electronic vote tally in USA


1-13-13       The most fundamental problem with elections in the United States is that the tallying of the votes is done in secret by the private companies who run the electronic voting systems used across the country . These voting systems were designed to remove the citizen from the vote counting and authentication process and have made a complete sham of our elections and our democratic franchise.

Elections in the United States have become a grand deception in which the ruling powers and controlled media deceive the people into thinking that they actually choose the people who represent them.  It is, however, not the American people who choose their leaders but the people who run the voting systems that count the votes and produce the tallies.  In this way the U.S. government has become tyrannical because it is not legitimate and does not represent the American people.      -C. Bollyn


11-8-12    The evil character in the new James Bond film says he can throw an election to the highest bidder using computers, but he oddly uses Uganda as his example target – not the United States.  Perhaps they don’t want to be too obvious for the naive American voters who still believe their vote really counts.  Why is it so easy to accept that massive vote fraud happens in places like Uganda, but not the United States?  When was the last time you saw the votes being tallied by the citizens in a polling station in America? …

Ohio’s Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner commissioned the Project Everest Report in 2007.  The study was a “Risk Assessment Study of Ohio Voting Systems” to examine and evaluate the electronic voting systems used in Ohio.  About the Hart machines, the report found a list of failures:

  • Failure to effectively protect election data integrity
    • Failure to eliminate or document unsafe functionality
    • Failure to protect election from “Malicious Insiders”
    • Failure to provide trustworthy auditing

The final evaluation for the Hart voting machines indicates that these machines were evidently designed to allow tampering with the results:  “The researchers concluded that virtually every ballot, vote, election result, and audit log is ‘forgeable or otherwise manipulatable by an attacker with even brief access to the voting systems.’”

The report also evaluated the iVotronic voting machine manufactured by ES&S of Omaha.  Again the study found that the machine was designed to facilitate tampering with the tally:  The researchers found that access to administrative and voter functions are protected with “ineffective security mechanisms.”

The Ohio report concluded that the central server, software, and the precinct-based components for both DRE and optical scan voting machines “lack the fundamental technical controls necessary to guarantee a trustworthy election under operational conditions.”  This is intentional, of course.

The ES&S machines also received a failing grade in security with vulnerabilities that were described as “pervasive, critical failures.”

  • Failure to protect election data and software
    • Failure to effectively control access to election operations
    • Failure to correctly implement security mechanisms
    • Failure to follow standard software and security engineering practices

About the ES&S machines, which are used in many states across America, “the researchers concluded that many of the most serious vulnerabilities in the ES&S system arise from the incorrect use of security technologies such as cryptography.  This effectively neutralizes several basic security features, exposing the system and its data to misuse or manipulation.”

The report found that the ES&S voting machines were wide open to tampering:  “The researchers discovered ‘exploitable vulnerabilities’ that allowed even persons with limited access – such as voters or poll workers – to compromise voting machines and election results, or to inject and spread software viruses into the central election management system.”

Why is Ohio still using these seriously flawed voting machines in 2012?  Why are the citizens of Ohio, or any other state, still voting on machines in which “every ballot, vote, election result, and audit log is ‘forgeable or otherwise manipulatable by an attacker with even brief access to the voting systems?”  It just doesn’t make any sense unless one realizes that the system is designed for cheating on a massive scale.

Which raises the question, who is supposed to be overseeing the use of these machines at the federal level?   As Ohio’s Project EVEREST (i.e. Evaluation and Validation of Election Related Equipment, Standards and Testing) study says:

In 2002, the United States Congress adopted the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA), which aimed to improve the administration of elections in the United States.  With the enactment of HAVA, new voting system requirements were established, and a national program was implemented to provide states with the funds necessary to replace punch card and lever voting systems with new, qualifying systems.

HAVA also created the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) and transferred the responsibility of developing voting system standards from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to the EAC.  Through HAVA, the EAC was also tasked with establishing the federal government’s first voting system certification program.

Well then, who is running the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, which is responsible for voting system standards and certifying the voting machines we vote on?

