The human will presupposes that it has the knowledge


Yet the carnal welds men have synthesized are so tenacious as to defy perfection, and they bind men embodiment after embodiment in the old oily schemes of selfishness that shrivel the soul in the carnal will.  What can we do but hold forth the vision of the Grail of God’s Will as the beacon of every hour.

Along with the vision of personal ownership of God’s will one should also think of the omnipresence of the will.  Darkness thickens in the carnal mind–simultaneously the light dazzles the consciousness with nearness:  to draw nigh unto the light, this is the requirement of the hour!

The flashing forth of the renewal of the first covenant is the will of God, for it was this bond to which every soul who received the gift of individual life-expression did once consent.  The breaking of the bond of God’s will has meant the breaking of the way between Father and son.  For the prodigal son has chosen to wander into the depths of maya to seek his fortune in the realm of illusion.  Now we say:  let us return to reality, to the Father and to the heavenly will.  Then shall the fire purify each man’s work and the fiery trial cease in a pact of friendship with God.                    ElMorya22.jpg -Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:11     (portrait by Schmiechen, 1884)


Yet many do fear to surrender their own will to the Universal.  They fear to lose their own identity when in reality they would but “loose” their identity and find it again in the blessed sense of Self-direction that exists in higher octaves of harmony.  For harmony is a divine sense–an afflatus of such vibrancy, buoyancy and oneness with all life that heaven cannot imagine how anyone who has tasted thereof can return to the soil of carnal expression.  Children of the cross, awake and see how you can benefit men by bestowing upon them the example of your Godly accomplishments for and on behalf of the light!  The need is great, and it is God’s will that we gather the children of the Sun under the divine radiance!

Men have accused me of hardness.  Let me tell you, there are two kinds of hardness:  hardness of heart which is wholly selfish and wedded to pride and ambition that never says die to its Moloch of self, and the hardness that identifies with the diamond of goodwill–God’s will for total good, total intelligence and total opportunity.  The latter in its grand design is the simplicity of the crystal that reflects the passion of the soul to live within the protective love of the Father without compromise to other expressions.  This is the diamond of perfection that incorporates the quality of mercy and gives balance without straining at a gnat or swallowing a camel!…

Like a refreshing breath of pine the ideas of God fill the air with a raising hope that destroys the personal illusion while bestowing the real crown of life upon victorious man….Does life seem so wonderful and the prospect of the future based on human trends so grand that you are fearful of submission to the will of the Eternal?  I hope not, for in HIs will is comfort and strength for the ages as well as for today….

Little keys unlock the biggest doors and man must be willing to walk through and not stand hesitantly at the threshold–you will never know how indecision or vacillation can alter the mind to turn a deaf ear to the voice of God….The terrors of men’s world lie first in their denial of God and secondly in their denial of His will….Let men think heaven and and think God’s will, let them deny the power of darkness–and the light of holy Knowledge will show science and religion the way to happiness through finite days to infinite aeons of bliss for all.                    -El Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:12


The human will presupposes that it has the knowledge which it does not have.  It bases most of its choices on human history and the observations of those whose own quality of observation is centered primarily around the physical and is seldom involved in the celestial.  The human will identifies with the ego and seeks to support it in its passing aims.  Men erect monuments to their vanities which endure far beyond the tenure of their own times….but the rules of the game must be followed, for the Law of God is inexorable in its demands for perfection….

It is just as easy to serve the will of God–in fact it is far easier–than it is to serve the decaying will of man with its varying standards….The human will opposes the divine will because its aims are shortsighted….

It might interest them to know that from the standpoint of the Spirit when man is born he is considered to have died.  The reason for this is that spiritual substance possesses the quality of malleability, whereas on earth centuries are sometimes required even for the construction of a cathedral.         -Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:13   IMG_6611.JPG-in Romanov family artifacts

IMG_8499.JPG-Amitabha Buddha, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978



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