Care is a quality of the Deity

Understanding Yourself XIV

Here in the field of kal (time) and desa (space) the chaff of human experience can be separated from the wheat of spiritual growth. Here the false starts and the false moves that inscribed the karmic record upon the soul can be adjudicated and balanced. And here the beautiful purpose of realigning the consciousness and of manifesting the original purpose for which the individual took embodiment can best be served….Care is a quality of the Deity….
When men are able willingly to surrender their habitual identification with the changing, death-centered mortal personality at that moment they actually attain immortality….When this transfer occurs the body need no longer be a liability to the soul but it can provide the necessary adjunct that will assist the soul in bringing about the ascension of the consciousness and the reunion of the vehicles and of the total man with the heart of his divine Presence. Inasmuch as the Presence is birthless and deathless and holds contact with every other part of life in the most beautiful sense of infinity, at the moment of awakening the whole universe bursts into view within the consciousness….
Consider then what it means to be able to hold in your hands the globe of compassion as the scepter of power, to be able to assist as God does in the development of the universe, to be free from mortal limitation and to commune with the immortals in their exalted state of consciousness–for they formerly passed through the same doorway which you will now be passing through as the soul awakens.
And remember, dear hearts, those of you who have difficulty in accepting the truth of reembodiment because you do not in your outer mind recall all of the events of the past, that it is the soul’s memory that is able to integrate all experience into a comprehensive whole. The objective consciousness is naturally confined to the memory of the events of your present life until it learns to reach into the memory of the soul and to draw forth with crystal clarity the patterns of life that integrate the allness of self into the allness of the universe….
Those who attempt to force these spiritual experiences through the use of dangerous drugs or mental probings and exercises literally tear open the petals of the flower of the soul from the budding center….Man must never permit the desecration of the beautiful soul which the Lord God made in His own image. The restoration of the son to the image of the Father is the precious way of salvation which is implemented by the power in hand of the living Christ-identity vouchsafed to every man….
Man is a God in the becoming, but he can never know this while he thinks earthly thoughts; he can never know this by worldly knowledge. For the things of this world are foolishness with God, and in the eyes of God the only real values are those that free man from the eclipse of being that has concealed the Sun from his eyes. lanto.jpg-Lanto: Pearls of Wisdom 12:38
Understanding Yourself XV

…but all were looking to exalt in themselves freedom from past responsibilities….I have learned to trust in Him completely for He is able to save to the uttermost those that believe on Him. But the faith that men have is but a goad to the works that they must do in order to transpose the self from its habitual affinity to an understanding of its eternal divine reality. Therefore you must not live in the sense of your present order or disorder, of your present progress or struggle, of your present fears or hopes, but you must come apart from all that makes up the world of opposites where man is found alternating between his midnight and his noonday hour where the shades of expression pass from exaltation to depression and then back again to exaltation.
To dwell in the consciousness of the living God is to hold oneself in a state of such constant beauty as defies description in ordinary words, in ordinary tongues. Only the tongues of angels could even begin to describe what it is really like….When the home of heaven lives within you the dwelling place of man is no longer important. For you can command the elements around you to be free, you can take dominion over environmental forces, and you can create through beauty and art a place which God Himself will call home….Whereas there are on the lower astral planes of life frightening and gruesome figures which seek to harm the soul as it journeys from one plane of existence to the next, he who places his trust in God is able to draw the power of the angels and archangels to his defense and to rise out of those dense spheres and controlled realms….
All things that you do that are cooperative with your Presence in the bringing forth of the kingdom of heaven around you will help to evolve the kingdom of heaven within you….Although man may be born in faint hope, he lives to see the day when that hope becomes the vital faith that carries him through all of the vicissitudes of life….
I call to God for renewed perspective for each one of you that you may vent your consciousness by opening the windows of the soul and by calling for the sunlight of His radiance to pour through….
Of old as Saint Francis I carried many hefty stones and threw them into place, even with my knee. Now I place my knees upon the eternal rock of the living Christ who is our joint salvation and I pray with thee that the mantle of His peace may sustain thy heart at every moment—at the dawn producing hope and at the midnight hour producing an awareness of the coming dawn.
Your sincere friend of the ages, hqdefault copy 3.jpg-Kuthumi: Pearls of Wisdom 12:39

