Sun into Sagittarius; laggards soon gained complete control

Sun into Sagittarius at 1:24 pm PST, 21 Nov. 2016; Sun bisecting the Jupiter-Pluto square, Sun also in a square to last quarter Moon.  Here then in potential is an arduous tension/contest being bit by bit resolved.  The Jupiter in mid-Libra is an ardent flowing onward but the Pluto in mid-Capricorn (reinforced by Saturn) is blocking/countering/testing/challenging that onward rush.

(One may call:  In the name I AM THAT I AM, dear Maitreya and Lords of Mind, Elohim Cyclopea and Lords of Form–may there be the modulation  of the solar energies from the hierarchy of Scorpio into the hierarchy of Sagittarius for the greater good; amen.)


Because of their greater development and longer experience in the physical plane the laggards soon gained complete control of the materialistic society they built on Atlantis, holding key positions in government, religion, science, the economy, the arts and the media, which they dominated with their recalcitrant consciousness that sought after wealth and power as an end in itself rather than as a means to implement spiritual values.

Thus by their efficiency in material things they reinforced the Luciferian lie that man does not need God because he can do all things for himself; and although the innocents joined by the best of the Maldekians desired to return to their lost estate they soon fell under almost total domination of these more (subtly) advanced lifewaves whose every effort, no matter how socially progressive, was intended to preserve the status quo and to prevent the spiritual enlightenment of the race.              -Messengers M & E C Prophet:  The Path of the Higher Self, 2003, pp. 79-80, see

laggards:  those who willfully lag behind the divine cycles of unfoldment of lifeMaldekians:  beings of Maldek, a planetary home once between the orbits of Mars & Jupiter

This key page, above, from the history of Atlantis offers much insight into the peculiar present story on Earth–that is, one can see the same dynamic still at work.       -r, mt. shasta, california    IMG_1574.JPG-Maitreya

IMG_3040.JPGIMG_3256.JPG-ascension coil amid transmuting violet flame–see



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