Cherish: word-symbol of arms clasped to the heart


The Gift of His Will

Cherish:  word-symbol of arms clasped to the heart–the closeness of reality, the beginning and the end of a search….The journey of life, the long flow of identity, is a flurry of beginnings so separated from The Beginning that at the farthest turn of the wheel the beginning of the cycle is forgotten.  We raise the curtain of solar identity.

We raise the cosmic curtain upon the mystery of life.  What is this ray flashing forth?…And with the Plan was given the means for the creation to keep pace with His own transcendent nature.  God sought to bestow, and the best gift that He could give was the gift of His will, for by His will He framed the far-off worlds and by His will He sustained the momentum of life within each cell….Some call it the music of the spheres, others perceive it in the faces of humanity, some cognize it in the revelations of science, others in the kingdoms of nature, while still others realize it in cloister….

All have heard it, but all have not recognized it.  Only the few are able to see that which glistens like whitecaps upon the waves.  The tormenting substance of human drivel has opaqued the magnificent face of God that man can look upon but once and ne’er live as man again….

What is this courtesy of the givingness of God, of the holy will and the fire of the Divine Mother’s heart?…

What shall we say then to the careless ones who demand their own definitions and their definitions of definitions?  We will say with God, “I AM Agam the Unknowable.  I AM the Infinite within who in all your winnings can never be contained within the consciousness of sense or of perception.”…In kindred minds He will impart/ The holy will of God to start/ The process (of awakening) over once again.        ElMorya22.jpg     -M:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:8


The Inviolate Will of God

One can control only the mind and the feelings of self, but one should ever remember that in a universe throbbing with the pulsations of the will of God the victors are many and their vibratory actions should be recognized….The manvantaras and pralayas* may go forth, but those who cognize the will of God as the first vibration of HIs magnificent love will not be moved by the chirping of crickets, the boom of cannon or the threatening ones….They steal light and energy, for they have lost their own.  The children of the Sun are their innocent victims, but not for aye.  Now come the wise ones….

In the Great Forever, in the beginnings of all things God saw light and He was light.  Out of His light went forth the beauty of loving purpose….The tenets of brotherhood were clearly stated in the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  But each violation produced its corresponding blot, its stain upon the page, and the Lords of Karma spoke:  “This departure from the Law of Good is but a repetition of the voices sent forth unto discord.”…

”Let them at least,” said the Great Ones, “understand that God chastens those whom He loves and that He continues to love out of the bounty of His forgivingness.”…The children of the Sun who came forth bearing the white stones from the Temple of the Sun evoked the mightiest response possible from the hearts of men, for in the hearts of men there was a residual memory of the olden days when the elder race communed with the living God.  Forgiveness, they saw, was eternal grace and the fire of purpose….

It is necessary that we establish in consciousness the concept of origins, for the majority of men’s thought processes are patterned after the swing of the mind–to and fro….Let men who would discover the will of God realize that it is already a part of the universe, that the universe in the macrocosmic sense is already the perfection of God, and that each star, each cell and each atom were stamped with the divine image.  The words “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me” show the necessity for the Godhead to counteract the travesty of man’s acceptance of fiats of imperfection.  These have been issued by lesser minds and by the deceitful ones who are self-deceived….

The desire for perfection is a natural manifestation of a perfect God shining behind His perfect manifestation, but all that which proceeds out of imperfection is against the divine nature….It is fear–fear of death and fear of illusion–that has caused some men to fail to hold themselves in that state of consciousness wherein the will of God could manifest through them.  They need to understand the very naturalness of cosmic purpose:  God is Life.  They are manifesting temporal life but they also possess here and now the seeds of eternal Life in the very essence of the soul which God has given to them.

The flaming Presence that directs them from above, their beloved God Presence, I AM, represents the fire of the will of God; and the will of God includes within itself the all-chemistry of cosmic purpose.  Therefore each department of life is brought under the direction of the central purpose of the will of God.  What folly it is that individuals feel separated from the will of God, as if they could not know it!                    ElMorya22.jpg -M:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:9         *manvantaras and pralaya.  Ages of Manus and the dissolution after 14 manvantaras.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 12.38.19 PM.jpg -Divine Director, by C. Sindelar



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