Understanding Yourself XVI

Man’s delight in the inward laws of his own being will increase in majesty and in power through his realization that the gift of dominion lies within his own hand….But far too many of the children of God upon earth are unknowingly subject to the various methods of control of the self by others whose ideals and purposes are not identifiable with the divine plan but with a plan of personal domination. Dominion and domination are not the same thing; to take dominion means to be aware of the cosmic potential that has been implanted in the Self as a gift of the living God and then to begin to externalize in the outer world of form the beautiful patterns which God holds for every man, whereas the domination of mankind is the usurpation of his freewill.
One of the greatest mistakes men make is to fail to magnetize the plan of God first in the inner world of the mind and then externalize it in the outer world of manifestation, for the divine plan is intimately involved with the subtleties of the inner radiance of the divine consciousness in man. When the divine plan is passed through the muddied stream of the subconscious mind, filled with its hodgepodge of vain imaginings, it is temporarily lost to the outer mind which can then bring forth only the bane of ignorance upon the screen of life.
The purification of one’s consciousness then is a vital prerequisite for the beginning student as well as for the more advanced along the path who would truly find their way Godward. The winged God-Self cannot fly when its wings are clipped by human vanities or man’s self-imposed limitations. Man is truly a God in exile, but he need not remain so. He can purify his world through application to the heart of Deity, and he can invoke those cosmic flame patterns which are manifestations of the flow of the Christ consciousness. It is then the sense of sin as well as involvement in iniquity that has promoted in men those feelings of guilt which cause them to go deeper and deeper into debt simply because they do not see their way clear to pay the debts they already have made….
The question has been raised, shall a man purify and develop his soul simultaneously or must he complete his purification before he begins his development? Beloved ones, let us put first things first: purification is development, for even in the building of a house you must first clear the land and prepare the site before you can lay a proper foundation….
We acknowledge that the techniques that are recommended for the students’ spiritualization may differ according to the teacher, but the individual should always remember that his relationship to his God Presence remains the same. Therefore upon the student rests the responsibility of drawing from the Teachings the effective application that will enable him to profit the most from the instruction….review will often revitalize the whole imaginative process and enable you to capture an inner picture of a host of subjects which–when integrated–will add to your compendium of knowledge that is so valuable in the business of living.
Divine arts are no different from human ones, and we choose to think that the business of living is really a divine art, but far too many among mankind take this business for granted. Long ago one of the great followers of Christ said, “Ye are not your own but ye are bought with a price” (1Cor. 6:19-20)….your own Holy Christ Self is the mighty orifice of the fountain of Life. As this opening is enlarged through your attunement and the expansion of your own level of awareness the unfolding realities of the Self will bring the peace that comes with a more comprehensive knowledge of the Law….
He is the door and all that climb up another way are thieves and robbers (John 10:1). Christ is the light of the world (John 8:12). But centuries ago children who had only a partial glimpse of reality twisted and warped the great Christine truths that would have given all men their freedom long ago….There are entirely too many among mankind who function mechanically, repeating with cyclic regularity their boring routines without ever realizing their opportunity to bring the Christ light into the simplest and humblest task….The grace that is not too proud to become as a little child in spiritual things (Matt. 18:3-4), to stoop that it might enter the narrow sometimes low doorway of events will ultimately find itself at the feet of Infinite Grace….
The flame here at Lake Titicaca rises high. May all aspire to the highest illumination of the Real Self. I remain devoted to your light, Meru: Pearls of Wisdom 12:40
Bolivia-Lake-Titicaca-5.jpg-Lake Titicaca


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