It is a sign of the times that during the year leading up to the 2012 election there has been no Executive Director of the EAC.  Thomas R. Wilkey submitted his resignation as executive director effective November 30, 2011.  As the EAC website says:  “HAVA states that if the executive director position becomes vacant, the general counsel of the commission serves as acting executive director until the commission appoints a replacement.

“EAC’s general counsel, in accordance with HAVA, is appointed to a four-year term and may serve additional terms by a vote of the Commission.  The general counsel serves under the executive director and is responsible for reviewing all guidance, guidelines, best practices as well as overseeing compliance.”

But there is no general counsel either at the EAC.  Mark A. Robbins submitted his resignation as general counsel effective May 15, 2012.

How odd.  The federal commission responsible for voting systems has had no executive director or general counsel during the six months before a general election!  This is an agency that is clearly not working. So, who are the political appointees on “the commission” responsible for this utter failure to regulate the voting systems in the United States?

The EAC Commissioners’ webpage is blank except for this one paragraph:

The Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) specifies that four commissioners are nominated by the President on recommendations from the majority and minority leadership in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. No more than two commissioners may belong to the same political party. Once confirmed by the full Senate, commissioners may serve two consecutive terms. HAVA states that members of the commission shall continue to serve past their expired term until a successor takes office. There are four vacancies on the commission.

It seems that Alice P. Miller, the chief operating officer (COO), has assumed the executive responsibilities of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, including the most critical task of testing and certifying the voting systems being used.  When Miller was appointed to the COO position at the EAC in May 2008 there was a chorus of protest concerning her record of involvement in fraud at the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics (BOEE), where she was Executive Director.

The evidence indicates that Miller was involved in a criminal scheme to obtain $12,000 pay raises for herself and a colleague, and to collect $22,000 in back pay, each.  In order to do this, she drafted two memorandums that falsely claimed that the pay raises were authorized and legal – the day after the changes in their job classification and pay had been improperly entered into a computerized payroll system.  In 2003, the same year she was investigated for criminal fraud, Miller became the first African-American president of the National Association of State Election Directors.

In May 2008, when Miller was appointed as COO, an EAC press release said:

“Ms. Miller will oversee the day-to-day operations at the EAC in six program areas: Voting Systems Testing and Certification, HAVA Funding, Election Administration Improvement Programs, Research, Administration and Human Resources.”

Instead of being prosecuted for her crimes, Miller was promoted to a higher federal position.  This is, of course, the way a crimocracy works and this is exactly the kind of regimes we are fostering in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the former republics of the Soviet Union.      -Bollyn


10-31-12       The people who were supporting and advising Romney are the same people from the Bush administration who were instrumental in using the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11 to change America and start the fraudulent “War on Terror.”  Michael Chertoff, the key person behind the 9-11 cover-up, for example, was Romney’s senior adviser on intelligence and terrorism.   Dov Zakheim, the Comptroller of the Department of Defense in 2001, was another senior adviser on the Romney team.  These men are high-level agents of a foreign state, Israel, and have committed outrageous crimes against the United States of America.

  THE ISRAELI AGENT:  MICHAEL CHERTOFF – Son of a Mossad agent operating in New Jersey, Chertoff was one of Mitt Romney’s senior advisers – on counter-terrorism and intelligence.  As head of the criminal division of the Department of Justice, Chertoff gave us the USA PATRIOT Act, which decimated our freedoms and ushered in the police state apparatus.  This Israeli agent directed the FBI’s non-investigation of 9-11 and the destruction of the crucial evidence. He went on to become head of the Department of Homeland Security, where he maintained his control over the 9-11 evidence through SSI provisions.  Chertoff played a key role in introducing full-body scanners into U.S. airports and profited by representing the manufacturers of the machines that expose people to dangerous radiation.   If Romney had won, Chertoff would have be in position to further advance his radical Zionist agenda – from the White House.

