the masses of the world then would soon degenerate into a chaotic protoplasmic mass of purposeless substance

“Yet if the masses continue to compress themselves downward toward their lowest common denominator (of delusion) as the current trend would indicate, the individual will fade into insignificance and his departure from creative purpose will be the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place where it ought not (Mark 13:14). If this trend were to continue, the masses of the world then would soon degenerate into a chaotic protoplasmic mass of purposeless substance. All hope is in The Summit concept–all hope is in the resurrection of universal purpose for every man. All hope looks toward the Master’s configuration: the star of the advent of Reality that manifests in the Divine Ego. Let men look up and live,” (stated Morya.)…
What is needed is neither total self-sacrificing service nor total sacrificing to self, but a balance of universal love that perceives that the individual’s mission is enhanced by reasonable service to others, to God and to cosmos. I come therefore to remind each one that he serves others best who serves Self wisely. And thus the purification of motive is called to your attention. I recommend that before the close of the year you write down the goals you have…for the balance of your life. Examine your motives for having these goals, then see if you can draw a line through those that are vain and foolish, through those which will consume your time and energy without helping your family, your group or your society to evolve….
As you examine all of these things try to find out the “why” of the motivation behind each goal….Remember that God helps those who help themselves (Aesop: “Hercules and the Wagoner”)….Be aware then of His mercy for you, and as it infuses your soul realize that to you it is also given to express genuine compassion and mercy for others….How gentle is the ascended master consciousness, yet how firm!, how tender, yet how highly resolved! -Kuan Yin: Pearls of Wisdom 12:52 0000165_kuan-yin-by-ruth-hawkins~2108AX_600.jpeg IMG_4785.JPGIMG_4783.JPG