the sacred fire, the fourth ray of the Divine Mother


…remembering always that it is the sacred fire, the fourth ray of the Divine Mother whereby the sacred fire of the Kundalini is raised up and you are restored to wholeness, twinflames are made one–body, soul, mind and spirit, all made one.  Let harmony be a power that overcomes all discord in you.  Let the power of God-harmony be the sign by which you conquer this day and always….May you find healing, healing within your being that then repels the absence of wholeness that allows sin, disease and death to enter in.

I draw a mighty ovoid of light around you each one.  And I include in this ovoid the twin of yourself, the corresponding I AM Presence and causal being of your twinflame.  I do not place in the ovoid around you the lower self or the untransmuted self of your twinflame. But I place there that presence of the causal body in the ovoid of light that you may begin the two in one by seeing and knowing the union of your causal bodies.  By that power of wholeness so then make your stamp in the earth.         -Archeia Mary:  8-15-1993 at RTR, Montana

IMG_1830.JPGin Prayer & Meditation, 1978IMG_3546.JPGpresence.jpg chart of I AM Presence

IMG_1751.JPG-Jan Vermeer:  Woman Holding a Balance, 1664


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