Chertoff and Zakheim would be tried for treason and hanged if the crimes of 9-11 were to be properly investigated and prosecuted.  There was no proper criminal investigation of 9-11 and the crucial evidence was destroyed, thanks to Michael Chertoff, who was the Assistant Attorney General at the time – in charge of the F.B.I. and the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice.  So, instead of being charged for the crimes they committed, Chertoff and Zakheim were poised to run the Romney White House.   http://www.bollyn.com/electronic-voting/


Looking into ES&S computerized voting systems



Secret Computer Programs now “count” the ballots in more than 99% of elections in the USA. Two standing Supreme Court decisions state that secret counts are illegal, and in some states, secret counts directly violate the state constitutions.

The people of the USA must wake up and demand transparent, computer-free, machine-free elections.  We must restore hand-counted paper ballots in each precinct, counted, posted, and reported BEFORE the ballots leave public sight.

Computerized elections, because they involve a secret count, are completely illegal because they are in violation of at least TWO standing US Supreme Court decisions.
The US Supreme Court has at least twice ruled that secretly counted elections of any kind are illegal.
In Reynolds vs. Sims (1964) and US vs. Mosley (1915), the Court ruled that our right to vote consists of two parts:
a) the right to cast a ballot;
b) the right to know that our vote was counted accurately….

The following four groups are perpetrating a vote fraud conspiracy upon America.

1.    ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and AP wire service

This is the “Big Media” combine, which helps run the Computer Vote-fraud Crime Syndicate, and which prevents the population as a whole from realizing what’s happening on each election night. (The New York Times wire service, the Washington Post wire service, and Reuters are in on the conspiracy of silence. All other Big Daily newspapers in the USA take their national and international news from these big wire services. If a reporter at a big daily, or a local TV affiliate of one of the major networks, learns about some of this blockbuster information, and starts reporting it, he will be given a choice: accept other reporting assignments, or, get transferred to the sports department, or, get fired.)

2.    National Election Pool

What’s National Election Pool (NEP)? That’s a corporation in New York City. And who owns this corporation? Why, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX and AP wire. This is the company that does all of the “exit polls” on Election Day and controls the count that is published on election night via the national networks, their local affiliates, and which is then picked up by the Big Daily papers. While the New York Times wire service and the Washington Post wire service are not owners of NEP, they have fully participated in the cover-up for decades. That’s why 99% of you reading this have never heard of NEP. You can read the Wikipedia entry on NEP here:    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Election_Pool

National Election Pool had been called “Voter News Service (VNS)” before 2003, when its name was changed to National Election Pool because the stench was getting too great after the 2000 “election.” This is a periodic tactic of the Ruling Elite behind the Computer Vote-fraud Crime Syndicate; change the name of the offending company, while leaving everything else the same and continuing with the same anti-American treasonous “election” program.

3.    Election Systems & Software (ES & S), Hart Civic, and Dominion

These are the mega-corporations that have been hired by the vast majority of counties in the USA. These companies are completely out of reach of any oversight by the voters and the public. It is this aspect that caused us to say that this explanation is slightly over-simplified. These companies are always buying and selling each other, and using smaller front companies in some areas. When Diebold’s CEO made an incautious statement about helping W. Bush get elected in 2004, a small company called Triad popped up in Ohio to take over some of the counties. In 2013, Dominion bought Diebold and Sequoia.

Recently, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Secretary of State John Husted acknowledged that, based on the contracts the state and counties of Ohio sign with the elite, private vendors, no state official or county official is allowed to see the source code of the computer programs which are used to “count” our votes on election night.

4.    THE RNC and the DNC 

The Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee encourage all of their local county operatives to delegate the local county elections to the elite private corporations, which use secret computer source code and process the elections in secret.

The RNC and the DNC effectively participate in the conspiracy of silence against the American people regarding this theft of the 2nd part of our right to vote, by pretending everything is A-OK. The RNC and DNC have been key players in engineering the current, unacceptable election travesty from the beginning, back in the early 1970s. (The Republicans and/or Democrats control every county Board of Elections in the USA.)   http://www.watchthevoteusa.com/computer-vote-fraud/



  J. Robert Smith explains in AmericanThinker.com that a Trump victory in November “won’t end well for the global elites” who inhabit “New York, DC, Boston, and San Francisco – or wherever else ivory towers, mahogany-paneled offices, pricey secured buildings, and gated communities are found.  Trump’s election would have reverberations overseas, too, in London, Paris, Berlin…”

Smith continues:  “The worldview among many of our elite is anti-nation – dare we say – anti-American, anti-law and order, anti-tradition, anti-faith (with exceptions carved out for Islam), anti- durable values and enduring truths, like marriage between a man and woman, and family, as defined by a man, woman, and children.  The elite, so very cosmopolitan, have evolved past antique beliefs and ways.”

