news; the responsibility of the kindled heart is great

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny confirmed in an Instagram post on Tuesday that he is currently in Barcelona, where he recently underwent an operation on his right eye, following an attack last month in Moscow.

“They told me that my vision, unfortunately, won’t be restored for a few months,” Navalny wrote on Instagram, explaining that he’s only able to make out the largest first row of letters, when testing his vision using an eye chart.
In late April, a man sprayed antiseptic into Navalny’s face as he was exiting his office in Moscow. The substance got into Navalny’s right eye, resulting in what doctors later diagnosed to be a chemical burn.
5-9-17 Just one foreign head of state attended Moscow’s Victory Day Parade this year: Moldovan President Igor Dodon
5-10-17 Police in Italy have seized an estimated 37 million painkillers which they suspect were being shipped to Libya to be sold to ISIS fighters who take them during battle. The pills are understood to be tramadol, the painkiller which some use as a cheap alternative to cocaine….
Terror groups routinely encourage the use of a wide variety of drugs by their foot soldiers. Those who attacked the Bataclan music club in Paris in 2013, slaughtering 89 people, were said to be high on the amphetamine Captagon. It suppresses hunger, fear and fatigue.
357. One must understand rhythms, for how else do we bring effectiveness to our actions? If lifeless sand arranges itself into special designs in response to rhythmic vibrations, then how much more is humanity influenced by rhythm! -Morya: Agni Yoga 1929
401. The superiority of the Spirit will not come if we do not strive toward it. -M: Hierarchy 1931
49, 145. new rhythms are like a new armor unexpected by the dark ones. One can continuously create new vibrations and thus repel darkness…. each work that is executed inspiredly becomes a source of subtle vibrations, therefore I insist on quality of work. -M: Heart 1932
82,472. The responsibility of the kindled heart is great. It transmits rhythms and currents along the line of Hierarchy….Only the mediocre craftsman will deplore everything unusual. Only an impoverished imagination is satisfied with the limits set by others. The true master develops great acuteness and resourcefulness in himself. The blessed spell of his craft frees the master worker from discouragement. Even the night does not bring darkness for the master, but only a variety of forms of the one fire. No one can entice a master toward aimless speculations, because he knows the inexhaustibility of the essence of being. In the name of this unity the master gathers each blossom and constructs an eternal harmony. He regrets the waste of any material. But people far from mastery lose the best treasures. They repeat the best prayers and invocations, but these broken and unrealized rhythms are carried away like dust. -M: Fiery World 1933 IMG_1819.JPG
Opportunity in this hour is a gate ajar that does not swing full wide but allows those who observe it to pass through unnoticed by the mass mind–yet it is a golden gate and the opening whereby the soul may pass over rather than under….
Know truly, beloved, that an archangel does desperately seek those who ma implement the divine plan and carry a light for more than just themselves but for the many. -Archangel Gabriel: 5-1-1988, Wesak and Saint Germain’s ascension day, at San Francisco via Messenger E C ProphetIMG_1821.JPG -Gabriel with Mohammed, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978; Gautama Buddha from same source: IMG_1820.JPG


Care is a quality of the Deity

Understanding Yourself XIV

Here in the field of kal (time) and desa (space) the chaff of human experience can be separated from the wheat of spiritual growth. Here the false starts and the false moves that inscribed the karmic record upon the soul can be adjudicated and balanced. And here the beautiful purpose of realigning the consciousness and of manifesting the original purpose for which the individual took embodiment can best be served….Care is a quality of the Deity….
When men are able willingly to surrender their habitual identification with the changing, death-centered mortal personality at that moment they actually attain immortality….When this transfer occurs the body need no longer be a liability to the soul but it can provide the necessary adjunct that will assist the soul in bringing about the ascension of the consciousness and the reunion of the vehicles and of the total man with the heart of his divine Presence. Inasmuch as the Presence is birthless and deathless and holds contact with every other part of life in the most beautiful sense of infinity, at the moment of awakening the whole universe bursts into view within the consciousness….
Consider then what it means to be able to hold in your hands the globe of compassion as the scepter of power, to be able to assist as God does in the development of the universe, to be free from mortal limitation and to commune with the immortals in their exalted state of consciousness–for they formerly passed through the same doorway which you will now be passing through as the soul awakens.
And remember, dear hearts, those of you who have difficulty in accepting the truth of reembodiment because you do not in your outer mind recall all of the events of the past, that it is the soul’s memory that is able to integrate all experience into a comprehensive whole. The objective consciousness is naturally confined to the memory of the events of your present life until it learns to reach into the memory of the soul and to draw forth with crystal clarity the patterns of life that integrate the allness of self into the allness of the universe….
Those who attempt to force these spiritual experiences through the use of dangerous drugs or mental probings and exercises literally tear open the petals of the flower of the soul from the budding center….Man must never permit the desecration of the beautiful soul which the Lord God made in His own image. The restoration of the son to the image of the Father is the precious way of salvation which is implemented by the power in hand of the living Christ-identity vouchsafed to every man….
Man is a God in the becoming, but he can never know this while he thinks earthly thoughts; he can never know this by worldly knowledge. For the things of this world are foolishness with God, and in the eyes of God the only real values are those that free man from the eclipse of being that has concealed the Sun from his eyes. lanto.jpg-Lanto: Pearls of Wisdom 12:38
Understanding Yourself XV

