the Sun behind the Sun

Long before there was a compendium of the Law known as the Christian Bible, combining the ancient writings of the prophets of Israel with the followers of Christ who set forth the New Testament there existed at the time of Enoch prior to the Flood mere fragments of what could be called a sacred scripture.  Yet the bible of nature, the recordings of the Law in engrams of light, was then and always has been within the very atoms of the Earth itself….

I who sought so often and earnestly in past lives as well as well as during my embodiment as the Mother of Jesus to be a peacemaker have much to give to those who would pour oil upon the troubled waters of man’s consciousness.        mother-mary-by-ruth-hawkins.jpg -Archeai Mary:  7-16-1972 at La Tourelle, Colorado Springs  (portrait by Ruth Hawkins)


At the same time as the physical light (of the Sun) is shed abroad upon the earth a spiritual radiation and divine presence, a divine omnipresence, floods forth through the physical Sun.  It is the Sun behind the Sun.  This is the reality of God that engenders spiritual resurrections which overcome the temporary consciousness of mankind’s death and dying and bring about the eternal sense of living.          -Archeai Mary:  7-23-1972 at La Tourelle, Colorado Springs   IMG_1045a.JPGIMG_1830.JPGin Prayer and Meditation, 1978


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