The drawing-in of the sustaining breath of the Holy Spirit and the expelling thereof


DT369.jpg-Sebastiano Luciani:  Columbus, 1519

The drawing-in of the sustaining breath of the Holy Spirit and the expelling thereof create an eddying of consciousness in concentric, rapidly moving rings expanding out to the farthest periphery of manifestation….In the macrocosmic-microcosmic interchange, in the great flow life, of delight, of boundless joy man senses the unity of all that lives and he recognizes that his role as a receiver of benefits from the universe entails the necessary conveyance of benefits from his own creative consciousness back into the universe.  There is joy in the construction of the temple of life, for templed order and templed service create in the individual a sense of building while all around him there is a tearing down of values, morals and faith….

Let them (the many) remember that before they can construct wisely and rightly all destructive tendencies must be removed from their consciousness–for creative Law as it expands the reality of God into the framework of the natural order automatically wipes out their imperfect images….

The secret of the Tree of Life is to be found, but the seeker must first surrender his personal sense, his sense of separation from God and from life so that the universal consciousness can flow into him.  Thus the breath of the Great Alchemist shall become his own.         -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:16

IMG_4880.JPG-Roger Bacon by Gordon Ross, 1941


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