Long ago it was told about the two fires: the creative fire and the destructive one.

401. Soulless repetition destroys the Teaching; also the quality of rhythm must be understood. Of course every crystal functions according to the principles of attraction and pulsation. But pulsation – or rhythm – is characteristic of the living principle. However any given rhythm may be more or less alive or dead. Living rhythms, spiritualized by the power of consciousness, will produce varying combinations of subtle energies. But the rhythm of the lips’ soulless repetitions results only in a dead beat that violates the wisdom of silence and brings only harm. Beware of repetitions devoid of spirit! Truly they dissolve the most precious gems of the Spirit. If one’s action is based only on fear or greed, then even a skeleton or a military drummer could rap out a more useful rhythm…. When I taught you the rhythms of the fire of space I of course had in mind the application of a spiritual consciousness and a striving without base motives. Long ago it was told about the two fires: the creative fire and the destructive one. While the first shines and warms and exalts, the second sears and reduces to ashes. But I directed you only to the creative fire. -M: Agni Yoga 1929

415. The element of fire—its very nature requires vigilance—fire is like a scherzo, a fugue. But glowing embers are like an andante. Of course the many kinds of flame all have different rhythms, but an agni (creative fire) yogi will never be an unresponsive sluggard. -M: Agni Yoga 1929

161. The rhythm of The Wheel of Life is so powerful that resistance to it cannot be asserted. The cosmic whirl intensifies all oppositions but the power of Reason engulfs the forces generated by opposition. Thus the obstacles are swept away by the rhythm of cosmic whirls. -M: Infinity 2, 1930

145. We do not like bigotry because it constitutes a lie, in other words, it comprises neither intensity nor quality. Thus in everything let us remember cooperation with cosmos. -M: Heart 1932

11, 243. Fire seemingly transforms all fiery substances and reveals the luminous matter lying in the foundation of everything that exists. The same can be said about the magnet of a fiery heart; in its own way it discloses the fiery nature of everything that draws near it. Thus through the fiery heart one can observe fiery qualities. It is only necessary to discover such a heart and with great caution utilize it in this experiment…. a simple truthful attitude assists in cognizing the actual rhythms of the cosmos. It is easy to substitute greed for cosmic rhythm, but the bond with Hierarchy leads to realization of truth. Experience in the beautiful keeps one within the bounds of authenticity. When the earthly world is so rich, when the subtle world is still richer, when the fiery realm is so majestic then experience in the beautiful is needed. Only acuteness of observation helps to affirm beauty. -M: Fiery World 1933

216, 332. It was affirmed many times by the philosophers that a gathering of people is permissible only when it has a high moral consequence. Obviously this saying is a strange one for our time. A gathering of people now usually ends in distortion of the simplest precepts. Let us look upon the subtle and fiery surroundings of such populous assemblies. Let us look and be horrified— discordant rhythms admit only the lower entities and transform the fiery sendings into searing fire. If it is difficult for an earthly benevolent visitor to make his way through a beastly crowd, then subtle beings will be flung away like dry leaves in a whirlwind…. Compare the fire of a smelting furnace with the flame of a raging conflagration; compare harmonious action with the elements of chaos. All salutary rhythms are invoked in order to manifest concordance of action. Therefore schools must develop the rhythm of harmoniousness…. Precisely the fiery principle exists by a special rhythm. -M: Fiery World 1934

236. Especially at present during the epidemic of obsession people must seek heart communion. -M: Fiery World 1934

118. But we say achievement of Spirit is needed, and this fiery quality is attained only through the inner fire of the heart. Rightly has it been said that the deeds of the heart are the foundation. Knowledge of the heart affirms the great essence. Therefore the heart as a magnet is powerful; of course a being lives in all potentiality. -M: Fiery World 1935

53, 209. But thought produces the most powerful rhythms, and with such vibrations one can create….Ancient man was much coarser, and mechanical rhythms and rituals were necessary for the awakening of subtle energies. But now that the nervous system is considerably finer, mankind can see that will and thought are natural attributes and therefore must be utilized in natural ways. -M: Supermundane 1, 1938

333, 411. It would be unwise to put stress upon only one group of nerve centers. The foundations of life are manifold and its refinement should have no limitations….Constant aspiration is harmonious and generates beautiful rhythms, while impatience is discordant and acts fitfully, disturbing the rhythm. Impatience demonstrates ignorance of the basic law that the essence of Being is in a state of constant motion. Only patient, alert, ardent observation can reveal the power of energy. -Morya: Supermundane 2, 1938
ElMorya22.jpg by H. Schmiechen, 1884