China & USA–globalism in a nutshell!

  1. This little letter sums up the past two decades of relations with China. Forget human rights – follow the money.

    Talking to Taiwan is far better than training the Chinese Air Force Yep – Clinton helped train PLAAF officers


12-4-16    Indeed, it’s not that Americans consume more healthcare; it’s that they’re paying higher prices for what they consume, in an industry protected by lobbying, patent laws, consolidation, and inscrutable pricing strategies, as PE firms are muscling into the endless money-maker to wring out those that pay for it, even as allegations of collusion and price-fixing are now rampant.  Healthcare spending is bleeding taxpayers, households, and companies alike, and thereby the rest of the US economy.   nearly $10,000 for every person in a population of 324 million.


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