To you it is given to know the mysteries of God

…my thoughts are made practical at this time in order that I amy call to your earnest attention the fact that no threatening sense of loss has any reality to the soul. Outer conditions may change–but how do you know that they will not change for the better?…Realize that the Infinite One is ever accurate in all of its judgments and manifestations. Be unconcerned with mortal considerations except to see to it that you yourselves are not guilty of the karma of placing oppressive obstacles in the pathway of your brother….
Will you therefore call with me to the powers of heaven and to the unfailing light of God for dispensations from the Solar Lords for the staying of the hand of the destructive forces that use the psychology of darkness against unsuspecting souls? Will you ask that these forces be exposed and that the work of the powers of darkness who would divide men’s hearts be brought to naught? The light we dispense from The Summit gleams upon the mountain of truth, of faith and of hope. It is a staunch light that will stand for truth and know that error will never be vindicated but only truth….
You can call to me and to my sword of blue flame which is a tangible manifestation of the sacred fire from God’s own heart to comfort you and to cut you free from all negation—even from those whom you may love dearly but who do not reciprocate your love….Because you have taken a stand, because you have put yourself out of the way, the justice of the Law can and will act impartially in the interest of the good of all concerned and you will have your freedom here and now. Thus the energy you have deposited in matrices of great hope for others will be used on behalf of those whom you may not even know as yet–as assistance, love and light to further their spiritual evolution.
There are upon the planetary body old records of karmic hurts, personal vendettas and hatreds of long standing,for these are carried over from one embodiment to the next until they are transmuted. These records are constantly being revolved in the minds of those who should know better and those who do know better–even in the minds of those who have been lovingly taught how to invoke the forgiveness flame. All should recognize that each time they revolve these records they strengthen the bond of inequity and darkness upon the planet.
We who serve the great light and know the power of freedom to elevate the race insist that humanity shall now understand and understand clearly that there is only one reason for man’s life upon earth and that is in order that he might find an unyielding uncompromising faith in the destiny of his life under the hand of infinite grace….
My point is that all friendships should be made divine, and then they will no longer be subject to the whimsies of mortal thought and feeling. So many times the substance of the soul is torn literally in half as man’s loyalty is divided between two friends who may not themselves agree.
The solution to the problem is that one’s loyalties should be to God and to Him alone. This loyalty should be guarded with one’s life and it must never be compromised through associations with those who by their actions have proven they are loyal neither to God nor to their “friends” but only to themselves. Let men be la friend to the God who lives in all….
May we ask then that you will continue to pray for this activity of light through which I am speaking and for its preservation against all obstacles? I say this because the closer it draws to the fulfillment of its mission the more disturbed the dark forces of the world become and the more frantically they work to tear it down….
To you it is given to know the mysteries of God. IMG_1831.JPG -Archangel Michael: Pearls of Wisdom 12 :47
Just as divine qualities are the source of man’s freedom so human qualities are the source of his bondage. The two streams flow side by side in the human consciousness—from which shall man drink? -Meru: Pearls of Wisdom 12 :48 Bolivia-Lake-Titicaca-5.jpg