The essential ingredient is always the individual and his sacred labor

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And if you choose that way, a muddied path in the swamplands of life, one day you will look up and see the pilgrims spiraling up the mountain on the path of freedom–and you will wish that you too had taken that journey in the sunlight….If you would have the reward of the path of freedom you must understand that it is a process that is called for, a very natural process like the transformation of the wheat or the kneading of the dough–the cycles of life itself.  The essential ingredient is always the individual and his sacred labor.  The process is the alchemy of God forming and reforming Himself within you.  It is the ritual of the sacred fire known well by the priests and priestesses of the seventh ray and those who form the ancient order of Melchizedek who was without faither, without mother, without beginning or ending of days.  In truth the ritual of life and of souls ascending and descending from heaven to earth and back again follow the law of the cycles of the cosmos….

The envious, the perverse ones, are furious that you have separated from them, that you have left them behind, that you can find enjoyment in an arduous and an “unrewarded” journey.  They would hypnotize the very souls of the children of the light if they could but they cannot reach the exaltation of the ones who have glimpsed the glory of the summit….

Dedicate those hands that God has created to be the instrument of blessing, service and the fashioning of loveliness in form.  Let the chakras in your hands ennoble life and exalt the flame of purity in all whom you contact.  Be firm as you clasp the hand of the seeker on the path and impart the firmness of the law and the confidence that comes from the throne of Almighty God….

When you enter a house let the mind of God, raised up within you by Aaron’s rod, infire all the members of the household with their divine plan, with the wisdom of the Mother…I AM your teacher if you will have me.            -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 18:34             IMG_4880.JPG-Roger Bacon by Gordon Ross, 1941

IMG_5263.JPG-Portia by John William Wright, 1846


One may start at something before 9:00 of the clip.


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