In other words, a Trump victory would utterly destroy the global monopolies these poohbahs have built up over the past several decades – all those cozy deals shot to hell!

Not if Hillary wins, says Smith.  “A Hillary victory means…a doubling-down by the elite, as they act with renewed zest to secure their interests – versus the national welfare. Divide to conquer.” …

Of course, we all know what happened in the fiasco of a 2012 presidential election, largely as a result of liberals’ aversion to voter identification cards.  According to writer Rev. Austin Miles:

  • Voting machines, supplied by George Soros, were rigged to automatically receive an Obama vote, no matter who the voter actually voted for.
  • In 59 voting districts in the Philadelphia region, Obama received 100% of the votes with not a single vote recorded for Romney.  (A mathematical and statistical impossibility).
  • In St. Lucie County, FL, there were 175,574 registered eligible voters but 247,713 votes were cast.
  • NOTE: Obama won in every state that did not require a Photo ID and lost in every state that did require a Photo ID in order to vote.

Barth says:  “If the DNC was willing and able to rig a primary election, what would prevent them from doing the same in a national election – especially in the battleground states of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin”?

She cites a study on Democrat fraud in multiple states, the conclusion of which was that election fraud is occurring and benefitting Hillary Clinton – especially in states that use unaccountable, electronic voting machines.   http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/swirsky/160901


10-24-16   In short, our federal justice system when it comes to the Clintons and the beautiful people of Washington, D.C., and in the state capitals around the nation is nearly totally corrupt.  I say that without hesitation based on 40 years of experience literally in the bowels of our court system.  The federal judges, with just a few exceptions, have broken away from any semblance of holding the political class accountable, particularly when the Clintons and Obama are involved.  They bow down to their masters and defecate on the rest of us, knowing full well who butters their bread.   Click to enlarge

-Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, is known for his strong public interest advocacy in furtherance of ethics in government and individual freedoms and liberties….With a rigged and fraudulent voting system, a corrupt federal justice system and dishonest attorneys general and FBI directors who serve the ruling class and not We the People, what choice is there but revolution?  How far have we have come since July 4, 1776!    http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/klayman/161024
IMG_7514 2.JPG

   When the people vote for tyrants and systems of tyranny, when they vote for terrorism and terrorist acts it is freewill on the stage of life.  And it is your freewill not to commit the sin of omission but to seize the right hand of Portia as opportunity to open the doors of our chakras, to open the portal of unity–to stand forth and to say “Thus far and no farther!  You shall not pass!”  Becoming active then in stopping the fallen ones in all ways is key and essential.  But it must begin early, catching the Sun even before she has awakened…You will have to go to the eye of the serpent and the serpent’s tooth and tail!….And only Archangel Michael can prevail in that arena….

First the decision and the vow, the determination, the commitment….It is a fraternity of the one-pointed who keep the flame of their field….We could do much through disciplined hearts….

There seems to be many but when you approach–the magnitude of the One is the all….I have gone hither and yon, here and there bearing my wares of light, finding little appreciation….But where is the support of the West and of the people of the United States?  Where is the support that would return the Goddess of Justice and the Goddess of Liberty to the nations?  You see, the little people who fight on the battlefield for my cause must be reinforced by the superstructures of governments and nations who are yet free….
While I have life and breath and  dispensation and the ability to work with this planet you can be certain I AM here, I AM there and I AM in the star of your own causal body.  I am Saint Germain.                 11-3-1985 at Flavohof, Netherlands via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet              IMG_1818.JPGin Prayer & Meditation, 1978

IMG_1949.JPG-E. C. Prophet

IMG_5263.JPG-Portia by John William Wright, 1846

3-guy-ballard.jpg-Guy W. Ballard



right at 6:49 of the following, for less than one minute–very revealing:


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