Bilderberg 2016 photos

On Friday, EU news publication EurActiv reported former European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, also a Bilderberg attendee, promoted Georgieva at the conference as the next United Nations Secretary-General.  Barroso is a member of the Bilderberg Group’s steering committee.  (Bilderberg, June 2016 at Dresden, top secret meeting of world power/money elite:      photos of this event follow:)1574-1024x683.jpg-Bulgarian Georgieva at Bilderberg 2016

images-21.jpeg  images-22.jpeg  images-24.jpeg

images-23.jpeg  images-18.jpeg  images-27.jpegimages-17.jpegimages-25.jpeg  images-20.jpegimages-19.jpeg  images-26.jpeg

images-1.jpeg  images.jpeg

images-3.jpeg  images-2.jpeg

images-5.jpeg  images-6.jpeg

images-9.jpeg  images-7.jpeg

images-8.jpeg  images-10.jpeg  images-13.jpeg  images-12.jpeg

images-11.jpeg  images-14.jpeg

images-15.jpeg  images-16.jpeg


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