aspirants for the higher spiritual teachings

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As we examine aspirants for the higher spiritual teachings we also observe the causes of past failure in those who have not made the grade, and we take note of the fact that in many cases the consciousness itself was not prepared to receive the gifts and graces from on high before the student approached the master’s retreat.  The driving power of human ambition can easily be turned into (wayward) spiritual ambition and spiritual pride.  Men hear of the ascended masters, they hear of the ascension, they hear for the first time of the great divine potential that is within themselves.  Their minds are seized with the possibility of attainment, and the imagination becomes overly stimulated without the sense of universal perspective and divine grace which are the natural gifts of God to all.

In referring to the cultivation of a proper attitude of consciousness I am particularly concerned that individuals shall perceive that they are dealing with the natural order of life when they begin to unfold their latent spiritual identities.  The very natural spiritual qualities of life which should constitute the correct attitude of the aspirant are not commonly a part of the human environment, of human literature or of human experience.  Material life for many a year, for many a century, for millennia in fact has been centered mainly around the survival of the human personality, the survival of the flesh, of the family, of the community and of the world whereas spiritual reality has always seemed too distant and undefined to be of any relevance to mortal men….

The eyes of perception must be lifted up to the hills, and the Lord–as law, as love, as truth–must be perceived as emanating from the highest source.  The garden of the heart must be prepared to receive the immaculate conception.  This can best be done by calling upon the higher law of God to release mighty light rays from the sun of universal wisdom.            -Great Divine Director:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:45

Great-Divine-Director.jpg-GDD by Sindelar



IMG_0100.JPGIMG_3256.JPGchakras purified, aligned in field of forgiveness; ascension coil in field of forgiveness


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