The hope of resurrection from the dead lives in every man


The divine man, having surrendered his all to the infinite Way, is crucified between the two malefactors and his form is removed in the hope of a quiet resurrection.  With the first rays of the dawn and the summoning of the life force–as the lamp-wick draws the oil to the flame–the emergent spiritual forces pulsate through the flesh form and quicken it.  The hope of resurrection from the dead lives in every man, for the triumph of the Christ and the triumph of the Buddha is one magnificent initiation that is recorded in the memory body of every man, woman and child upon the planet.  This recording of victory makes it possible for every seeking son to find his way home to the peace of God that accomplisheth and transcendeth all things….

Together the Carpenter of Nazareth and the Arbiter of Peace extend heavenly hands of compassion to the world community.  Come, let us build a better world.     IMG_1820.JPG   -Gautama Buddha:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:35    (illustration in Prayer and Meditation, 1978)


None should be discouraged simply because he has not manifested the fullness of mastery which he desires.  Let all understand that God’s love for each one is exhibited in His watchful care, in His concern and in his readiness to transmit progress to man as he is able to receive it….And whereas the Father seeks to glorify the Son in the ever-present now the readiness of the Son is governed in the main by his freewill.  The greatest key for the advancing chela then is to call for the will of God to be stimulated throughout his entire being and consciousness.

It should be understood that the will of God actually beats man’s heart, stimulates his digestive system and provides the impetus for perfection throughout the physical domain.  When interfering activities are allowed to intrude themselves upon the perfection of the divine pattern that is inherent in man–even within the cellular structure of his physical body–there is a jangle of inharmony, a friction between the perfect model and that which challenges the harmonious relationship of the parts with each other and with the whole, and disease follows.  The quickening of man’s entire consciousness and the harnessing of the four lower bodies (his etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies) for maximum efficiency is best accomplished then through his understanding of the nature of the divine will….

I must state that the body of the world–civilization as a whole–is subject to each individual’s thoughts and feelings and to the thoughts and feelings of mankind taken as a whole….So lacking is the education of the people in these matters that many successful professional men actually project feelings of hostility against individuals and segments of society that are not to their liking, and they are totally ignorant of the great harm and the great karma that they thereby incur….For as subtle and invisible as the stealthy vibrations of mortal wickedness and hatred that now radiate in the world are, the power of good would swallow up the power of darkness and light would be shed upon many of the problems now disturbing mankind if those to whom the masses look for leadership would take an uncompromising stand for righteousness.       Great-Divine-Director.jpg -Great Divine Director:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:36

IMG_0184.JPGwabbit_ice_sculpture.jpg -ice from Harbin  images 2.jpeg -Rembrandt:  Polish Rider (detail)

IMG_0154.JPG-carved in Bali perhaps around 2000


images.jpeg  e59b0df9b7d1d6fa4b3124637cdbe5f4.jpg  6704815501_457613b55b_o.jpg  -Hilarion, Nada by Hawkins, Nada by SindelarIMG_1416.JPGIMG_4095.JPG




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