then he becomes unique as God intends


Each potential facet of the mind yearns to drink in the flame, the golden flame of illumination.  The illumination of peace is the result of courageous action.  Inward concealment of one’s devotions from the prying eyes of the profane can well result in inward revealment of the living flame.  The flame of the resurrection is a unique contribution of God to each man and woman.  Its exclusivity is discovered only when it is claimed by the individual; then he becomes unique as God intends, his life a significant contribution to one or more facets of the divine Whole…

Students of the great Law should understand that regardless of man’s infamy, his error and his wickedness the Law of Love functions independently of human misfortune to establish temples of peace in the countless lives of those who pursue it diligently….There is a tenderness in the heart of God that would rescue the most violent or hardened sinner, that seeks to save that which is lost, that expresses perchance even a greater love for that which is turned out of the way than for all of those who are walking the straightforward path.

Those who are on the path have the comfort of contact; those who are outside the holy circle are the despairing ones even when they acknowledge it not.  Hence the Spirit of peace and love, the Spirit of perfection, goes forth into avenues of service to humanity, into government service, labor movements, cultural endeavors and teaching at all levels–above all it invokes the establishment of true religion. …

Attainment and service are advantageous because they lead the way to eternal Life when they are harnessed to the stars of cosmic Law.   The way of peace that we seek to establish is the way of men tilling the soil, planting and reaping–of men planting orchards and eating the fruit thereof.

When the understanding of God is given to men as the Eternal Brotherhood intended then all things are perceived not as they seem to be but as they are….Those who serve the eternal Light can rejoice in their labors, knowing that the fruit of God’s service will ultimately bless and benefit even those yet unborn.      IMG_2274.JPG-Gautama Buddha:  Pearls of Wisdom 12;16

Resurrection-flame-thoughtform.jpg -resurrection flame (shown in Science of the Spoken Word)


images.jpeg    DSC_0043.JPG

DSC_0029-4.jpg6218582464_2c6408de7e.jpg-Josie Grant wall murals in Chinatown, San Francisco, of the Eight Immortals


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