what Einstein referred to by “C squared”

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When you’re dealing with spacetime, you might have to do some calculation where (simplifying a bit) you subtract, say, the distance between two events from the time between them.  Say these two events occurred five miles away from each other and there was a ten minute gap between them.  How can you subtract five miles from ten minutes?  You can’t, of course – unless you multiply those ten minutes by the speed of light, in which case it turns into a distance (ten light-minutes).  Then you can happily add and subtract and do whatever else.

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Are you referencing the Lorentz Transformation?

[–]adamsolomonTheoretical Cosmology | General Relativity 2 points 8 months ago

That’s one example of this sort of thing.  Lorentz transformations mix up time and space coordinates.  They’re not the only time you need to compare time and space, but they’re a prominent example.  But even before you get into Lorentz transformations, any time you want to compare distances to times, you need a conversion factor like the speed of light.   https://www.reddit.com/r/askscience/comments/48l6x7/why_c_squared/d0l7jj7/


Some know that C squared appears in the matter-energy equivalence equation that dates to 1905, a famous equation.  C in this case is the constant velocity of light.  But many have wondered what is C squared.  Velocity squared in physics is called acceleration.  Apparently C squared could be translated, roughly, as acceleration of light.  When hydrogen particles are fused in the heart of a star a lot of energy is released suddenly–I would guess that that is a prime example of light acceleration, namely, that photon particles/waves are part of this sudden release or conversion from hydrogen particle mass into energy.      -r. mt. shasta

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I want to remind you that a dictation is an initiation.  Dictations are given for our enlightenment but they are also given for our initiation.  Thus what is an initiation?

An initiation is a conferment of light, and it is also a process whereby a Master comes to transfer greater light to you for your fuller integration with God.  It is a process by which your consciousness is moved forward–a process by which you can make greater spiritual progress.

Whenever the Masters speak they bring an acceleration of light and they work with us at inner levels.  Like a strong shot of energy this increase of light is given to us for our assistance, our integration with God.  But we have to do our part; we have to keep our equilibrium in the presence of greater light.  We must hold on to that light and energy, and to get the most out of it we need to assimilate it.     -Messenger of the Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet:  PoW 41:47, delivered 10-10-1998 at RTR, Montana

Los-Mensajeros-Mark-L-y-Elizabeth-Clare-Prophet.jpg-Mark & Elizabeth Prophet

IMG_4144.JPG-Shasta from due west


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