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$743 billion in regulations by Obama


Putin’s organized terror in Ukraine

7-14-16    The “curator” system has its roots in the early Soviet period, when Moscow routinely dispatched special plenipotentiary representatives to various places to sort out problems, promote Moscow’s policies, and impose control over local and regional officials. Vladimir Putin’s establishment of the presidential plenipotentiaries over the federal districts a decade ago is one heir of that tradition.  The curators in Donbas are another, where they are apparently being used the same way they have been in other frozen conflicts across the former Soviet space.

The curators for the DPR and LPR are organized in a pyramid.  At the top is Vladislav Surkov, Putin’s prime troubleshooter, who oversees two curator offices in Moscow—one for the DPR and a second for the LPR—consisting of public relations specialists, military experts, economists and others.  The next level, which appears to include far more people, are the “republic” curators who operate with staffs in the capitals of the two breakaway republics, communicating to officials there what the Kremlin wants and imposing Moscow’s will as much as possible.  And the final level, by far the largest, includes individuals from the Russian Federation who are attached to military units, political organizations, newspapers and radio stations, as well as other distinct institutions.  These people carry out the orders they have received from above (, November 15, 2015).                 


7-6-13    Unlike the Supreme Court, the FISA court hears from only one side in the case — the government — and its findings are almost never made public…. All of the current FISA 11 judges, who serve seven-year terms, were appointed to the special court by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. …

Geoffrey R. Stone, a professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago, said he was troubled by the idea that the court is creating a significant body of law without hearing from anyone outside the government, forgoing the adversarial system that is a staple of the American justice system. “That whole notion is missing in this process,” he said.


12-30-15      Hoekstra “laughs at foreign governments who are shocked they’ve been spied on because they, too, gather information” — referring to anger from German and Brazilian leaders. As TechDirt noted, “Hoekstra attacked a bill called the RESTORE Act, that would have granted a tiny bit more oversight over situations where (you guessed it) the NSA was collecting information on Americans.”

But all that, of course, was before Hoekstra knew that he and his Israeli friends were swept up in the spying of which he was so fond. Now that he knows that it is his privacy and those of his comrades that has been invaded, he is no longer cavalier about it. In fact, he’s so furious that this long-time NSA cheerleader is actually calling for the criminal prosecution of the NSA and Obama officials for the crime of spying on him and his friends.

This pattern — whereby political officials who are vehement supporters of the Surveillance State transform overnight into crusading privacy advocates once they learn that they themselves have been spied on — is one that has repeated itself over and over. It has been seen many times as part of the Snowden revelations, but also well before that.


6-30-15      Charged with overseeing government spy agencies and their surveillance requests, the secret FISA court sided with Congress’ decision to allow the NSA’s controversial phone metadata collection program to continue for six months after it lapsed June 1.

Congress passed the NSA reform bill USA Freedom Act earlier this month, which dismantled the phone surveillance program as permitted under the now expired Section 215 of the Patriot Act. The new law, however, gave the government a 180-day grace period to continue the bulk surveillance while the NSA transitioned to a new system under which telephone companies keeps phone records and the agency accesses them after getting a court order.

Monday’s order rebuts a federal appeals court decision in May that found the government’s bulk data collection program to be illegal. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that Section 215 of the Patriot Act contained no legal basis for the NSA’s surveillance of domestic phone calls.  FISA Court Judge Michael Mosman denounced the appellate decision as non-binding and incorrect in Monday’s opinion.


11-28-15       So-called back doors, a relationship that allows services to send law enforcement agencies customer data, also extended to Microsoft, Google, YouTube, Apple and Facebook.

But those providers have fought back. In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, social media and tech companies have continued to reject back doors. “Our priority is keeping our users safe, and back doors make them more vulnerable,” an employee of a public U.S. social networking company who was not authorized to speak on the record told International Business Times in November after the Paris attacks.

A warrant, such as those now demanded by the USA Freedom Act, provide the backbone of legality for some privacy advocates. “I do not believe that the Justice Department should be able to go to Twitter and ask for anything,” Bernard Kerik, the New York City Police Commissioner during the attacks on 9/11, told IBT. “If they have a warrant, if it’s a justified investigation, that’s okay.”

The potential of these back doors between social media networks and the government have not been shuttered. As noted by Gawker, the Guardian’s Ewen MacAskill wrote, “The problem – and it is a major one – is the reform applies only to phone records. The NSA can continue to harvest bulk communications from the internet and social media.”


For in the presence of the Messenger of God is the fullness of Hierarchy that is the answer to every human need and the complement to a partial identity….Therefore note well that as one among you and many among you have attained so all can attain the fullness of God in man….

In the sign of victory, in the march triumphant, in the hallelujah of angel choirs I take my leave of you.  And I seal this class at inner levels in the sacred being of the Divine Mother.  -Maitreya:  10-14-1973 at Santa Barbara via Messenger ECP      IMG_1574.JPGIMG_1647.jpg-sap of pine tree

We can truly say that charity as the highest expression of reality produced all things, that charity as God-realization is the sustaining momentum of the divine inherent in life, that charity as love in action must always obey the divine edict.  For this is the nature of the Christ.  To love is to be carried away by the abundance of that love to the complete fulfillment of that which Love desires to express….

But when the proffered gift comes in minute portions as little jots and tittles of cosmic intelligence, pieces of a vast cosmic jigsaw puzzle, individuals are sometimes unable to fit them together.  Unable to see their relationship in the pattern of personal evolution they carelessly push them off the table of life and thereby lose a priceless facet of God’s effulgent consciousness which they might have made their own….

Each individual life pattern is a vase of priceless beauty.  It is an exquisite rendering of the soul of God as infinite harmony coming to the ears of the heart and saying, “Lo, I AM here, I AM within thee, I AM the sweetness of charity, of reality, of eternity.”      -Archeia Charity:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:6