For we deal with the universal principle of the creative flame

Those inner experiences that are the byproducts of the soul’s contact with universal truth will still the inharmonious voices of the world and reveal the peace that can be contained from communion with the divine intention. Some do not understand that it is never enough for the Divine to intend, to will or to plan. Man must align himself with the divine intention through the consent of the will and the implementation of that will by action.
If Cain had perceived the tenderness of the relationship between Abel and God, he could have established the same relationship between himself and his God, the deed of murder would not have been done and his sense of the reality of God would have been exalted as was Abel’s….
No man through a mere repetition of the divine letter can inherit life or master it. Life is mastered through the Spirit of Truth which was implanted within man from the very beginning….in an unjust and unreal world Justice seems blind but in reality she is not. It is not God who must be corrected but man who must be corrected by God. For we deal with the universal principle of the creative flame, the twin electromagnetic pulsation that draws into manifestation the designs of the mind of God in man….
Those who with motive pure drink of the fountain of knowledge even in so-called old age will draw through the process of solar magnetism and hold within the orbit of personal self a treasure of spiritual knowledge which they may use in the near or distant future….
Man must not only be willing to foster the divine intent but he must also be able to advance it. The heart that applies itself to the Creator’s purposes is the joyous heart that overcomes the world through the consciousness of the Christ….Let the self lay claim to these gifts and graces that the self may master the will, the wisdom and the strength of love to overcome through light.
To the many valedictorians in our class I say, Victory! -Meru: Pearls of Wisdom 12:34 Bolivia-Lake-Titicaca-5.jpg -Lake Titicaca

Understanding Yourself XI
The swing of human moods is a predominant force by which the happiness and hopes of men are temporarily dashed upon the rocks….The interaction of people’s emotional bodies in the ebb and flow of positive and negative polarities and in the juxtaposition of good and evil creates lunar fields within the forcefields of those who are involved in psychic energies. The effect of these forcefields on those on who come within their influence is similar to the effect of the moon in her cycles.
One of the problems involved in lunar influence is the tendency of people to identify with their moods. The student of the light must come apart from the world of moods. He must learn that by attuning his consciousness with the divine nature he can reverse the tide of his human moods and become the master rather than the slave of his feelings. Unfortunately those who practice self-analysis often lack the necessary objectivity when it comes to their own personalities….This is because they plunge headlong into a subjective sense of their problems and lose all perspective in matters in which they are emotionally involved….
The course of the highest love as it meanders through the personal labyrinth where self-identification has created its own canyon walls is naturally restrained to conform to the confinements of the self. Yet it must be borne in mind that the highest power is the highest power, the highest love is the highest love, and it is able to overflow the banks of self-imposed limitation and to inundate the soul with the purifying energies of the Holy Spirit. The tendency of people to identify with the lowest common denominator of human behavioral patterns, whether their own worst deeds or another’s, is contrary to divine principle. Therefore to dare and to do must still be the fervent cry of the man of the Spirit who would advance over all obstacles including his own self-woven shrouds of negation….
Carefully balanced on the razor’s edge of pure reason the disciple is able to keep the flame of life on behalf of many innocent souls. He is in the world but he is not of the world, and from this vantage point (of detachment) he perceives the need to defend his cosmic rights against the forces which would defraud him and all mankind of their divine inheritance….For the meek shall inherit the earth. The type of meekness of which we speak is that quality of graciousness which is manifest in those who know the source of their strength and use their knowledge not against other parts of life but for the emancipation of all….
It is not what you know that counts but what you do!…This doctrine of ahimsa or harmlessness toward life is truly the effulgence of the Christ nature in manifestation….
Sometimes a change of place is all that is needed to prevent the further encroachment of the negative force of the mood upon the psyche. Often time is needed for the four lower bodies (ethereal, mental, emotional, physical) to recover from the influence of moods. For when the consciousness is overwhelmed by moods of anger, fear, grief, resentment or a general feeling of irritation there is an invasion of psychic substance that is completely foreign to the soul….Many are even proud of their moods, for they feel that in the name of freedom they have the right to express any quality which they choose. Cosmic Law proves otherwise. And whereas they have the “right” to do as they will, the gift of freewill is never abused with impunity….Furthermore, prolonged involvement of the psyche in mood energies greatly diminishes one’s faculties of Christly discrimination….
In order for an idea or a state of consciousness to change its polarity it must be subjected to the higher will, to the higher love and to the higher intelligence of the mind of God….Those who have never experimented in the use of the flames of God (through prayer and decree) for the purposes of self-improvement and the raising of the consciousness should not find fault with this method until they have experimented with it for at least six months. Even then if they would give their spiritual teachers at least half the chance which they expect life to give them, they should consider that perhaps their technique is undeveloped or their own density too great to yield in so relatively short a time….
Each day is an opportunity for the soul to attain an element of his eternal mastery….Study thyself to show thyself approved unto God (2Tim 2:15). lanto.jpg-Lanto Pearls of Wisdom 12:35


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