Do you deem it a pleasure to behold dead countries?

I, v, 8.  But I say, for your benefit, evoke my name more often.  Do you deem it a pleasure to behold dead countries?  But observe the downfall of the world of falsehood.  Lie, lie, lie–perish!       –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925

212.   Moreover, would it not be a beautiful test to keenly observe exactly what will open the heart to Good?  In the diversity of achievements one cannot fail to acknowledge the general harmony of the spheres.  Though it be expressed only in one tone, yet each correct note sounds like a cosmic consonance and must be accepted with care.                     01ad5-morya.jpg -M:  Heart 1932      (1884 portrait by Hermann Schmiechen,  German, who lived 1855-95)



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