above the hopeless sea of mortal drivel


Most individuals do not realize that the potential of the self is related to the quantity and quality of the energy which they use….the (common) idea of the soul has been preserved as a sacred cow; men have not considered the soul as energy bestowed….But I do relate soul energy to the temporary manifestation of identity….
Health is related to karma because both are cumulative. Health is the result of past and present energy usages….The more energy a person has the more he is apt to attract; and the less he has the less he is apt to attract. The need to purify one’s energies becomes more and more apparent as the individual sees that his life potential is dependent upon the quality of his energy. Actually a great deal of energy of a man which was once his to use is now imprisoned in the imperfect patterns of his own human miscreations….
Likewise those who have an understanding of the human mind know that when the psyche is tied-up emotionally with diverse problems this can cause a split in the personality….What man must do then is learn how to release himself from tensions–physically, mentally, emotionally. He must learn to use all of the energy God has given him, some of which is in a state of rest and some of which is in a state of movement. He must learn to undo the disqualifications of energy for which he bears responsibility…, for the purposes of life are that man must master the universe through first mastering himself….
All undesirable karmic manifestations return to their point of origin–which is the individual being of man–when the attractive force within him, whether qualified with good or ill, has reached a certain intensity….As you think of the soul has the repository of the energies of the fiery world you will feel a greater sense of responsibility to maintain the soul and its contents upon the altar of purity….
Following the Master in the regeneration, cradling the infant messiah of reality in the creche of the heart men will begin the process of expanding their understanding of the self through becoming all that is real and discarding through requalification all that which is not. Wait, watch and work, for the Father works with you and within you. hqdefault copy 3.jpg-Kuthumi: Pearls of Wisdom 12:30 (portrait by Schmiechen, 1884)

The individual reaching out from the seemingly separated center of being to contact the cosmic center of life and thence the periphery of all reality is accomplished as easily as the miracle of the radiant expanding mind of God penetrates the universe with light….
Soon he will bypass the false structurings that he has created and that have been created for him by the dark overlords and their dark stars of compounded misqualification. …
The Ocean could have chosen to remain the Ocean, but by separating the luminous drop from the Whole and holding it up to the glorious rays of the sun of illumination , a new ocean was begun. And so the individual consciousness was given dominion over his own world….(Yet) the power of contagion banished him from the heavenly state. The ego is the seat of all men’s problems….
The only way out is through the door of reality….Only when they escape through the door into the understanding that the eternal Being of God is the Doer, then the realization that God can act in them to remove hampering influences, to transmute their darkness and to translate their consciousness from darkness into light will they begin to know the freedom of the Self to achieve without limit….
This is the Sun we face that casts no shadow….This is the Presence of God which identifies the individual through his sense of expanding reality with the universal Consciousness of God….And in reality the Son of God, or the light of God that never fails, was the means by which the Eternal Progenitor performed the creative act….
The ego that is always being hurt, that is oversensitive, full of self-pity and a sense of struggle, the ego that seeks in poring over the rubble of past lives to find some element of worth should understand that man’s worth is in the Eternal Now….
I AM His servant and your elder brother, Meru Pearls of Wisdom 12:31 Bolivia-Lake-Titicaca-5.jpg -Titicaca
Every facet of life takes on the aspect of challenge to those who daily strive to be more like Him. But this is not a challenge of discomfort, it is one of hope….Energy-fields are magnificent when they are properly qualified, for they not only surround the creator of the energy-field with his own vibration of bliss but according to the law of attraction they magnetize the vibrations of happiness and joy from many parts of the world. We acknowledge that the reverse is also true….
The nature of invading entities is such that whenever an individual seeks to improve himself by engaging in religious worship, by attending a constructive lecture or concert or by reading religious literature the vibratory action of the higher pursuit makes the entity extremely uncomfortable. The entity, unwilling to relinquish his hold on the lifestream, will then project to his consciousness a feeling of discomfort or unhappiness and this, he will assure the individual, is directly attributable to the function in which the individual is involved. In this manner many sincere individuals are either stopped on the path or they are prevented from obtaining the benefits of higher meditation. Thus through their susceptibility to invading entities they are deprived of the opportunity to receive transcendent blessings. This is why spiritual protection is necessary for those who would continue to progress on the upward way–protection not only through the knowledge I am conveying but also through decrees, through prayer and through the determination to do the will of God no matter what the argument of the opposition may be….
Because of the increasing threat of witchcraft in the United States and in the world spiritual aspirants must exercise caution, and they should learn to weigh the evidence before they credit all of their failures or seeming failures to themselves. Witchcraft has a subtle allure to those who are not grounded in spiritual knowledge and who do not understand the karmic penalties that accrue from such dangerous practices….
There is something about progress that always engages the teeth of men’s egos….Jesus described this human propensity in his statement, “Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and they that were entering in ye hindered.” Many in the orthodox churches are naive concerning these facts….The ideal society is that which evolves out of the higher consciousness when the individual opens the door of his being to God without reserve….Because the grace that comes from on high is so creative, so inspirational, so filled with depth and height and volume it literally overwhelms the being of man, and spilling over the lip of life it floods forth as the impulse to be a benefactor to the race. Such impulse must be guarded under God-control and channeled constructively in order to protect the self and the highest nature in others. Each person should realize that the higher intelligence within himself is capable of making accurate decisions as to when he should speak and when he should be silent, when he should offer a helping hand and when he should withhold it….
Certainly it is true that if a man ask of God bread, He will not give him a stone. Therefore consider the fact that constructive endeavor always receives the necessary support spiritually, morally and materially proportionately as one accepts the highest sense of his mission in a spiritual manner….
Yet the foundation stones of the temple must be laid while consciousness in held in readiness. This is done by an act of willing to do whatsoever must be done in the furtherance of the kingdom of God both within and without….Thus shall the individual realize that one day the true meaning of his life will be found in the spiritual exchange between the microcosm and the Macrocosm that is known as flow. Through this process the allness of man flows into the allness of God–and the allness of God flowing into the allness of man brings about an exchange of the pulsations of identity which makes the humblest soul a king of victory and the most exalted to bow in joyous humility….
Truly the living God is crowned in every atom. lanto.jpg-Lanto: Pearls of Wisdom 12:32

