It’s your turn, Hil

arab spring

A group of Syrians spray-painted the tell-tale phrase of the Arab Spring on the wall of a school:  “The people want the fall of the regime.”  But they added a line, says Nabeel al-Rashidat, who lived next-door to the school:  “It’s your turn, doctor.”

It was a reference to Syrian President Bashar Assad, who trained as an ophthalmologist.  And it got Rashidat and at least 20 others arrested.  Rashidat has since escaped from Syria to Jordan….

Protesters shouted one simple word: “Freedom.”  Many of them were later arrested. In the end, little came of the March 15 protests.  The next day, back in Daraa, relatives of the detained graffiti writers like the 19-year-old we met went to the head of the security forces.  “Forget your children,” they say he told them.  “Just make more children.  And if you don’t know how to make more, I’ll send someone to show you.”


76.  People assume that a penny tossed to a beggar expiates a committed murder!  So long as co-measurement is not realized,no equilibrium can result.  Likewise killing of spirit as well as of body is not understood.  Where is the manifestation of brotherhood if murder of the spirit be possible?  It is not even considered a crime!         -Morya:  Brotherhood 1937

Image result for tammam azzam-Tazzam Azzam, 2014, digital computer image    tammam azzam


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