…but all were looking to exalt in themselves freedom from past responsibilities….I have learned to trust in Him completely for He is able to save to the uttermost those that believe on Him. But the faith that men have is but a goad to the works that they must do in order to transpose the self from its habitual affinity to an understanding of its eternal divine reality. Therefore you must not live in the sense of your present order or disorder, of your present progress or struggle, of your present fears or hopes, but you must come apart from all that makes up the world of opposites where man is found alternating between his midnight and his noonday hour where the shades of expression pass from exaltation to depression and then back again to exaltation.
To dwell in the consciousness of the living God is to hold oneself in a state of such constant beauty as defies description in ordinary words, in ordinary tongues. Only the tongues of angels could even begin to describe what it is really like….When the home of heaven lives within you the dwelling place of man is no longer important. For you can command the elements around you to be free, you can take dominion over environmental forces, and you can create through beauty and art a place which God Himself will call home….Whereas there are on the lower astral planes of life frightening and gruesome figures which seek to harm the soul as it journeys from one plane of existence to the next, he who places his trust in God is able to draw the power of the angels and archangels to his defense and to rise out of those dense spheres and controlled realms….
All things that you do that are cooperative with your Presence in the bringing forth of the kingdom of heaven around you will help to evolve the kingdom of heaven within you….Although man may be born in faint hope, he lives to see the day when that hope becomes the vital faith that carries him through all of the vicissitudes of life….
I call to God for renewed perspective for each one of you that you may vent your consciousness by opening the windows of the soul and by calling for the sunlight of His radiance to pour through….
Of old as Saint Francis I carried many hefty stones and threw them into place, even with my knee. Now I place my knees upon the eternal rock of the living Christ who is our joint salvation and I pray with thee that the mantle of His peace may sustain thy heart at every moment—at the dawn producing hope and at the midnight hour producing an awareness of the coming dawn.
Your sincere friend of the ages, hqdefault copy 3.jpg-Kuthumi: Pearls of Wisdom 12:39

Understanding Yourself XVI

Man’s delight in the inward laws of his own being will increase in majesty and in power through his realization that the gift of dominion lies within his own hand….But far too many of the children of God upon earth are unknowingly subject to the various methods of control of the self by others whose ideals and purposes are not identifiable with the divine plan but with a plan of personal domination. Dominion and domination are not the same thing; to take dominion means to be aware of the cosmic potential that has been implanted in the Self as a gift of the living God and then to begin to externalize in the outer world of form the beautiful patterns which God holds for every man, whereas the domination of mankind is the usurpation of his freewill.
One of the greatest mistakes men make is to fail to magnetize the plan of God first in the inner world of the mind and then externalize it in the outer world of manifestation, for the divine plan is intimately involved with the subtleties of the inner radiance of the divine consciousness in man. When the divine plan is passed through the muddied stream of the subconscious mind, filled with its hodgepodge of vain imaginings, it is temporarily lost to the outer mind which can then bring forth only the bane of ignorance upon the screen of life.
The purification of one’s consciousness then is a vital prerequisite for the beginning student as well as for the more advanced along the path who would truly find their way Godward. The winged God-Self cannot fly when its wings are clipped by human vanities or man’s self-imposed limitations. Man is truly a God in exile, but he need not remain so. He can purify his world through application to the heart of Deity, and he can invoke those cosmic flame patterns which are manifestations of the flow of the Christ consciousness. It is then the sense of sin as well as involvement in iniquity that has promoted in men those feelings of guilt which cause them to go deeper and deeper into debt simply because they do not see their way clear to pay the debts they already have made….
The question has been raised, shall a man purify and develop his soul simultaneously or must he complete his purification before he begins his development? Beloved ones, let us put first things first: purification is development, for even in the building of a house you must first clear the land and prepare the site before you can lay a proper foundation….
We acknowledge that the techniques that are recommended for the students’ spiritualization may differ according to the teacher, but the individual should always remember that his relationship to his God Presence remains the same. Therefore upon the student rests the responsibility of drawing from the Teachings the effective application that will enable him to profit the most from the instruction….review will often revitalize the whole imaginative process and enable you to capture an inner picture of a host of subjects which–when integrated–will add to your compendium of knowledge that is so valuable in the business of living.
Divine arts are no different from human ones, and we choose to think that the business of living is really a divine art, but far too many among mankind take this business for granted. Long ago one of the great followers of Christ said, “Ye are not your own but ye are bought with a price” (1Cor. 6:19-20)….your own Holy Christ Self is the mighty orifice of the fountain of Life. As this opening is enlarged through your attunement and the expansion of your own level of awareness the unfolding realities of the Self will bring the peace that comes with a more comprehensive knowledge of the Law….
He is the door and all that climb up another way are thieves and robbers (John 10:1). Christ is the light of the world (John 8:12). But centuries ago children who had only a partial glimpse of reality twisted and warped the great Christine truths that would have given all men their freedom long ago….There are entirely too many among mankind who function mechanically, repeating with cyclic regularity their boring routines without ever realizing their opportunity to bring the Christ light into the simplest and humblest task….The grace that is not too proud to become as a little child in spiritual things (Matt. 18:3-4), to stoop that it might enter the narrow sometimes low doorway of events will ultimately find itself at the feet of Infinite Grace….
The flame here at Lake Titicaca rises high. May all aspire to the highest illumination of the Real Self. I remain devoted to your light, Meru: Pearls of Wisdom 12:40
Bolivia-Lake-Titicaca-5.jpg-Lake Titicaca

