examine the armor you know that victory is accorded only by trust and by the heart.        -M:  Heart 1932

565.  Tests of equilibrium should be carried out upon oneself.  Each such victory will be in itself a true success.  Life provides many an opportunity for such victories.  Preserve in memory each such conflict–instructive processes of thinking take place in it.  The symbol of the tear for the chalice of patience is not accidental.  It is difficult to restrain one’s indignation when one observes a senseless destruction.      -Morya:  Brotherhood 1937

265.  Some sorrow, not wanting new tests, but others like good warriors aspire to new victories.       -M:  Supermundane 2, 1938

    Sergey.jpg-Sergius of Radonezh by V. Vasnetsov, 1882

agni-ioga.jpg-N. Roerich:  Agni Yoga, 1928

Nursery_Rhymes_pg_3.jpg-unknown draughtsman/colorer, 1880s?, USA:  “Cat & Fiddle”


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