whose thought is more buoyant–man’s or God’s?


A Sacred Adventure

It is to comprehension that we dedicate our closing release in this series on the will of God.  Thought is buoyant, but whose thought is more buoyant–man’s or God’s?  If man thinks God’s thoughts, are they ineffective because he is a man?  The affection of the will is its raison d’etre; a will without affection is a nonentity.  The natural affection of God for the creation is apparent within the creation, for the fire of creation is the affection of the will of God.

The ability to affect matter and Spirit simultaneously is the prerogative of the divine will which in a lower harmonic range is observed in part by evolving men.  The laws of containment which govern time-cycles and the enlargement of space involve the spreading apart of divine ideas from the centerpoint to the circumference of manifestation….The grace that is sufficient for every day is extracted from the universe by an act of will when that will concerns itself with glorifying God through outer manifestation and purpose.

The will of man is not capable of expanding self or substance, but dedication to the supreme purpose invokes the will that moves mountains.  Man can do the will of God without knowing it, but by being conscious of himself as a part of the will of God he is able to fulfill his destiny in a more sublime way.  The talents and opportunities of life are given to man as stepping-stones toward spiritual achievement, and spiritual achievement is the only goal that is real, hence worthwhile….The greatest boon comes to those who surrender willingly with or without understanding but always with a confidence of a faith that observes the universe and its myriad  wonders and grasps with the simplicity of a child the reality of universal Science….

Each spirit is intended to be made like Him, hence in His image; any lesser dominion is the having of “other gods before Me.”  Therefore the holy will appears as the fullness of the swaddling garment of the Divine Man, the Son of Righteousness with which the children of the Sun must be clothed.

Stand now to release thyself from the darkness that is in thee and face the luminous orb of the Central Sun from which all creation sprang.  Mindful of His will for good and of His power to extend that will, realize that He is able to extend thy consciousness from its present state–to pick it up, to exalt it and to draw it into Himself by the magnetism of His grace–here and now prior to thy release from sense consciousness.  Realize that He that keepeth all that is real about thee, having received thee momentarily unto Himself, is also able to return thee to the present moment unaffected adversely but mightily affected inwardly by a fuller measure of the understanding of His will.  Realize that the will of God can best be known by a spiritual experience….

At the same time as thou art reaching inwardly to the implanting of the divine seed within thyself, it is the will to live within thyself that must unite with the will to live as God lives.  This is the divine will within the heart of the Central Sun.  This thou must understand and be united with; if this be accomplished but once consciously thy life shall ever thereafter be affected by an innate knowing recorded inwardly of that which is the will of God….But man’s reunion with the Sun can only be accomplished by an act of God; it is a cosmic event which can occur within the world of the individual only when he has proven himself ready for it….

We caution that great care must be exercised in this matter, for truly we are not concerned with the developing in men and women of untutored or unguided psychic experience.  We want this form of communion to be a rarity rather than a daily practice; it is something one should try no more often than once a year in just this manner, with the exception of those who have been mightily prepared by advanced training….

The average individual does not realize that the will that sees can also be seized, in part, as a Treasure-house of Consciousness and carried back into the domain of the life within.  There the great Lodestone of Truth acts as a divine Revelator to reveal to each man from deep within his own heart what the will of God really is….Forward we go together.

I AM simply your Morya            :Pearls of Wisdom 12:14  Sergey.jpg     -V. Vasnetsov:  Saint Sergius of Radonezh, 1882          phpI6zTAq.jpeg      -Gateway Arch at Saint Louis, Missouri

IMG_4746.JPGIMG_4748.JPG-Big Springs at Mt. Shasta City ParkIMG_4749.JPG -forget-me-not

IMG_4752.jpgIMG_4753.JPG-sunset of 5-1-17 from town of Mt. Shasta


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