No man must say “My Presence is over your Presence”

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 9.30.20 PM.jpgScreen Shot 2017-05-08 at 9.36.29 PM.jpgmark-sphinx-fllare.gif3628472_orig.jpg
-Messengers of the Brotherhood in Egypt and Holy Land in Sept.1972 with friends; afterward they went to Ghana, the Freedom/Justice Arch at Accra shown; below is La Tourelle, Colorado Springs, headquarters of Summit Lighthouse, 1966-76.
Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 9.33.47 PM.jpg
Understanding Yourself XIII
The subtle forces of the serpent that roam the planet, whether they act through a fraudulent theology, through psychopolitical treachery, or through an invasion of the minds of men producing obsessions will continue to downgrade the individual by amplifying his supposed or actual errors, and they will continue to seek to hide the beautiful image of God in which each man was made. We propose to restore the individual sense of dignity and worth as one of the first steps in finalizing man’s understanding of himself. It is not that we would say of the veil that men have done, it is no cause of punishment….The world is full of condemnation.
Mankind do not understand that when they condemn one another they also condemn themselves, nor do they understand that condemnation is a tangible misqualification of God’s energy, nor do they realize that when they laugh at one another they are actually laughing in the dark at God who in is in the light. For God dwells in the inner light of every man (John 1:9), and those who speak against the veiled prophet that abides within as the hidden man of the heart (Pet. 3:4) speak out of the darkness of themselves against the light. That they know it not and are ignorant is no excuse….
You are a child of the light,/ You were created in the image divine, You are a child of infinity,/ You dwell in the veils of time,/ You are a son of the Most High!
To ray your light and to serve/ Is to do the will divine/ By being the Living Word./ No darkness can long endure/ Before the radiant light./ The truth will make you secure/ And ready your soul for flight—/ The ascension is the goal./ As Jesus arose from the sod/ He inspired man to enfold/ Himself in the mantle of God….
He will guide and guard you forever,/ He will carry you far in His arm,/ He hides Himself from the clever,/ He enshrines the poor with His charm….
I AM the name you must call on—/ ’Tis Being so broad and true./ For the narrow confinements of selfhood// Can only hide from view/ The Face of Forever in heaven/ Unfolding within the soul….
As Jesus said to John on Patmos, “Behold, I AM alive forevermore….and have the keys of hell and of death” (Rev. 1:18), so the development of the deathless consciousness of your Creator will enable you to build for eternity. Understand thy highest Self as the God of very gods….These gentle graces, thought upon with utter devotion, will take the sting out of the battle of life and they will balance the service of the man of great spiritual attainment with the man who is just beginning….Until men merge with their divine image and with their divine inheritance they should not look to the matter of who is free from karma and who is not, who has more karma and who has less karma. For the way of overcoming is strictly a matter of consciously realizing that one’s living identity is the deathless, birthless Eternal God.
Though identification with this Eternal God the lodestone of the Presence becomes the magnet that focuses energy and purpose in the individual monad, drawing him ever upward in the great sounding stream of universal progress….
But a note of caution must be sounded here. No one must use his Presence to harm other men or others upon the path. No man must say, “My Presence is over your Presence,” for the Presence of all life is one and the delicate interaction between the souls of men that is a development of the power and wisdom of the Presence always exudes the perfect activity of divine love….When you commend your life and your thoughts unto Him you automatically free the lower self from the converging and diverging lines of karmic force and you draw into and you draw into your unscented consciousness the beautiful qualities of the Presence that fulfill step by step the necessary and lawful requirements that lead to your ultimate freedom in the light. Oh, if only the students would grasp this principle! And then if they would reread this series until they have made it a part of the inner instruction that is written in the heart, they would find it much easier to manifest the freedom of genuine happiness in fulfilling their divine plan. -Meru Pearls of Wisdom 12:37

“What is there to prevent China from owning all of our strategic assets?”

5-6-17 Zaid Ibrahim, who is a former minister in charge of legal affairs and judicial reform, welcomes investment but adds that “we must have leaders who are able to tell the difference between foreign investment and foreign acquisition of national strategic assets. The Chinese have already taken control of the South China Sea,” he said. “What is there to prevent China from owning all of our strategic assets like airports, ports and railways?”

