teachings of risen Christ are transcendent indeed


Blessed children of my heart, children of the whitefire light which descends as a mighty flame from the heart of creation, know ye not that the Father who gaveth thou life and being and allness hath established thy purpose from everlasting to everlasting?…Can you not realize that because you came forth from the great Source of all life your destiny is preempted and preordained by the very nation of that origin?  Life is not hopeless, life is not without direction, without cause or purpose or being or salvation.  The very One who gave you breath has also created and framed and fashioned the worlds, and He has created an ultimate goal for each and every manchild who is in the process of becoming one with the Father….

The teachings of the risen Christ are transcendent indeed and far in advance of those recorded in the Scripture which he gave in parable to the multitudes.  Today the Great White Brotherhood would impart to mankind the fullness of those teachings, and we stand ready at the portal of humanity to impart the knowledge which he gained after that final triumph when the world could no longer touch him, for he remained a part of the world and yet he had overcome this world….

Those final hours of deliverance to the captives are recorded in akasha* and the teachings are there for all who can approach the Spirit of the resurrection flame, for all who can become one with the mission of Christhood which is the joy and privilege of every man, woman and child who has gone forth from the heart of the Father.  Blessed ones, I am calling today for a conscious reunion with the Spirit of Christhood that you might enter into the Holy of Holies, to that place where the allness of the divine teachings may flow from your Christ Presence into the very cells of your brains to awaken you to the knowledge of Life without end, Life without beginning….

Realize then that the Father who gave you life and birth could not have done so without imparting unto you the seed containing all that which you shall ultimately be as you discover your divine Selfhood which was created and is sustained in His image and likeness; the fullness of your divine potential then is already a part of your true being.  You have but to claim it, to commune with it, to adore it to become one with the Presence of the Lord of Hosts.  Strive daily then to be children of the One God, followers of the high calling as Christs and Sons of the Most High.  Little by little as the sands fall in the hourglass so the knowledge of divine union will descend into your lower self and enable you to have that reunion which you so desire with the wisdom of your higher mind.  Nothing is impossible for him who believes in the promise and the fulfillment of the Christ for every man, for indeed the Christ did give himself for the sins of mankind—not that mankind throughout all ages shall be exonerated for wrongdoing because he died, no, but because he lived they too can find the glory of the resurrection and know the fullness of their own Christ Self….Blessed ones, the path of the Christ is not one to be shunned, it is one to be embraced.  Give yourself wholeheartedly to the pursuit of this high calling, for no greater joy exists….

Be ye therefore overcomes,/ The Christ is the only way,/ Follow his footsteps through the night,/ Learn the power when truth is right/ Within your heart ne’er to depart/ Till all have come to know the way…

Mankind must rise this hour/ Lest the victory be postponed to a latter day,/ For if ye do not seize this hour—/ The Mighty I AM, its strength, its power—/ The Cosmic Cycle will have turned/ And ye know not when opportunity shall return

mother-mary-by-ruth-hawkins.jpg -Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:18         *akasha.  recordings made upon the ethers of events which have taken place in the lives of men

………………………..IMG_8931.JPGIMG_9073.JPGIMG_9135.JPGIMG_9380.JPGIMG_9937.JPGRuth Hawkins.jpg-Ruth Hawkins, artist who did portraits of Archeia Mary and other masters


File this under Most Disingenuous Argument Ever.  Susan Rice, of Barack Obama national security adviser fame, actually penned a piece for the Washington Post decrying President Donald Trump administration’s “false statements” about wiretapping — saying such unproven allegations present a danger to America.  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/mar/22/susan-rices-breathtaking-potshot-president-trump/


Susan Rice, who Newsweek once described as former President Barack Obama’s “right-hand woman,” was at the center of unmasking Trump administration officials, a new report concludes.

Eli Lake, who broke the story for Bloomberg Viewwrote on Monday morning:  “White House lawyers last month discovered that the former national security adviser Susan Rice requested the identities of U.S. persons in raw intelligence reports on dozens of occasions that connect to the Donald Trump transition and campaign, according to U.S. officials familiar with the matter.   http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/apr/3/susan-rice-ordered-unmasking-trump-team-intel-bloo/


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