There is no reality to the confusion of the mass mind in its repetitious drama


There is no reality to the confusion of the mass mind in its repetitious drama.  God alone as the cosmic Mind penetrating all things draws the conglomerate whole into form-reality through divine awareness in consonance with the many diverse threads that together compose the life-network.

The present day world disarray needs the refreshing tingle of the omnipresent wisdom of God.  An unfortunate sense of separation has made the individual ego to falter in its attainment….Often too the living Word is unknown because it is not properly assimilated to nourish the famishing planetary soul consciousness.  Beholding the mass conflicts and political-religious ideologies vying with one another on the world scene we long for an era when none will fear to partake wholeheartedly of that One Spirit which God is.

We hasten to dispense the discipline of life calculated to leave no regrets in the mind of the doer.  Karma and wrongdoing utterly permeate the world frame in the eyes of mortal beholders.  We who see the reality behind the illusion seek to alter the veil to a more becoming mode in which mankind consciously seek to undo the tangled webs they have ignorantly woven.  We admonish men to see the celestial standard we bear.      Maha_Chohan.jpg -Maha Chohan:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:33







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