Malaysia has emerged as a favored destination for mainland Chinese investors seeking a cheaper alternative to Australia and Hong Kong….When Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak returned from China with about US$ 34 billion worth of deals last November, he faced criticism back home that he was “selling off” his country. One of the debated projects is Forest City, a gigantic real estate scheme across the strait from Singapore, developed by China’s third biggest property giant, Country Garden. When finished it will house 700,000 people, most are expected to be from mainland China.
……………………………………………Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 7.23.48 PM.png
-Taihang Mts, Henan, China
3-17-17 WikiLeaks may have finally done what many small and anti-government advocates have only dreamed of. They exposed the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for what it is: a bloated government bureaucracy that has grown much too large to be restrained.
According to the document dump released by Julian Assange’s whistleblower hub, this list of highly confidential information regarding the CIA emerged from the agency’s Center For Cyber Intelligence in Langley, revealing details on the agency’s “global covert hacking program.”
The CIA’s hacking effort has been so powerful and effective, the leaks show, that it includes the weaponization of exploits used against products such as the iPhone, Android phones, Samsung TVs, and Microsoft Windows. This means any of these devices can be used as spying mechanisms at any given time.
But perhaps most troubling is the revelation that the CIA lost control of the majority of its hacking arsenal over time. That includes viruses, malware, trojans, malware remote control systems, and the previously mentioned weaponized exploits. In so many words, this means the US government has handed over the key to the most intimate secrets of every single one of us to anyone with access to these lost tools. By allowing the CIA to grow so absolutely powerful, we also allowed the agency to be absolutely careless with our own lives.
What have we learned from this? That regardless of how detached we may seem from politics, its influence and power grows as we refrain from restricting it — even if most of those involved aren’t quite aware of the mechanisms that allow for this expansion.
Yet the corruption, immunity and monopoly seen in the CIA runs practically across the board in high government, high finance, big education, big science and then throughout the society. -r
As the great Master Afra stated:
The great danger then, the great peril to Ghana and to every nation is the danger of chaos and confusion that is born of selfishness–where there is no path, no way or truth or life as taught by the avatars, no desire for initiation in God, no realization that life is for testing, life is for the exercise of freewill, life is for the balancing of karma, the fulfillment of dharma, and the return of the soul unto the altar of the Ancient of Days in the ritual of the ascension.

The peril of nationhood is the peril of the absence of vision, for without vision the people perish. And the people lose their vision proportionately as they increase in self-indulgence, in selfishness, in the cults of success, ambition and pride.

This is a disease that begins in the leaders, that is transferred to the people, that is then increased in them and returned to the leaders until the nation is at odds…and there is nothing but the spying on one another and the attempts at the coup to remove the statesmen and those who are in the position of leadership. -Afra: 9-18-1976 at Accra, Ghana via Messenger ECP; see

if he is to be a part of the Prime Mover of the universe

4-22-17 A Kuwaiti in charge of training Islamic State snipers was killed Saturday in airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition, according to the Iraqi military intelligence service….On Friday, the Federal Police service said it killed the group’s booby-trapping official for western Mosul, Abu Abdul-Rahman al-Rusi, a Russian national, and three other Asian aides.
5-8-17 (Reuters) Up to 5,000 ethnic Uighurs from China’s violence-prone far western region of Xinjiang are fighting in various militant groups in Syria, the Syrian ambassador to China said on Monday, adding that Beijing should be extremely concerned about it.
5-7-17 The source said that Syrian Air Force bombed the headquarters of the Islamic State group in the vicinity of Deir Ezzor Military Airport, Junaid battalion and the cemetery area, destroying several fortifications and large quantities of weapons.

Furthermore, army troops engaged with Takfiri jihadists in the vicinity of the airport and the cemetery area, and shelled their hideouts and headquarters, inflicting heavy human and material losses on the terrorists, the source added.
90. It is difficult to imbue the consciousness of those who think that each one’s path can proceed without higher guidance. Each one of these petty-minded persons does not accept Hierarchy because he regards the affirmation of guidance as a violation of the will. Among these are many confirmed atheists who consider as maleficent a fiery faith in higher guidance. One can see how all principles of Hierarchy are being distorted. How is it possible to enlighten the consciousness when the spirit is isolated from the light and affirms its own limited life? ElMorya22.jpg -Morya: Fiery World 1935
Jesus said, “Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one, that is, God.” Only when one becomes wholly identified with God, wholly subject to His will (and this is accomplished through the ritual of the ascension), only then is his total manifestation “Good.”

Since mankind who dwell in the physical and astral realms are not yet perfected, that which they express cannot be wholly perfect. They live in the consciousness of God who is indeed everywhere, but they have polluted that consciousness with their own mortal thoughts and feelings. They have used God’s energies to fabricate a world of illusion.

