To improve the quality of the reflecting mirror is essential


The Human Will

I would like to postulate then that the majority of men have no conception at all of what the will of God is, therefore they do not know what it is they are opposing….

There is a reason why manifestation in the lower octaves (of vibration) is slowed down.  It is in order to give people an opportunity to dedicate themselves to higher values and to avoid the mistakes associated with haste.  If carnal man were permitted to precept his will with the speed of light, the cruelty that would follow would be incomprehensible.  Man’s containment within a framework of natural law has provided a safety valve against the accidental destruction of all civilization….Certainly it behooves mankind en masse to understand the need to guard the educational systems of the world, for succeeding generations can easily have their attitudes altered, as they have in the last three decades, to such a point that standards of morality and decency upheld since mankind’s emergence from the Dark Ages will be trampled and lost.  Whether or not the recovery can be made quickly enough to preserve civilization is a problem for both man and God….

Would it not be wise then for man, caught in the net of illusion, to examine the purposes of God, to know them, to understand and serve these mighty purposes in order to accelerate in his own personal evolution the divine plan and to foster the architecture of heaven for all mankind?

The problem of absolutes is always at hand–absolute evil and absolute Good.  These conditions are so remote from the average person that their concern lies not in the absolute but in the relative….Understanding moral values which are valid because they are based on truth will help men to understand that their progress must come from their present state and move forward.  Too many are obsessed with the idea of a utopian ideal which, because it is unobtainable, they use as an excuse for lowered standards.  The Law of the Circle exacts its full toll:  what men do unto others they receive unto themselves.  The way to success, to prosperity and to happiness is to give happiness unto others.  The simplicities of the Master’s way have been made plain in the midst of a complex civilization:  the pathway of the Spirit that is so childlike and sweet is in any age wondrous to live when verified by the Spirit of Truth within oneself….

The will of God that has already engraven His wisdom and love upon your heart will enable you to draw reasonable standards toward which you may reach….But when men consider their own standards to be above the stars then like an animalistic cult they grunt and groan, dance in circles and dissipate their energies in vanity….

Men must realize that some have higher standards than others and that some can attain higher goals.  Life is not meant to be filled with criticism and condemnation but it is an opportunity to thwart the human ego–which must ultimately reflect God if it is to endure…and then to identify with the Real Image that is reflected within.  To improve the quality of the reflecting mirror is essential–in this way consciousness itself as a chalice can be improved so an to contain not only qualitatively but also quantitatively more of the will of God.  If individuals would just grasp the principle that the will has been hidden from them, that over the centuries they have seen only remote flashes reflected in the cup of life, and that these flashes are responsible for all of the betterment of humanity, they will understand that the will of God is the panacea of healing for the world order as well as for the individual…..

As a little Father I remain in your service,  ElMorya22.jpg M:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:13



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