We are not abandoning the ship of state.


I think it is time that mercy be dispensed to those who merit it and to those who seek it.  The handwriting on the wall, whether or not it is seen by men, has made its appearance to the discerning.  We are not abandoning the ship of state.  We are carefully integrating the saints into the fold of service for the plan; the plan must be externalized.  The children of darkness have said, “We will fabricate darkness.”  The children of the light then must spend their time in designing light; they must follow the prescribed patterns of the will of God; they must work in the light, they must be examples of the light, they must tremble with the light–unleash it and live by it…

What shall we say when we consider the mingling of peoples, the vast montage of society/civilization pursuing itself as a dragon nibbling its own tail?…And I think perchance that all of the darkness of men has made a canvas upon which the light can paint its sublime reality.  The temporal is but the screen on which the radiance of the Infinite does shine.  And it shines to drop hope to men, to swaddle them with comfort, to show them the way through the dark that they may part it, to lift the curtains of obscurity and to fashion in the minds of the smallest and least of these the design called life….

The individual is of greatest worth for the individual is a universe.  The individual is cosmos; the individual is always the center of it all.  The pure-son-center is a great seed.…for he finds through the light of Christ, through the light of reality, through the power of the Word, through Logos that he is one with God, that God is one with him.  He finds that there is no darkness in him at all (1John 1:5)….The soul balloon-like expands by the breath of the Almighty….

Be at peace, each one, in the certain knowledge that one with God is a majority:  Life is one.          ElMorya22.jpg -Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:38  FlorenceMiller.jpeg -Kristine



We magnify freedom in the heart, but we would see its flame fanned into an activating principle.  Men must understand that whereas past ages of history lacked the perfection of the Eternal they also lacked the degradation of the present.  The forces who aspire to world take-over know that they must first destroy the values of freedom….I come not so much to chastise as to alert, for you are the avant-garde and the elect of this age upon whom we depend for the perpetuation of freedom.  The Godly ideals of the ascended hosts have been a bulwark of strength to those who sought to express the glories of the Kingdom even amidst the narrowness of the past ages….

Free then from calumny and with the understanding of the need for honest hearts, may the sons of Liberty remain active in holding the cup of light that is righteousness and justice for all….Freedom is greatly desired by men, and yet it is carelessly placed in the balance-scales of ignorance and self-love.  How men wish to be thought wise….

The only solution we can offer at this time is the invoking of divine power that will ultimately strengthen the minds and unity of the people.  For the time must come when they shall overthrow the yoke and tyranny of their overlords who even now are planning the dethroning of the Constitution and the order that heaven has sought to extend as a banner of hope over this land and all lands.             StGermain03Grand.jpg-Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:18IMG_4399.JPGIMG_1824.JPG     -Guru Nanak, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978


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