Just as a drop of ink in a glass of water soon colors the entire contents so the impurities that mankind are daily feeding into the astral realm spread throughout this compartment or plane of God’s consciousness. Once the energies of this plane have been colored we can no longer say that they are a pure reflection of the will of God, for the will of man has been superimposed upon the patterns of God’s perfection.

Just as mankind exercise care in maintaining reservoirs of pure water for the needs of their communities so there are reservoirs of light–of pure and uncontaminated power, wisdom and love–from which all may drink freely and draw their daily supply of heavenly grace and virtue….The psychic world is the world of images. It is a hall of mirrored forms, but these are not necessarily arranged in any form of order. The modes of the inhabitants of the psychic world resemble almost the sea itself in depth. Los-Mensajeros-Mark-L-y-Elizabeth-Clare-Prophet.jpg-Messengers M and E Prophet: Paths of Light and Darkness, chapter 2
We must have the balance of the threefold flame. We must not assign to those of lesser light our cosmic destiny (either directly or by passivity). We must take the reins of power. We must develop the yellow plume by becoming educated, taking our place in the world community, developing a sacred labor and patronizing that aspect of life that promotes some aspect of cosmic Law….Finally we must be patriots with a fervor….It is the pink flame that breathes into the Law and the understanding of the Law the life, the vitality, the creativity that surges and gives civilization the swirling action of the flame.
IMG_0164.JPG-Messenger ECP: 7-4-1975 at Lake Siskiyou near Mt. Shasta
Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 4.20.54 PM.jpg
Quite frequently in examining the akashic record of an individual lifestream we find that the affinitizing of souls is based solely upon their mutual karma. One of the wisest masters of old, Sri Magra, once said “Affinities are the fine ties that are established in the perfect balance of the heart where the natural affections are enhanced by the feeling of delight in gvingness as well as in a gracious state of receptivity.” Let souls be drawn together then according to their highest good. Thus no mere negative pitting of karmic law will be responsible for the joyous expansion in service that comes to lifestreams who are drawn together by their delight in the Law of God.
The unfortunate state of consciousness that is engendered by the human ego in its sense of personal commitment to other egos often destroys beautiful friendships before they are born. We find this to be true in all cases of misunderstandings where a breakdown of communications is the cause of the problem….
It is the desire of the Eternal God to impart to the advanced disciple the understanding that if he is to be a part of the Prime Mover of the universe, a part of the Holy Spirit, he must keep the way of wholeness in the whole body of God insofar as he is able. This means that he must put an end to his reactions to the actions of others….When the self becomes accustomed to functioning in a climate of domination, imposing itself upon others and in turn being imposed upon by others, it knows not its own freedom nor is it able to impart freedom. Therefore the greatest step that the disciples can take in this day of violent actions and reactions is to cleanse the self of the vicious habit of reacting to the mistakes of others. It is enough that an individual has erred in the first place….The business of living requires exquisite care, and if one is to be mindful of the self while being mindful of others he must hold dear the virtue of perfect balance at all times and especially when disturbing conditions manifest all around him….
The man who is careless with his energy places in jeopardy not only the moment in which he lives but also the future in which he hopes to live….The only safe reaction is response to inspiration from on high and from within….The practice of this type of cooperation with life’s energies will eventually replace those reactions to negative stimuli which produce a fiery and useless battle in the world of men….
May we say together, “Fortunately I AM!” IMG_1817.JPG-Kuthumi: Pearls of Wisdom 12:36
Aerial-Spraying.jpg5-3-16 Aerial spraying to kill mosquitoes linked to 25% increase in autism, finds shock study by American Academy of Pediatrics….new research suggests that the chemical application may actually be causing birth defects.
Summer 2016 For example, researchers from the New York Department of Health showed that 11 years of organophosphate pesticide “Naled” spraying was “successful in achieving short-term reductions in mosquito abundance, but populations of the disease-carrying mosquito of concern “increased 15-fold over the 11 years of spraying.
4-13-17 Landowners in Oregon like Burns, who have had their health, property or water supply damaged by pesticide spraying, are left with limited options to hold the sprayers accountable under state laws that protect agricultural and forestry industries over people.

The Oregon law commonly referred to as the Right to Farm and Forest Act (RTFF) allows landowners to sue neighboring timber or agricultural operations only in the case of “damage to commercial agricultural products; or death or serious physical injury.”

