to ride instead the spirals of integration that lead to the source of Life

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Forever down the corridors of eternity the formula of Be-ness echoes as the mathematics of the spoken Word:  I AM WHO I AM.  This–the very first equation of Being and Consciousness–is the foundation of your alchemical experiment that leads to the fullness of that Life which is God.

I say then, come with me.  Expand the field of the mind, tread the cosmic highways which I have trod which lead to the throne (the three-in-one) of Almighty God.  If you are to become a messenger of the Gods (the many-faceted divinity) you must get out of the finite consciousness and the confines of the mortal dilemma.  You must be able to see beyond the finite self, beyond your lilliputian world….In order for mankind to break the cycles of a dead and dying world, in order for mankind to refrain from identifying with the spirals of disintegration and to ride instead the spirals of integration that lead to the source of Life they must be given a new perspective of Life.  This comes through a conceptualization of co-measurement whereby the measure of a man is measured against the measure of a cosmos.          -Morya:  Chela and the Path, 1975-6     IMG_1819.JPGin Prayer & Meditation, 1978


You are a sphere.  Standing in this fiery core know that you can as energy, as light go out in all directions as you choose, when you decide.         -Messenger E C Prophet:  7-5-1975 at Lake Siskiyou near Mt. Shasta

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IMG_7437 2.JPG potw08_0810.jpg-Kuthumi by Hermann Schmiechen, 1884; Kuan Yin statue at Kansas City; Maitreya statue; Messenger Mark Prophet; Confucius statue at San Jose, CA by Jack Fang, 1973


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