IMG_4764.JPGIMG_4757.JPG -Spring Hill, Mt. Shasta
“It does not matter!” When you can say that to the unavoidable circumstance, when you can commit the keeping of yourself unto Him without reserve, when you feel no qualms of anguish because you have sought and held to the best of your ability to the highest link with Self right while understanding the need to surrender even the sense of self-righteousness you are truly beginning to come out of the bondage of Egypt. For Egypt symbolizes the material creation–the pyramid of matter standing by the ever-flowing Nile of time winding through the sand of space….
(When embodied men and women) understand that the tensions of spiritual determination are necessary reinforcements in the battle of overcoming the transitory they are on the road to victory. Yet we must map out the campaign long before we are able to execute it.
One of the saddest facts of human existence is that some individuals by reason of their own self-importance and materialistic insensibilities reject the necessary instructions that would have given them their freedom not only in some ultimate time but also here and now. Instead they allow themselves to remain tethered to fetters whose clutching bondage has continuously caused their own joys to be spilled out of the cup of life. But heaven itself is both objective and pragmatic. Therefore the cry has gone forth that many who are first shall be last and that the last may well be first (Matt. 19:30).
Let men then see to it that they lose not the crown of their rejoicing. Temporal life is without bond or guarantee and can be terminated at any time. The business of acquiring spiritual fortitude and spiritual reality is the only business in which the soul ought to be engaged. Countless individuals without realizing that they are doing so spurn genuine activities of the Spirit that would enable their souls to grow fat; they have chosen instead to revel in the entertainment marts of the world or in psychic involvements in the curious….But pray you must if you would be free that you might recognize the potential in yourself as well as in others to create pinions of freedom to which you can attach your consciousness and then move aloft, above the hopeless sea of mortal drivel.
The way of Christ is the way of life; it is the way of beauty; it is the way of hope. The ascended masters are not dead; God is not dead; hope is not dead. And even in the darkest hour the planet is not dead so long as the freedom to produce the vibration of virtue and aspiration lives within the soul.
I think that the freedoms of speech, of religion, of the press, and of assembly are necessary in order that God and man might have the opportunity to communicate the living Christ to the world. In order to break the knowledge of the True Self to humanity man must be able to disseminate that knowledge. Where it is forbidden by law or harassed by those who think they do God’s service when they interfere with the flow of the highest truth millions are deprived of their rightful inheritance….
Matter and substance change. The individual’s consciousness is altered by circumstance, by education, by family, by the economic level to which he is accustomed, by his intelligence quotient and through associations with other people. Consider then the meaning of choosing one’s friends carefully….What is real and what is unreal? The Christ image of every man which was bestowed upon him by God is real….The altar of being in the form world is a place of great threshing; it is the threshing floor of the Most High. The flailing of the grain is the chastening of God that refines the pure gold of the soul and brings it to the surface where it can be gathered into the treasure-house of reality….
I who was Francis of old who loved earth, sea and sky remain your brother who hopes for the best in you all. hqdefault copy 3.jpg-Francis Pearls of Wisdom 12:33
Those who have a tendency to accept negative concepts about themselves or their future do again and again produce negative fruit on their Tree of Life; but the mind that has gleaned wisdom and the mind that will accept it will see the need to call forth from the very Presence of Life the God-given gift of its own reality.
The reality of unlimited possibility affords the individual a sense of hope, and a sense of hope eliminates the need to do battle….While karma is the Law of the Circle returning to each one exactly what he sends out, the control of karma is best established by an awareness of the best possibilities available in a given set of circumstances. Hence the right kind of spiritual education is an essential and determinant factor in the forward movement of man’s unfolding destiny….
But we must not neglect to point out that in this age many of the leaders of the world’s humanitarian and religious institutions have lost the first love of their founders. They have been turned away into the delusions of the world which are both anti-Christ and anti-God, hence anti-purpose and anti-spiritual in their evolved concepts….Darkness cannot produce light, neither can light cannot produce darkness, for the nature of the one is the vibrant vitality of life and the nature of the other is the somber shadow of nihilism. Rejoice then for your salvation is at hand! And it lies at the point where the educated consciousness contacts the mind of God. But an education that is derived solely from matter or the changing principles of man’s understanding of matter can never hold an enduring promise before the gaze, nor can such an education elevate the consciousness. -Meru: Pearls of Wisdom 12:34


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