For we deal with the universal principle of the creative flame

Those inner experiences that are the byproducts of the soul’s contact with universal truth will still the inharmonious voices of the world and reveal the peace that can be contained from communion with the divine intention. Some do not understand that it is never enough for the Divine to intend, to will or to plan. Man must align himself with the divine intention through the consent of the will and the implementation of that will by action.
If Cain had perceived the tenderness of the relationship between Abel and God, he could have established the same relationship between himself and his God, the deed of murder would not have been done and his sense of the reality of God would have been exalted as was Abel’s….
No man through a mere repetition of the divine letter can inherit life or master it. Life is mastered through the Spirit of Truth which was implanted within man from the very beginning….in an unjust and unreal world Justice seems blind but in reality she is not. It is not God who must be corrected but man who must be corrected by God. For we deal with the universal principle of the creative flame, the twin electromagnetic pulsation that draws into manifestation the designs of the mind of God in man….
Those who with motive pure drink of the fountain of knowledge even in so-called old age will draw through the process of solar magnetism and hold within the orbit of personal self a treasure of spiritual knowledge which they may use in the near or distant future….
Man must not only be willing to foster the divine intent but he must also be able to advance it. The heart that applies itself to the Creator’s purposes is the joyous heart that overcomes the world through the consciousness of the Christ….Let the self lay claim to these gifts and graces that the self may master the will, the wisdom and the strength of love to overcome through light.
To the many valedictorians in our class I say, Victory! -Meru: Pearls of Wisdom 12:34 Bolivia-Lake-Titicaca-5.jpg -Lake Titicaca

Understanding Yourself XI
The swing of human moods is a predominant force by which the happiness and hopes of men are temporarily dashed upon the rocks….The interaction of people’s emotional bodies in the ebb and flow of positive and negative polarities and in the juxtaposition of good and evil creates lunar fields within the forcefields of those who are involved in psychic energies. The effect of these forcefields on those on who come within their influence is similar to the effect of the moon in her cycles.
One of the problems involved in lunar influence is the tendency of people to identify with their moods. The student of the light must come apart from the world of moods. He must learn that by attuning his consciousness with the divine nature he can reverse the tide of his human moods and become the master rather than the slave of his feelings. Unfortunately those who practice self-analysis often lack the necessary objectivity when it comes to their own personalities….This is because they plunge headlong into a subjective sense of their problems and lose all perspective in matters in which they are emotionally involved….
The course of the highest love as it meanders through the personal labyrinth where self-identification has created its own canyon walls is naturally restrained to conform to the confinements of the self. Yet it must be borne in mind that the highest power is the highest power, the highest love is the highest love, and it is able to overflow the banks of self-imposed limitation and to inundate the soul with the purifying energies of the Holy Spirit. The tendency of people to identify with the lowest common denominator of human behavioral patterns, whether their own worst deeds or another’s, is contrary to divine principle. Therefore to dare and to do must still be the fervent cry of the man of the Spirit who would advance over all obstacles including his own self-woven shrouds of negation….
Carefully balanced on the razor’s edge of pure reason the disciple is able to keep the flame of life on behalf of many innocent souls. He is in the world but he is not of the world, and from this vantage point (of detachment) he perceives the need to defend his cosmic rights against the forces which would defraud him and all mankind of their divine inheritance….For the meek shall inherit the earth. The type of meekness of which we speak is that quality of graciousness which is manifest in those who know the source of their strength and use their knowledge not against other parts of life but for the emancipation of all….
It is not what you know that counts but what you do!…This doctrine of ahimsa or harmlessness toward life is truly the effulgence of the Christ nature in manifestation….
Sometimes a change of place is all that is needed to prevent the further encroachment of the negative force of the mood upon the psyche. Often time is needed for the four lower bodies (ethereal, mental, emotional, physical) to recover from the influence of moods. For when the consciousness is overwhelmed by moods of anger, fear, grief, resentment or a general feeling of irritation there is an invasion of psychic substance that is completely foreign to the soul….Many are even proud of their moods, for they feel that in the name of freedom they have the right to express any quality which they choose. Cosmic Law proves otherwise. And whereas they have the “right” to do as they will, the gift of freewill is never abused with impunity….Furthermore, prolonged involvement of the psyche in mood energies greatly diminishes one’s faculties of Christly discrimination….
In order for an idea or a state of consciousness to change its polarity it must be subjected to the higher will, to the higher love and to the higher intelligence of the mind of God….Those who have never experimented in the use of the flames of God (through prayer and decree) for the purposes of self-improvement and the raising of the consciousness should not find fault with this method until they have experimented with it for at least six months. Even then if they would give their spiritual teachers at least half the chance which they expect life to give them, they should consider that perhaps their technique is undeveloped or their own density too great to yield in so relatively short a time….
Each day is an opportunity for the soul to attain an element of his eternal mastery….Study thyself to show thyself approved unto God (2Tim 2:15). lanto.jpg-Lanto Pearls of Wisdom 12:35

