We expect that in every way unity shall prevail

IMG_7514 2.JPG

We call to the lame, the halt, the blind and to all those who have need of our healing hands and we say, Come.  The Spirit and the bride say, Come.  Let all who are athirst say, Come….

Let us proclaim the truth of reembodiment to the world in order that they might clearly see that all of their infirmities and all of their problems are caused by disobedience to the Law in the present as well as in times past….

And this action (of karma wisely meted out by the Karmic Board) not in order to punish a wayward generation but solely for the purpose of learning and instruction that through trial and error they may yet come to the full opportunity of cosmic sonship which God offers to all….

Some who have failed to recognize that God is within them have launched attacks against the metaphysical movements….At the present hour the mass media are controlled for the most part by the commercial interests of the world….We expect to see a miracle of Christ-victory brought out of all the darkness and despair that has been created by the astral hordes and unleashed in the world at large.  We expect the truth of Christ-regeneration for every man will be expounded all over the world.  We expect a sea of light to cover the earth above the mountain ranges.  We expect the prayerful support of our Messengers and the teachers whom we send forth into the world, and we expect the decree support of our projects and plans as well.  We expect that in every way unity shall prevail and that no power of shame or darkness shall further deter us from releasing cosmic truth to the world….

I AM and I remain the Good Shepherd.     Yours for victory in the light,  Jesus the Christ   Pearls of Wisdom 11:34   IMG_1816.JPG-in Prayer and Meditation, 1978


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