the hour has come when the signs of the wearing out of the world order do appear


Yet the hour has come when the signs of the wearing out of the world order do appear….The dire forebodings and ominous rumblings in nature and in man and the vicious openings into the astral currents that have been invoked by dabblers in black magic and dangerous drugs have brought about new maladies of the spirit, syndromes of praetorian decay producing lese majesty and permeating the world.  The legions of men are becoming neither more Godlike nor more manlike; they are simply dissolving their resemblance to reality in a chaotic nihilism.  We draw these analogies momentarily as we prepare to plunge into the fountain of reality in order that, by the startling power of contrast, we may show the world the true appearance of cosmic regeneration, of cosmic wholeness, of the washing of our garments white in streams of Cosmic Christ energy….

As you know, down through the centuries men have discussed the will of God as though it were a thing apart from the will of man, bearing no resemblance to an offering that affords the best gifts to man.  Contrary to human opinion, the will of God seeks to vest man with his immortal birthright and never to deprive him of his freedom.  The enigma of life is hidden within the will of God. …

I am impelled by the Great Divine Director himself–by the Prince of the House of Rakoczy–to seek to steal from the folds of the world those who have ears to hear…There is no other course to be run, but if there were we should it. …

It will enhance my service to all men and to yourselves immeasurably if you will pray for me as I begin to intone those holy mantras that will invoke in the sacred temples of the world, of the Great white Brotherhood, a retiring of the flame of God as we seek to reflect it not only in words but in Spirit.     Adoring Him I remain,     El Morya

ElMorya22.jpg      Pearls of Wisdom  12:7


We advocate the amplification of the will of God, for “the will of God is good.”  The amplification of this childlike statement over and over again is the means whereby the mind can be stilled and the mounting crescendo of human emotions diminished.

The will of God is the thunder of universal love; it is the strength of the right arm of the almighty; it is the fire of His devotion and the best gift to His children….Fear assaults the will of God but the calm knowing of infinite love shatters the opaquing conditions that scream from the minds of the depraved….

Does man seek to know in part and sense in part the holy will of God?  If so, what derision is it that seeks to mock the will?  It is the witless sophistry of sense meandering; it is the desire to rebel against the fashion of real beauty; it is the sense of separation and shame.  The will of God is the flawless diamond, it is the shining of the divine Mind, it is the rushing of the wind of the Spirit, and it is the strength and laughter of real Identity.  The will of God that seems so simple a thing is the most complex organism in the universe….

And when the mind has grasped the principle of kindness and compassion this tiny facet of the divine will can turn the lever of nations and cause them to respond….And so this will is right within/ His Presence where you are./  And when you see it/ Its fiery light will be a star/ To open wide the chamber/ Where the real You lives.         Gratefully I AM   Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom  12:8



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