above the hopeless sea of mortal drivel


Most individuals do not realize that the potential of the self is related to the quantity and quality of the energy which they use….the (common) idea of the soul has been preserved as a sacred cow; men have not considered the soul as energy bestowed….But I do relate soul energy to the temporary manifestation of identity….
Health is related to karma because both are cumulative. Health is the result of past and present energy usages….The more energy a person has the more he is apt to attract; and the less he has the less he is apt to attract. The need to purify one’s energies becomes more and more apparent as the individual sees that his life potential is dependent upon the quality of his energy. Actually a great deal of energy of a man which was once his to use is now imprisoned in the imperfect patterns of his own human miscreations….
Likewise those who have an understanding of the human mind know that when the psyche is tied-up emotionally with diverse problems this can cause a split in the personality….What man must do then is learn how to release himself from tensions–physically, mentally, emotionally. He must learn to use all of the energy God has given him, some of which is in a state of rest and some of which is in a state of movement. He must learn to undo the disqualifications of energy for which he bears responsibility…, for the purposes of life are that man must master the universe through first mastering himself….
All undesirable karmic manifestations return to their point of origin–which is the individual being of man–when the attractive force within him, whether qualified with good or ill, has reached a certain intensity….As you think of the soul has the repository of the energies of the fiery world you will feel a greater sense of responsibility to maintain the soul and its contents upon the altar of purity….
Following the Master in the regeneration, cradling the infant messiah of reality in the creche of the heart men will begin the process of expanding their understanding of the self through becoming all that is real and discarding through requalification all that which is not. Wait, watch and work, for the Father works with you and within you. hqdefault copy 3.jpg-Kuthumi: Pearls of Wisdom 12:30 (portrait by Schmiechen, 1884)

The individual reaching out from the seemingly separated center of being to contact the cosmic center of life and thence the periphery of all reality is accomplished as easily as the miracle of the radiant expanding mind of God penetrates the universe with light….
Soon he will bypass the false structurings that he has created and that have been created for him by the dark overlords and their dark stars of compounded misqualification. …
The Ocean could have chosen to remain the Ocean, but by separating the luminous drop from the Whole and holding it up to the glorious rays of the sun of illumination , a new ocean was begun. And so the individual consciousness was given dominion over his own world….(Yet) the power of contagion banished him from the heavenly state. The ego is the seat of all men’s problems….
The only way out is through the door of reality….Only when they escape through the door into the understanding that the eternal Being of God is the Doer, then the realization that God can act in them to remove hampering influences, to transmute their darkness and to translate their consciousness from darkness into light will they begin to know the freedom of the Self to achieve without limit….
This is the Sun we face that casts no shadow….This is the Presence of God which identifies the individual through his sense of expanding reality with the universal Consciousness of God….And in reality the Son of God, or the light of God that never fails, was the means by which the Eternal Progenitor performed the creative act….
The ego that is always being hurt, that is oversensitive, full of self-pity and a sense of struggle, the ego that seeks in poring over the rubble of past lives to find some element of worth should understand that man’s worth is in the Eternal Now….
I AM His servant and your elder brother, Meru Pearls of Wisdom 12:31 Bolivia-Lake-Titicaca-5.jpg -Titicaca
Every facet of life takes on the aspect of challenge to those who daily strive to be more like Him. But this is not a challenge of discomfort, it is one of hope….Energy-fields are magnificent when they are properly qualified, for they not only surround the creator of the energy-field with his own vibration of bliss but according to the law of attraction they magnetize the vibrations of happiness and joy from many parts of the world. We acknowledge that the reverse is also true….
The nature of invading entities is such that whenever an individual seeks to improve himself by engaging in religious worship, by attending a constructive lecture or concert or by reading religious literature the vibratory action of the higher pursuit makes the entity extremely uncomfortable. The entity, unwilling to relinquish his hold on the lifestream, will then project to his consciousness a feeling of discomfort or unhappiness and this, he will assure the individual, is directly attributable to the function in which the individual is involved. In this manner many sincere individuals are either stopped on the path or they are prevented from obtaining the benefits of higher meditation. Thus through their susceptibility to invading entities they are deprived of the opportunity to receive transcendent blessings. This is why spiritual protection is necessary for those who would continue to progress on the upward way–protection not only through the knowledge I am conveying but also through decrees, through prayer and through the determination to do the will of God no matter what the argument of the opposition may be….
Because of the increasing threat of witchcraft in the United States and in the world spiritual aspirants must exercise caution, and they should learn to weigh the evidence before they credit all of their failures or seeming failures to themselves. Witchcraft has a subtle allure to those who are not grounded in spiritual knowledge and who do not understand the karmic penalties that accrue from such dangerous practices….
There is something about progress that always engages the teeth of men’s egos….Jesus described this human propensity in his statement, “Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and they that were entering in ye hindered.” Many in the orthodox churches are naive concerning these facts….The ideal society is that which evolves out of the higher consciousness when the individual opens the door of his being to God without reserve….Because the grace that comes from on high is so creative, so inspirational, so filled with depth and height and volume it literally overwhelms the being of man, and spilling over the lip of life it floods forth as the impulse to be a benefactor to the race. Such impulse must be guarded under God-control and channeled constructively in order to protect the self and the highest nature in others. Each person should realize that the higher intelligence within himself is capable of making accurate decisions as to when he should speak and when he should be silent, when he should offer a helping hand and when he should withhold it….
Certainly it is true that if a man ask of God bread, He will not give him a stone. Therefore consider the fact that constructive endeavor always receives the necessary support spiritually, morally and materially proportionately as one accepts the highest sense of his mission in a spiritual manner….
Yet the foundation stones of the temple must be laid while consciousness in held in readiness. This is done by an act of willing to do whatsoever must be done in the furtherance of the kingdom of God both within and without….Thus shall the individual realize that one day the true meaning of his life will be found in the spiritual exchange between the microcosm and the Macrocosm that is known as flow. Through this process the allness of man flows into the allness of God–and the allness of God flowing into the allness of man brings about an exchange of the pulsations of identity which makes the humblest soul a king of victory and the most exalted to bow in joyous humility….
Truly the living God is crowned in every atom. lanto.jpg-Lanto: Pearls of Wisdom 12:32

