By the fire of the Spirit the garden of man’s heart will be made fallow




As long as individuals are convinced that their lives are their own they are apt to misuse the gift of freewill to bottle up the selfish imp of their own creating.  When they themselves realize that they are cocreatorrs of their own divine reality–strange though these words may sound at first to the natural man–they will perceive that God’s Spirit and His energy are the rejuvenating powers of the whole field of consciousness which makes the whole man new….

Let all understand then that the very nearness of the divine to the heartbeat of man signifies the intent of God to raise the Christ, to regenerate and to renew the opportunities of life for every individual, and to help him to attain to a state of consciousness that can permanently receive and reflect God.  One of the great problems of religious experience is the continual play of negative and desires upon the field of consciousness.  This entangles men in old habits without truly affording them their freedom by a renewal of the mind and by a complete flushing out of mortal patterns.

By the fire of the Spirit the garden of man’s heart will be made fallow, the educative processes of the Spirit will regenerate him in the divine image, and he shall pass from glory unto glory….out of this universal will will come the mastery of time and circumstance for all.          -Great Divine Director:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:46

Great-Divine-Director.jpg-GDD by Sindelar




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