there is a safe passage octave to octave

  Thus understand there is a safe passage octave to octave and quadrant to quadrant. But the gloom and doom of the mortal mind that would not only encase the Messenger as a bird in a cage but compress the cage as well must be dealt with.  Thus, beloved, here below Christhood pure cannot long endure the mockery of a mortal mind that long ago and since time began could not contain the immortals.

 Thus I say, adjust.  Adjust yourselves to the new cycle and the new day, else, stuck in the mud of this mortal consciousness you may be called a stick-in-the-mud by those who pass.  Pray then it be not Maitreya, whose garments can be heard rustling and be mistaken for the wind in the branches.  Beloved, cycles do not sit still.     -Morya El:  8-8-1987 at RTR, MontanaIMG_1819.JPG in Prayer & Meditation, 1978

0000166_queen-of-light-by-sindelar~2112AX_600.jpegQueen of Light by Sindelar




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