IMG_4764.JPGIMG_4757.JPG -Spring Hill, Mt. Shasta
“It does not matter!” When you can say that to the unavoidable circumstance, when you can commit the keeping of yourself unto Him without reserve, when you feel no qualms of anguish because you have sought and held to the best of your ability to the highest link with Self right while understanding the need to surrender even the sense of self-righteousness you are truly beginning to come out of the bondage of Egypt. For Egypt symbolizes the material creation–the pyramid of matter standing by the ever-flowing Nile of time winding through the sand of space….
(When embodied men and women) understand that the tensions of spiritual determination are necessary reinforcements in the battle of overcoming the transitory they are on the road to victory. Yet we must map out the campaign long before we are able to execute it.
One of the saddest facts of human existence is that some individuals by reason of their own self-importance and materialistic insensibilities reject the necessary instructions that would have given them their freedom not only in some ultimate time but also here and now. Instead they allow themselves to remain tethered to fetters whose clutching bondage has continuously caused their own joys to be spilled out of the cup of life. But heaven itself is both objective and pragmatic. Therefore the cry has gone forth that many who are first shall be last and that the last may well be first (Matt. 19:30).
Let men then see to it that they lose not the crown of their rejoicing. Temporal life is without bond or guarantee and can be terminated at any time. The business of acquiring spiritual fortitude and spiritual reality is the only business in which the soul ought to be engaged. Countless individuals without realizing that they are doing so spurn genuine activities of the Spirit that would enable their souls to grow fat; they have chosen instead to revel in the entertainment marts of the world or in psychic involvements in the curious….But pray you must if you would be free that you might recognize the potential in yourself as well as in others to create pinions of freedom to which you can attach your consciousness and then move aloft, above the hopeless sea of mortal drivel.
The way of Christ is the way of life; it is the way of beauty; it is the way of hope. The ascended masters are not dead; God is not dead; hope is not dead. And even in the darkest hour the planet is not dead so long as the freedom to produce the vibration of virtue and aspiration lives within the soul.
I think that the freedoms of speech, of religion, of the press, and of assembly are necessary in order that God and man might have the opportunity to communicate the living Christ to the world. In order to break the knowledge of the True Self to humanity man must be able to disseminate that knowledge. Where it is forbidden by law or harassed by those who think they do God’s service when they interfere with the flow of the highest truth millions are deprived of their rightful inheritance….
Matter and substance change. The individual’s consciousness is altered by circumstance, by education, by family, by the economic level to which he is accustomed, by his intelligence quotient and through associations with other people. Consider then the meaning of choosing one’s friends carefully….What is real and what is unreal? The Christ image of every man which was bestowed upon him by God is real….The altar of being in the form world is a place of great threshing; it is the threshing floor of the Most High. The flailing of the grain is the chastening of God that refines the pure gold of the soul and brings it to the surface where it can be gathered into the treasure-house of reality….
I who was Francis of old who loved earth, sea and sky remain your brother who hopes for the best in you all. hqdefault copy 3.jpg-Francis Pearls of Wisdom 12:33
Those who have a tendency to accept negative concepts about themselves or their future do again and again produce negative fruit on their Tree of Life; but the mind that has gleaned wisdom and the mind that will accept it will see the need to call forth from the very Presence of Life the God-given gift of its own reality.
The reality of unlimited possibility affords the individual a sense of hope, and a sense of hope eliminates the need to do battle….While karma is the Law of the Circle returning to each one exactly what he sends out, the control of karma is best established by an awareness of the best possibilities available in a given set of circumstances. Hence the right kind of spiritual education is an essential and determinant factor in the forward movement of man’s unfolding destiny….
But we must not neglect to point out that in this age many of the leaders of the world’s humanitarian and religious institutions have lost the first love of their founders. They have been turned away into the delusions of the world which are both anti-Christ and anti-God, hence anti-purpose and anti-spiritual in their evolved concepts….Darkness cannot produce light, neither can light cannot produce darkness, for the nature of the one is the vibrant vitality of life and the nature of the other is the somber shadow of nihilism. Rejoice then for your salvation is at hand! And it lies at the point where the educated consciousness contacts the mind of God. But an education that is derived solely from matter or the changing principles of man’s understanding of matter can never hold an enduring promise before the gaze, nor can such an education elevate the consciousness. -Meru: Pearls of Wisdom 12:34