I speak to you then in the very place of the solar plexus

235. Hatred of humanity is reaching out for radical methods of destruction–by gases and poisoning. Let scientists make it clear that these gases do not disappear immediately but precipitate for a long time. Let the inventors of gases settle down in a house the walls of which have been rubbed with arsenic or corrosive sublimate, or other emanative poisons. By experience on themselves, on their eyes, skin and lungs, let them be convinced as to how long the emanating poisons continue to act. Moreover in a large number of poisons their preparation works injury at great distances. Only criminal stupidity thinks that the damage will be done only to the enemy. -Morya: Brotherhood 1937 Of course this includes herbicides, pesticides.
Enemy of the State, 1998, full movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ym9QsxX5eNg
I speak to you then in the very place of the solar plexus so that you might know that in that place of the sun there is the point of ultimate equilibrium and ultimate peace. Know that peace, beloved, and know it profoundly. For when you allow the solar plexus to get out of alignment then you must bring it back quickly to alignment. But that is not always something that you can do on the spot. Therefore establish the power of peace within the solar-plexus chakra. Establish the power of tremendous peace from Elohim of God. Establish that power and be not moved. Be not moved no matter what.

Appeal to the Blessed Mother. Appeal to the blessed and beloved Kuan Yin. And know that all who are a part of the Great White Brotherhood are rooting for your victory. May it be done, may it be so, and may you be counted as the wise ones who hold the balance and who did that holding of the balance while they were on Earth and stopped the oncoming tide. Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 12.38.19 PM.jpg-Divine Director: 10-10-1997 at Norfolk, VA via Messenger E C Prophet

IMG_6520.JPG -very ancient jar, shown in a James Churchward volume


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