No man must say “My Presence is over your Presence”

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-Messengers of the Brotherhood in Egypt and Holy Land in Sept.1972 with friends; afterward they went to Ghana, the Freedom/Justice Arch at Accra shown; below is La Tourelle, Colorado Springs, headquarters of Summit Lighthouse, 1966-76.
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Understanding Yourself XIII
The subtle forces of the serpent that roam the planet, whether they act through a fraudulent theology, through psychopolitical treachery, or through an invasion of the minds of men producing obsessions will continue to downgrade the individual by amplifying his supposed or actual errors, and they will continue to seek to hide the beautiful image of God in which each man was made. We propose to restore the individual sense of dignity and worth as one of the first steps in finalizing man’s understanding of himself. It is not that we would say of the veil that men have done, it is no cause of punishment….The world is full of condemnation.
Mankind do not understand that when they condemn one another they also condemn themselves, nor do they understand that condemnation is a tangible misqualification of God’s energy, nor do they realize that when they laugh at one another they are actually laughing in the dark at God who in is in the light. For God dwells in the inner light of every man (John 1:9), and those who speak against the veiled prophet that abides within as the hidden man of the heart (Pet. 3:4) speak out of the darkness of themselves against the light. That they know it not and are ignorant is no excuse….
You are a child of the light,/ You were created in the image divine, You are a child of infinity,/ You dwell in the veils of time,/ You are a son of the Most High!
To ray your light and to serve/ Is to do the will divine/ By being the Living Word./ No darkness can long endure/ Before the radiant light./ The truth will make you secure/ And ready your soul for flight—/ The ascension is the goal./ As Jesus arose from the sod/ He inspired man to enfold/ Himself in the mantle of God….
He will guide and guard you forever,/ He will carry you far in His arm,/ He hides Himself from the clever,/ He enshrines the poor with His charm….
I AM the name you must call on—/ ’Tis Being so broad and true./ For the narrow confinements of selfhood// Can only hide from view/ The Face of Forever in heaven/ Unfolding within the soul….
As Jesus said to John on Patmos, “Behold, I AM alive forevermore….and have the keys of hell and of death” (Rev. 1:18), so the development of the deathless consciousness of your Creator will enable you to build for eternity. Understand thy highest Self as the God of very gods….These gentle graces, thought upon with utter devotion, will take the sting out of the battle of life and they will balance the service of the man of great spiritual attainment with the man who is just beginning….Until men merge with their divine image and with their divine inheritance they should not look to the matter of who is free from karma and who is not, who has more karma and who has less karma. For the way of overcoming is strictly a matter of consciously realizing that one’s living identity is the deathless, birthless Eternal God.
Though identification with this Eternal God the lodestone of the Presence becomes the magnet that focuses energy and purpose in the individual monad, drawing him ever upward in the great sounding stream of universal progress….
But a note of caution must be sounded here. No one must use his Presence to harm other men or others upon the path. No man must say, “My Presence is over your Presence,” for the Presence of all life is one and the delicate interaction between the souls of men that is a development of the power and wisdom of the Presence always exudes the perfect activity of divine love….When you commend your life and your thoughts unto Him you automatically free the lower self from the converging and diverging lines of karmic force and you draw into and you draw into your unscented consciousness the beautiful qualities of the Presence that fulfill step by step the necessary and lawful requirements that lead to your ultimate freedom in the light. Oh, if only the students would grasp this principle! And then if they would reread this series until they have made it a part of the inner instruction that is written in the heart, they would find it much easier to manifest the freedom of genuine happiness in fulfilling their divine plan. -Meru Pearls of Wisdom 12:37


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